May(de): Yellow Fever

Blouse: Michelle Tan

Cardigan: Glassons

Skirt: eShakti

Tights: mesop

Shoes: I Love Billy

Apologies for the lack of posting yesterday. I’ve finally succumbed to the dreaded lurgie that seems to have laid everyone else in Melbourne low, and I spent the day in bed.

I wasn’t all that much better today, but had to head out briefly to collect some mail and buy a loaf of bread.

As you can see I rugged up “from toes to nose” or actually higher. The beret’s probably overkill, but I wanted to keep warm.

The skirt’s one of the two items that I bought from custom-making superstar eShakti. You can read my original review here.

14 thoughts on “May(de): Yellow Fever

  1. Hmmm, ok, youre making my leaving the house when sick clothes of daggiest trackydaks and sloppy t/jumper look really really bad. You are so stylish when sick! Everyone does seem to be sick at the moment…I think its cos its so cold and gts dark waaaaay to early-its kind of miserable. That skirt is so sassy and with the super cute tights and coolest blouse you make all that mustard alright!!!! Cant beleive I like a yellow outfit SO much!

  2. Aww sorry you are sick. I’ve been sick too – its the seasonal change – cold to hot here and hot to cold where you are. I love your outfit especially the tights. I’ve been living in joggers and sloppy jumpers.

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