Back Bettie

Dress: Bettie Page Clothing

Shoes: Fillipo Raphael


Recognise this dress? It’s one of the mysterious two I bought from the Bettie Page Shop in San Francisco!

After getting it home I had the full skirts hemmed, because it just felt like too much of an expanse of red polkadots, and I think the slightly shorter hem gives it a fun fresh feeling that’s a little more summery. Not that the weather in Melbourne’s been particularly forthcoming on that front! We had a very chilly Christmas period, and I felt very sorry for my Manchurian housemate Jocelyn who had anticipated her first hot Christmas Day, and instead shivered through a cold snap and snow flurries in the wilds of Tasmania.

It’s a bit blowsy today as you can see, but at least the temperature’s climbed beyond the teens, enabling me to wear this great dress. I probably should have saved it for our 38 degree forecast New Year’s Eve, because nothing feels better on a hot day than an open back!

18 thoughts on “Back Bettie

  1. So glad this was one of your picks, Lilli! It looks fabulous on you! I agree, the shorter hem transforms the dress and makes it sassier! Simply beautiful!

  2. LOVE the back of the dress.
    WANT those shoes. They would even be good in the winter, with some tights and a plain black outfit. Statement shoes.
    Zomp is having a sale at the moment – a few chies on offer.
    You MUST check out olive grove on Sydney rd – original stuff, locally made, plenty of clothes in bootylicious sizes.

  3. What a gorgeous dress! I think this is one of the ones I liked when you did the changing room shots. I also really like your shoes. Do they have a heel or a wedge?

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