Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking

If someone had told me years ago that I would be walking a runway at the ripe old age of thirty two, and without having suffered a Mike Teavee style shrinking and stretching mishap, I’d have laughed them out of the room, but astonishingly on Friday night, that’s exactly where I found myself!

I’m not trying to kid anyone here. I’m pretty short, and I’m pretty plump. I’m also pretty happy with the way I am, but I’m a far cry from the willowy young naifs you usually see modeling. When Chitra from Chitra’s Closet invited me to help her promote her new Spring/Summer 2010 line I’d envisaged some kind of guest appearance on the night after which I could be safely shelved away so the real models could do their thing. To my astonishment it turned out that when Chitra said “I’d like you to model for me” she meant that she wanted me – short, plump, happy me – to model her clothes on the runway.

I said “yes” before I even really thought about it too carefully, then immediately started to wonder if maybe I’d bitten off more than I could chew. Fortunately Chitra’s clothing is so gorgeously made and beautiful to wear that you can’t help but feel comfortable in it; Chitra herself is so lovely and embracing of the curvy form; and on the night the aforementioned willowy young naif’s were friendly and supportive and I ended up having a jolly time.

First things first I had my makeup and hair done. It’s the first time I’ve ever been professionally “made-up”, which was a bit exciting. I don’t wear makeup very often, and I wouldn’t even know how to apply false eyelashes without gluing my eyelids together, but after Friday I’m tempted to take a crash learning course in how to make myself up, because wow!

After teasing it to within and inch of its life the hairdresser managed to coerce my normally uncooperative hair into a dramatic sideways bouffant, that looked brilliant later with Kim Fletcher’s millinery confections sitting atop it.

I wore three pieces for the Mademoiselle segment of the show – a musical tribute that paid homage to the movie “Gigi” which tells the story of a carefree young woman who reluctantly learns grace and etiquette and eventually wins the heart of Gaston, a bon vivant of the first calibre.

Our instructions for the first walk was to be carefree and girly which was easy in the silk dress with tulle underskirt that I’d been given to wear:

As I came down the stairs and took my first steps into the spotlight my legs were shaking so badly I could barely walk – thank heavens Chitra had deemed it OK to wear my own shoes, I’m not sure I’d have managed to keep myself upright in anything but! I think I got the walk right (though I definitely have to work on the stationary poses!), and I managed to blow a kiss to The Sophisticate’s Dad who was sitting in the audience before sashaying back up the stairs to don outfit two: a most elegant satin suit with feature buttons.

This was a gorgeous piece to wear, and encompassed all the things I love about Chitra’s clothing. It’s cut to fit curves, so nipped in at the waist, but was generous in the bust and the hips. The fabric’s a divine silk satin, and hangs with a satisfying weight while the scarlet lining and fabric covered buttons add an element of fun.

My third and final outfit was one of the dresses I had a soft spot for from the sneak peek of the Spring range. It caused me a little consternation, because it felt a little snug over the old F-cupped rack-of-doom, and it required the purchase of a strapless bra, but I think the result looks lovely… especially from the back.

All in all it was an extraordinary experience, and I’m very grateful to Chitra for the opportunity. It was also exciting to meet a few readers on the night! I hope you all enjoyed the show!

For more photos of the entire range, check out the Chitra’s Closet FanPage on Facebook




64 thoughts on “Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking

  1. You look absolutely stunning, dress no. 3 is my favourite as well and I love your hair and make up. Talk about exciting, I’m so happy for you! You know you could even think about starting a portfolio for plus size modelling now…Just sayin’ 🙂

    1. Yeah, that dress is one of my favourites! Bought it second hand vintage, and it’s a terrible synthetic material, but I LOVE it, and with a spritz of Statique it’s pretty good.

  2. That’s fantastic and you look gorgeous-and like you enjoyed!!! I love the suit! All very Gigi(I love that movie-even after watching it as an adult and realising thank heavens for little girls is a little…dodgy!)

    1. Fifties musicals are my favourite genre, I think. And Leslie Caron is SO GORGEOUS. Thanks for your comment Rochelle, I had a great night once I got over my butterflies!

  3. You look stunning, as per usual. I’ve just found your blog recently, so I had no idea of your age — I NEVER would have guessed you were 32!

  4. Konichiwa from Tokyo!
    Not so much about the rack of doom – how about the rack of precarious magnificence 🙂 and not so much about the short, you are about the same height as me!!
    You looked great. You really did. 😀
    I realised that night it is not about what you weigh, it is about how you strut it. And that’s a fact.

  5. NO WAY you’re 32! I’ve always thought you were 24, perhaps 25… I’m amazed 😀

    also, you looked very beautiful in the runway. the second outfit (the one with “pois”) is my favorite.

    (I don’t think I’ve ever commented here, although I get all your updates in my Google Reader. I like your blog and your outfits A LOT)

    um beijo from Brazil 🙂

    1. Thanyou, Fer! It’s nice to hear I don’t look my age, must be all the chocolate I eat! 😀
      I’m glad you’re enjoying reading & thanks so much for your comment!

  6. OMG Lilli you are rocking as a runway model in these outfits 🙂 I am so excited I can hardly contain the first and the third dress. Cheers 🙂

  7. You look so gorgeous.
    I LOVE the second outfit (I love them all) and it’s a pity you are going on your trip because Chitra should have put you back in it and you could wear it to the Fashions on the Field for Cup week and win for best design/outfit.
    You did amazing! You go girl!

    1. Thankyou! Someday if we ever meet I’ll have to get you to show me how to walk INTO a proper stationary pose though. I can do it for photos, but when I’m actually moving it’s like my legs just go “nup. we’re standing like THIS”!

  8. Oh LIli you look gorgeous! I think you could seriously be a plus sized model, I think you’re even more beautiful than half the girls who model for City Chic 🙂

    So I posted this on livejournal as well but where in Melbourne is the best place to buy Chitra’s Closet? I will be in Melb this week for work, staying at the Windsor in town, so somewhere near there would be ideal

    I will sadly only have Saturday to shop so what would you recommend as the best place?

    take care xx Eva

    1. Thanks Eva! that’s really lovely!
      Lucky you – the Windsor’s supposed to be amazing! The closest Chitra’s Closet to you would be the one in Carlton (159 Elgin street, Carlton) and she only stock at her two stores (the other’s on Sydney Rd in Brunswick) not any stores in the city itself, as far as I know.
      Hope this helps! 🙂

  9. Lilli,
    I think you’ve found your calling, lady! You look absolutely breathtaking! The second dress has poise and class written all over it and the third dress–that bow! WOW! Thank you for sharing such wonderful images with us.

  10. Gosh – don’t you look fabulous! I think you always look great but you also look amazing on the catwalk. The outfits are great – I particularly like the black suit, it’s very stylish! I love that designers are embracing women of all sizes and shapes to display their clothes. It really helps you understand how they are going to look on you!

    Congratulations on your successful debut!

  11. Wow Lilli – you look so gorgeous on the catwalk. Totally photogenic.
    And those clothes are fab – I love all three outfits.

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