Happy Holidays!

Dress: Chitra’s Closet

Shoes: All Black

Hat: Vintage (via Donna’s Dress Shop)


Merry Christmas everyone!

I woke up this morning in beautiful Leongatha to presents and breakfast with The Sophisticate’s family, and I wanted to steal a quiet moment to wish all my wonderful readers a very special day – however you might be spending it.

I’ve dressed up (as ever) for Christmas Day, even though my Mum isn’t here wielding the camera, and thought I’d wear something really special from Chitra’s Closet. This dress is lovely silk piece with a pin-tucked bodice and a scarlet underskirt.

AND, as a special Christmas gift for my readers, Chitra has very generously donated a $100 gift voucher for me to give away on the blog!

So leave me a comment below telling me what you’re wearing these holidays, and I’ll draw an entry randomly on the first day of 2011.


135 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. not sure yet about the rest of the holiday outfit, but it will include my favorite shiny striped knee-highs from sock dreams! i found sock dreams through you and love them – thank you! i’m so grateful for your sartorial inspiration. <3

  2. Merry Christmas! Today (after I finally took off my jammies) I am wearing a Leona Edmistone dress – Bria Bo Peep, a replica of Blairs Red Valentino Headband from Gossip girl and a pair of burgandy/red leather kitten heels. Along with my new perfume from my hubby and the grape soda badge from the Movie “Up” – I bought for Mr. McAwesome a set of two and we are both wearing them. The kids are decked out in their new party dresses and my eldest daughter is also wearing the vintage hat & white gloves I bought her (she loves vintage as much as me!).

  3. i’m wearing an outfit i’ve been calling ‘minnie mouse christmas’, a polkadot skirt from sears, a red shirt from penningtons, a white belt, black tights, and a red bow in my hair. it makes me cheerful just thinking about it!

    merry christmas!

  4. I’ll be wearing my loose fitting jeans (my “sweet” pants) for all the eating, my flirty lil ruffled red cami and black cardigan.

  5. Such a cute dress! I’m going to be wearing PJs for most of tonight and tomorrow, and jeans with a tshirt for the couple hours I need to work. Nothing festive this year, I’m afraid.

  6. Dude, that dress is stunning!

    Have a Merry Christmas!

    I’m wearing my pj’s today, but I’m not celebrating this year, so I’ve just been bumming round the house watching Audrey Hepburn movies.

  7. What I am wearing:
    colorful t-shirt: Deletta- anthropologie (London Store)
    Purple drapey cardie – Christopher ari
    Skinny Jeans – Zara (Spain)
    Silver Ballet Flats: Wittner
    Wood / Steel necklace – Elk

    I love your dress – very festive. Looks comfy enough to wear on a post-feast/wine nap.
    Big hugs, and I hope Santa was good to you.

  8. Merry Christmas! What a fabulous dress! I’m at the outlaws this year & among other things that I am perturbed about they don’t dress up for Christmas dinner (& they don’t have it when it’s dark by candle light, & they have spent £90 on the turkey!!) but I’m going too! So I’ll be wearing a Ruby Rocks’ skater dress & a festive Cardigan.

  9. I have worked really hard this year.. and while I am far from perfect, I feel comfy enough in my curves to wear a bikini.
    So that is what I will wear this season….for the first summer in 10 years!

  10. I dress up for Christmas too! I’m wearing a red and white spotted dress from H & M with a ruffled neckline and a black belt around the middle with black lace leggings and black ruffled t-bar heels 🙂

    Merry Xmas Lilli!

  11. Merry Xmas and I love the dress!
    Today I wore to my brothers for Xmas lunch black patent clogs, black harem pants(!!!!!! but they look cool and last time i wore them my bro thought Id lost weight) and blue ruffle T and a little grey blue bolero-all blue items are now covered in food after many cuddles from my one year old nephew!!!! And my swarowski snowflake pendant necklace!!!
    Merry merry xmas everyone!

  12. Lovely dress and hat and shoes! I really like your style.

    As for what I am wearing these holidays, I admit to being in yoga pants and a baggy t-shirt, because that’s the only thing I had in my hand luggage. Our checked suitcase got stuck in transit and hasn’t showed up yet 🙁

    1. Oh no – you poor thing! Same thing happened to The Sophisticate on the way back from the US – hope it’s all reappeared safely now, and you’re enjoying your holiday!

  13. I love that Chitra’s Closet dress.
    Today I wore a fab full 50s dress from Jack’s Daughter (Etsy) made in a gorgeous Australian bird print.

  14. Merry Christmas – how adorable is your hat?!

    I’m wearing a floral dress I scored for $5 at an outlet store, a vintage green cardigan with wee diamante buttons, and black patent flats with little bows on the toes.

  15. Today I’m wearing a fabulous thrifted polkadot dress (only black/white) a la Pretty Woman – had to have this dress because it was MADE to adore curves, heart-shaped earrings, black sandals and a hairdo that I think resembles Frida Kahlo but my boyfriend’s mom thinks it’s more Esther Williams than anything -I’m flattered either way 😉

    Mery Christmas Lilli!!!

  16. bare feet + red polish, the ‘caroline colour’ dress from Leona Edmiston Ruby collection, marcasite flannel-flower clips ons which I pinched from my mum’s jewellery box a while ago and my christmas gift: http://molluscdesign.com/modules/gallery/albums//Rings/thumb/100904062116_r108yv_oxydised_silver_resin_2.jpg this ring from Mollusc Design (http://molluscdesign.com)

    I think I will take some of my op-shop frocks for a spin on further festive occasions.

    1. Oh gorgeous! I think I’m finally going to have to splurge on something from Leona Edmiston – everyone always seems to rave about her dresses. The jewellery at Mollusc design’s really amazing too – thanks for the link!

      1. aren’t you a dear to reply to all your readers! Leona E is not such a splurge if you buy from her cheaper lines or head to myer during sales, they had a buy one get one free promotion not long ago. The ruby collection is admittedly not cheap, but not out of reach for a part-time worker, post-grad student like me! Regarding lace dresses Stella McCartney did a vintagey number for target which I tried on but did not love (http://westfield.com.au/au/shopping/womens-fashion-accessories/style-file/fashion-news/2010/target-stella-mccartney/collection) but I think 2nd hand is the way to go if you have the time to hunt – lovely styles and more colour choices, I have a few. In my experience it is possible to find lace wriggle dresses in larger sizes, perfect for curve hugging!

  17. Merry Christmas!

    Today I have been wearing my lovely burgundy Geneva Eliza Parker dress, unfortunately mostly with an apron over the top


  18. That dress is lovely 🙂

    Today I wore a gold foiled-print maxi skirt from Evans, a plain black 3/4 sleeve top from ASOS, my black ribbon gladiator sandals and a silver tassel necklace that my Mum gave me yesterday. It was nice and comfy, seeing as it got to 40 degrees!

  19. I am wearing two of my Christmas presents: a raspberry red high-neck sweater and a lovely puffy vest in navy and comfortable jeans oh, and Santa earrings!

  20. I’m going to a Christmas dinner at a friend’s place, and I’ll be wearing a long denim skirt with patterned tights, shiny black flats, and a peach-colored knit top. 🙂

  21. I always like to wear red for Christmas, feeling like Mrs. Claus. lol

    Today I’m going to wear my red and white polka dot dress from H&M, and a nude ballerina flat.

    The dress is more Minnie Mouse than Santa, but it’s so cute!

    Merry Christmas to all!!


  22. I was wearing an all black lace dress in size 16 from Miss Selfridge which I bought even though I am more of a size 20 – 22. I didn’t want to let that stop me. Merry Christmas to you and you look beautiful as always!

  23. Happy Holidays! Great dress! And as always I love the hat.
    I wore my black w/ blue seams eShakti dress, paired it with my red patent wedges, and added some jewelry.

  24. Breathtaking dress, Lilly! You look adorable! Today I will be wearing a gray knit dress and tights with black Mary Jane shoes–nothing spectacular, just something comfortable that will accomodate my expanding belly from yesterday’s food coma! 🙂

  25. I like your dress much better than mine! Today I’m wearing a nautical stripped sundress in navy and light cream. It has shoe string straps and is in a stretchy kind of fabric. That is teamed with watermelon coloured nails, no shoes and no jewelry. It kind of goes with the hot steamy wet weather we are experiencing here at the moment. Merry Christmas!

  26. Lovely outfit. Today I am wearing a black dress from Target. Not much to choose from in closet these days. Dropped some weight over the summer and am slowly rebuilding my closet.

    1. It’s a bit of a happy-sad experience that, isn’t it? I always hate having to say goodbye to a favourite piece when it doesn’t fit properly. But new wardrobe? Yays!

  27. Your outfit is so beautiful, it makes me think of classic movies, knowing looks and the dresden dolls.

    I wore charcoal gray leggings from torrid, a flower print jersey cotton mini from target, black cami and black and gray striped boat neck from old navy womens plus and black ankle strap flats from rocket dog. I also cuddled up in a gray wool cardigan I found at the thrift.

    Have a wonderful new year, love your blog!

  28. I wore a cranberry coloured dress by lovedrobe layered over a black longsleeve and leggings cos its been soooo cold here in the uk!

  29. That graduated polka dot dress from last season at Target you linked to a while back – so flattering! I paired with some black sandals and a long black satin ribbon for a a belt.

    Then a new (gifted) pair of swimmers from Ballet for a post lunch swim – first time I have worn anything close to strapless ever and surprisingly supportive given I also have a rack of doom…

  30. Hi Lilli,
    I’m going to be wearing lots of combinations of my most favourite finds this holiday season..

    .. because Melbourne’s weather is so variable, I’ll be wearing:
    -leather boots with knee high socks and a vintage lace skirt I found at the Salvos and re-lined, with a soft jersey top (and maybe a beret if the weather is cold enough)
    -a gorgeous bright lemon yellow one-shouldered romper I bought from asos.com teamed with cute leather sandals to St Kilda beach for gelati
    -Lovely ruffled red polka dot bathers when taking a dip

    Because I’m on holidays and don’t have to wear “work clothes” it’s really fun choosing what to wear in the morning when I get dressed!

      1. Hey Lilli,
        They’re (the ruffled red polka dot bathers) made by 2 Chillies, an Aussie brand, and they’re about 1/2 the price of Seafolly at around $65/pair full retail.. you can often get them at http://www.zodee.com.au or http://www.trixanbody.com.au – the style is Cha Cha and they’re a one piece at the front and look like a 2 piece at the back 🙂

        oddly, I found a link to a pic here:

  31. Looking divene!
    I’m also going for the burlesque-retro-look. a lovely lace dress (thrift store, 9$), a veil (H&M) and dazzling earrings (antique, gift from faboulous lover)

    1. Oooh – I think she does, Cathy! I tried to figure that out before I put the post up and it says in the Terms & Conditions “For international clients, purchases will be delivered by shipping via registered airmail and will incur a non-refundable charge of $20 AUD.”

  32. Merry Kissmass Lilli!! For xmas this year I wore 2 different maxi dresses as my youngest who is 2 decided to put lovely sticky icecream hands all over Mummy!! lol She is loving Kissmass this year!!! lol x

  33. Happy holidays!

    For once I didn’t get a lot of wearables for Christmas this year, but I DID get a gorgeous Digital SLR, so I can at least take better pictures of my outfits in the future!

    For New Year’s I’ll definitely be wearing the amazing black sequined waiter jacket from Nordstrom that I got for my birthday in November.

  34. You look beautiful! Merry Christmas!

    I wore a red floral dress with a bubble hem, and a black shrug – with black sandals and a pair of light-up Christmas light earrings that strobe-flashed everyone all day, haha.

    Hope your Christmas is wonderful!

  35. Oh my gosh i love your dress, i love all your clothes, but this dress is perfect. i would love to be entered to win a gift card.

  36. This Christmas I wore my psychadelic summer dress from Curvaceous clothing, teamed with my owl apron from Annabel Trends as we hosted Christmas this year and I cooked up a storm!

    Given the 38 degree heat here on the big day I was grateful for my multicoloured, flowy, maxi dress! 🙂

    P.S. I *love* the Albany tea towel skirt. LOVE! 🙂

  37. You look gorgeous! I wore a grey sweetheart sleeveless dress with an obi belt over a cream coloured sweater, patterned black tights, and brown boots, and an old hippie leather pot stash pouch on a chain around my neck 🙂 Oh, and a clay fox in my hair, cos why not, right.

  38. My christmas outfit consisted of a beautiful cream and green silk veronika maine dress, and super cute green gingham irregular choice shoes, and a sweet red felt brooch my sister made for me. Managed to keep it clean all day too, wonders will never cease!

  39. My family doesn’t usually get dressed up for holiday meals. This Christmas I wore a evergreen colored sweater with a white shrunken tee under neath. I wore red 3/4″ diameter beads, jeans, and a pair of brown boots. It was not fancy, but, subtly festive and most importantly, comfortable!

  40. I wore my Nick and Nora sock monkey flannel pjs and then changed into a non-stylish outfit which featured baggy jeans and a drappy sweater. Obviously I have to do better next year!

  41. I wore the 2-in-1 black and blue dress from Igigi with black tights and slouchy boots. We drive to see family, so I usually don’t pack nice outfits, but this time I felt so fabulous I’m glad I did!

  42. Merry Christmas! (Late, actually :P)

    I wore jeggings and this lovely black lacy babydoll tunic with gorgeous stone-grey boots for Christmas!

    Which I personally think was quite the accomplishment considering I was sick the *entire* holiday 🙁

  43. My new cardi with the sequined black bow on the front. And Santa did not leave me any new garters or frocks, so boo hoo.

  44. I have just bought myself a pair of Havianas – beautiful white ones with a lovely peacock feather design.

    I also seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time in my pajamas. But I’m fine with that!

    As part of my New Year’s resolutions, I am making a commitment to myself to dress better this year. I almost never buy clothes (because of body issues I have, I can’t stand looking at myself in the mirror) and have recently realised that I have been wearing the same three pairs of pants and about ten tops for the past two years – and they were all old then!!! So I’m going to seriously start assessing my wardrobe and putting more effort into what I wear.

    Lily, you’ve really inspired me – you always have such beautiful outfits and it seems like you really make the time to dress gorgeously for the people you’ll see during the day, and also for yourself. It’s taken me a while to get there, but you are the catalyst that has made me decide to love myself a bit better and show that in how I dress. I can’t thank you enough and really look forward to seeing more of gorgeous you and your lovely clothes in 2011.

    I keep thinking of that line from The Devil Wears Prada, where Nigel is talking to Andy about fashion and says something like ‘This is art, but it’s better than art, because you live your life in it’. I’m not going to live my life in designer ball gowns at the government department I work in, but I want something better than the ancient, unflattering clothes I’m wearing now.

    Um, slightly embarassed about the rant this turned into, but going to post anyway – hopefully it will keep me honest!

    1. Just wanted to add that I’ve gone back and read everyone else’s comments and I’m feeling so delighted! Just the way that everyone thinks about clothes, and that people are wearing beautiful things is so lovely.

      That is really all this time.

      1. Hey Jess

        When Im having a bas day sometimes I find that putting some effort into how I look helps! And sometimes that means going out and buying clothes in sizes Id rather not buy clothes in. Hope your dressing nicely goes well!

    2. Oh, I love that Jessica! I’m so glad that you’re feeling inspired, and that sounds like a pretty good New Year’s Resolution to me. I can’t wait to see what you come up with – keep me posted!

  45. These holidays I chose one of the 3 things in my wardrobe that still fits me…the oh so stylish Big W hand me down maternity dress with black and white spots. Luckily I had noone to impress with it just being the husband and child no. 1.
    Next year if child no. 2 leaves me with any kind of body it will something a little more interesting (or not…it may still end up as PJ’s!)

  46. Right before holiday break I thrifted a few things that were christmas-y and perfect. A jersey wrap dress by Lux from URBN with a red, gray and black abstract floral pattern. I wore with burgundy lace tights I bought at Anthro last season (their tights always run small but in this one case ran large… I bought four pairs!) and patent leather camper wedge shoes. I also wore a vintage red boiled wool jacket with puff sleeves. Another fave thing to wear has been a silk jersey turtle neck dress with a dear key print. It’s by Juicy Couture (shamefully), and I got it for $17 at Buffalo Exchange. It looks vintage-y and feels wonderful. Not sure about New Year’s yet!

  47. This was my first Christmas Day in Melbourne, and we threw a non-traditional dinner party for NZ orphans that featured pizza and a Die Hard marathon (we got through all 4!). To complement the action, I wore a vintage red tiki dress with a big splashy hibiscus print that I purchased from the excellent plus-size on-line boutique Dangerous Curves: http://www.voluptuousvintage.co.nz/

  48. Wow! You look so lovely. Looking back over your past pics you look happier and more beautiful. My sis lost 100lbs so she gave me some of her clothes – score! I wore a tiered red cami, black ruffle cardi from Old Navy, my NYDJ jeans and my black Ugg mocs. Pretty cute and comfy – thanks sis!

  49. I LOVE that dress – you look sensational!

    I wore my Leona Edmiston “Paula” dress (the one with the huge collar and belt print), with black t-bar heels. Its my favourite dress in the world, and I always feel amazing in it!

  50. You look gorgeous, as always.

    I wore a new little black dress with a red polo neck underneath (as it has short sleeves) and shiny red tights.

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