Two in the Bush

Dress: Jane Bon Bon

Cardigan: Cocolatte

Shoes: Chie Mihara


Congratulations to Megan, who was chosen by Suki-cupboard-love to attend the Chitra’s Closet Parade on Friday, and thanks to everyone who entered! I wish I could have you all there, but I’ll make sure that there’s lots of photos taken at least, and if I fall off my heels we can all have a giggle about it once the mortification has worn off!

I do so love this dress – it was custom-made by Jane Bon Bon, from what seems to be her sadly now-defunct Etsy shop, but I chose the fabric myself: It’s called “Bird to Hang” by a Japanese fabric company called “Echino“. If you google, there’s a few online fabric stores still stocking the range, so if you’re handy with a needle, or know a dressmaker you could have something similar whipped up!

Here’s something that I’ve been wondering? If there’s so much amazing fabric out there – gorgeous colours, patterns, fabrics – why is most of the stuff in stores so drab?

When I go into a fabric store I find dozens of rolls of stuff that I’d love to wear, but my extremely rudimentary sewing skills (not to mention finding the time) limits me from being able to fill my wardrobe with handmade goodies.

I was thinking that maybe chain stores steer clear of vibrant and patterned fabric because it makes everything too easily identifiable as being from Portmans/Sussan/Myer/etc, and they imagine that it limits the market… but surely it’s free advertising for them, a la the linked C’s of the Chanel branding, or Louis Vuitton’s obnoxious logo bags.

Hmnn…. food for thought.

Anyhoo, I’m pleased that the rest of this week is shaping up to be nice and warm, I have more pretty patterned dresses that are crying out to be worn!


35 thoughts on “Two in the Bush

  1. hi.
    when you mentionend fabrics and patterns i just wanted to point you towards they offer made to order dresses in UK sizes 8 to 24 and even different cup sizes, and they have heaps of gorgeous patterns. go take a look. i think you may like them.

  2. What a lovely dress! As a curvy busty girl I always avoid high necks and non-fitted things but this dress looks so good on you and so flattering I’m tempted to try some new shapes.

    I love Echino and Japanese fabrics, the prints tell such wonderful stories. I so agree you with the prints in shops – it really bugs me too! As a result whenever I do see an interesting print on a dress, I have to buy it!

    1. Not just me then, phew! Yeah, I used to steer away from high necked things, but sometimes they work! I don’t know… fashion rules are there to be broken, right?

  3. Lilli, what a gorgeous dress and you look so sweet wearing it! It’s perfect with those shoes, which I love, and the pin! I too wish there was less “drab” and more “fab” but alas, such is not the case. In the meantime, I shall live vicariously through your gorgeous prints, stylish manner and Chie Mihara shoes! 🙂

    1. That would be Suki’s butt while she chooses carefully who gets Chitra’s ticket in a most official style (i.e. names on pieces of paper with cat treats on them. First treat eaten = Winner!)

  4. I love that dress! What a shame the Etsy shop is no more. I adore Japanese fabric. I got a load off eBay to make a patchwork quilt out of but ended up making cushions instead.

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