Good, not Great

Frocks and Frou Frou Frocks and Frou Frou Frocks and Frou FrouCardigan: Gorman

Blouse: Laura Ashley

Skirt: Asos

Tights: BigW

Shoes: Wittner

Sometimes I feel a bit like my life is one of those circus shows when there’s a performer spinning plates on top of sticks, and he’s always trying to keep them all spinning so none of them fall down.

In most of my adult life I’ve always felt like one of those plates was wobbling just a little bit. The home plate, or the work plate, or the family plate, or the love plate. For a while at the start of this year I had them all spinning merrily: great home, healthy sister, lovely boyfriend, and a challenging job that I adored. Sadly last week I developed another wobble.

After twenty years in the book trade, and close to four in my current job I was informed that the company was “tightening their belts”, and they’d discovered a way to make my role in the company redundant.

It’s a horrible feeling, being made redundant. Like being dumped, but with more financial impact. It’s never happened to me before, though I know it’s fairly common in the publishing trade, and it’s come as a huge shock.

I’m madly updating my CV (I was headhunted to this role, so it’s looking pretty out of date) and trying to apply for positions both in out of the book trade. (If you need a fashion conscious, social-media savvy, salesperson in your company, you know where to find me!)

In completely unrelated news (ha!) I’m doing a really big sale on eBay, and if you’d like to take a look the link is here: So far I’ve only got my frocks up – it’s a pretty big job – so I’ll keep you posted on Twitter and Facebook when everything is loaded in the next day or so.

31 thoughts on “Good, not Great

  1. Sorry to hear this Lilli… There seems to be a lot of belt tightening going on in many organisations at the moment. Best of luck with the job hunt : )

  2. I am so sorry to hear this. I am certain, if your work is anything like your blog/ fashion sense, you will be snapped up in no time. I am crossing my fingers and everything else for you.

  3. Lilli,
    I have been made redundant myself, and spent a good portion of 2009 making other people redundant, and I can honestly tell you, hand on heart, that only good things come from it. It is psychologically challenging, even when you get a payout and you know you’re skilled, but it gives you great opportunity to step up to new things. I promise you everyone goes on to bigger, better more exciting stuff and you will be no exception. And if you need any resume revising help give me a shout as happy to help.
    Thinking of you, Kim

  4. Sorry to hear about your job woes, I hope you find something worthy of your time (and a place worthy of you!) soon. All the best 🙂

  5. You’ve got a lovely smile. ))
    Well, at the very end you’ll probably realise it’s all for the best anyway.

  6. You know, easy karma was considered to be a curse by the ancient people cause it’s impossible to improve oneself without real challenges.)

  7. Sorry to hear about the Job, but as others here already said- you are going to come out of this on top, no doubt about it!

  8. I so get that spinning plates metaphor! I hope that work one is back up in the air soon. Thinking of you.

  9. Oh that feeling of always having one plate wobbling. How I know that! I’m sorry to hear about your redundancy. Especially when it’s come as a shock, mustn’t be a very nice feeling at all.

    The one thing I’m learning to embrace in my mid thirties is that things happen as and when they should. As hackneyed as it sounds, everything does happen for a reason. Give the bf and Suki a cuddle. Breathe some crisp Melbourne air. Text your sister to tell her you’re thinking of her.

    It’ll be ok. Sending you a hug.

  10. I first saw about this on Twitter, when you posted a couple of days ago, and felt it as a shock, although we have never met. I am rooting for you from the other side of the world and am wishing you very best of luck for the job search.

  11. I feel a bit winded, albeit vicariously. Such a nasty blow. Redundancy is such a soul-crushing experience. Especially when it comes out of the blue.

    There has been an air of change in your blog the past couple of months, what with your great new hair do and fab new love & co-habitation. Hopefully you float effortlessly to the next wonderful adventure.

    There must be hoards of people who know their worlds will be better with you on their team.

    1. Agreed! Sorry to hear it…the upheaval is always unsettling and upsetting, especially when it’s a job you love…but I’m Amber on this one! More better awaits!

  12. Ah, it’s a horrible feeling when you lose your job – made me feel very guilty, although the type of position I had was being cut across my organisation – still, I felt I should have done more or tried harder. It makes you realise how much we bind up who we are with what we do. I am sure that marvellous things await you and that you’ll be an asset to wherever you go next. Onwards and upwards! As a friend said to me, as long as you’ve lost something rather than someone, you’ll be ok 🙂

  13. I’m so sorry, Lilli. I’ve read your blog for years, and I have seen how strong and determined you can be. I am certain that you will weather this bumpy bit in your life, too. *sending good vibes*

  14. uuurgh, that’s not great – losing your job is the worst. Fingers crossed you find something soon. Meanwhile, you are rocking this outfit, plus you reminded me that I bought thick grey tights a few weeks ago and they have vanished into my wardrobe – must search for them.

  15. Oh Lilli – so very sorry to hear this news. It can be such a worrying time, but am sure something amazing is right around the corner.

    Have you ever thought about doing your PhD? You can apply for APA scholarships and other top ups, which when combined with a few casual work hours normally equates to a pretty decent wage. You could look at marrying your views on body image, fashion etc with research and write a good thesis. Consider it!!!!

  16. Oh I’m so sorry to hear this! It’s such a rotten feeling to lose a job. Best wishes for a new situation to show up quickly. You are so smart & talented that people should be fighting over you! Big hugs.

  17. Oh I am so sorry to hear about that. No matter how many people tell you its not personal – its hard not to take it personally. I should know. I have been made redundant 4 times in my 25 year career. One was whole company going bankrupt, so not my fault, but all the others have been a bit of my professional soul breaking. But saying that – I have benefited long term from each one. So there is light at the end of the tunnel. But very sucky at the start. Its also a good time to think outside of the box – maybe traditional publishing is the basis for your future career not what you do every day. You have a successful blog, you have had a column in an international newspaper (and a proper one not a dodgy one) and you have experience on how to publish traditionally and non traditionally. You could lecture at uni (since I did my editing and publishing postgraduate blogging has emerged) write and publish in so many new and wonderful ways. The world is your oyster!
    Speaking of oyster – something like this would be fab (in sydney though)…
    SBS Food uploaded a new video.
    Love food? Crafty with words? Got big ideas? We’re looking for a Deputy Editor to join us at SBS Food HQ! Apply online Applications close 30 June. Must be legally entitled to work in Australia.

  18. Poop! that’s not goodbye news at all! In the grand scheme of things though…all the most important plates are still spinning away up there. This will pass and somewhere will snap you up quick smart, when you’re ready to be snapped! We won’t be seeing Suki on a street corner meowing for her supper anytime soon. Fabulous things are going to happen.

  19. Sorry to hear about the job. It’s tough times. I know what it means to be out of work. Try to be positive. I’m sure you’re a good professional and I wish you to find a new job soon!

    Love the outfit- you look gorgeous!

  20. Lilly I am so sorry to hear that you have hit a bad patch. For many months I have thought that you should write a book… Clearly you are a creative and thoughtful and chic… chick 🙂 the things you write about every week are so interesting and would make a wonderful read… Just a thought . i have all fingers and toes crossed for you x.

  21. Oh no! I’m so sorry. That’s just terrible…and barfy. You obviously keeping busy though, which is so good. And it’s good to hear that your other plates are doing so well. Thinking of you, and wishing I could help more from far away.

  22. Well…..balls. Sorry doll. Here’s to a new something on the horizon-quickly. A girl has got to keep herself in cute clothes and accessories. Much love from North Carolina!


  23. Oh love this is rough but, hand on heart I can tell you, this will all be for the best. The redundancy fairy has visited here twice and while at the time it feels wretched it has always lead to much better times. So big deep breaths and I hope the coming weeks treat you softly. xxx

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