Me Made May Day 23: Estuary Skirt

Skirt: Estuary skirt from Sew Liberated (fabric from Nerida Hansen)
Top: Uniqlo
Cardigan: Country Road
Tights: Heist
Shoes: Ziera

Day 23 and I am pretty much out of makes, so get ready to see some duplicates!

Today I’m trying a different look for my Estuary skirt from Sew Liberated. Worn today with a stripy top from Uniqlo, and a long cardigan from Country Road. The cardi disguises the volume of the a-line skirt somewhat, and offers a nice layering effect, and warmth to boot.

I like the way the cream top picks out the white gum blossoms in the skirt print, but looking at these photos I think something a bit daintier up top may have worked better. A cream camisole would have been perfect, but I don’t have one (yet! I’m going to try Muna and Broad’s new Nullabor cami as soon as I can find some time to sew again!) 

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