Foghorn Leghorn

Dress: Kamikaze

Shoes: Leghorn Rouge


At least one reader (Hi Cilla!) knows that this was actually Tueday’s outfit – but I’m still trying to catch-up at the moment, so here it is two days late!

It’s a helluva dress, and always draws attention, but today it was the Leghorn Rouge wedges that were catching peoples eye:

Just a quick one today, because I have a pile of emails to get to, I still need to sort out some last-minute travel stuff, and I’ve got tomorrow’s “strut” to practice!

28 thoughts on “Foghorn Leghorn

  1. That dress is gorgeous. I love red I wish it loved me! I have quite a red complexion and it tends to make me look tomato like when I wear it! I have to make do with red hair!!

    The shoes are divine!

  2. Wow that dress looks amazing on you! I’m tempted by a red dress but not sure if I have the guts to wear it, I have a red trench that’s never been worn out! But maybe I’ll give it a go now you’ve inspired me! x

  3. Im loving your blog! I just happened across it. I am actually an American blogger of The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Style. I will share you blog with my American counterparts…LOL

    Have a good one!


  4. Hello Lilli, how do you deal with chub rub? You wear a lot of pretty dresses and I would like to wear dresses more often. Unfortunately, if I’m not wearing leggings, I hate it because of my thighs.

    1. Hi Chloe, it’s a nightmare isn’t it? I used to use either 3B cream or BodyGlide, but they don’t really cut the mustard over long hot sweaty days – they have to be reapplied and they’re a bit sticky and unpleasant. Most of the time I actually wear Luvees Panty Coveralls ( – my original review is here:
      They’re not perfect: they can get staticky underneath synthetic skirts and dresses, and they look pretty tired after a few washes, but they’re SO cool and comfortable. I’d go the longer leg styles (the beige & the pink) before I went the shorter every time.
      I’ve heard pretty varied reports on the quality of service you get on the website & the turnaround time, but I’m afraid I haven’t got any first hand experience – I’ve always bought them online from eBay because of the henious shipping charges from the US to Australia.
      This summer I’m actually thinking of ordering some Thigh Society ( which look like a pair of bikeshorts – if they don’t ride up, or make skirts stick to them I’ll be happy, and they don’t look quite so bizarre when you get an unexpected gust of wind! I’ll review them, either way! Hope this helps!

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