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Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekends as much as I did.

It was only a short week for me (Cup Day public holiday, hurrah!) but I was wholeheartedly exhausted by Friday night. We’re still in the midst of wishy-washy weather: in the 30’s on Friday, then a blowy change on Saturday and a sunny but chill 20-something today. I don’t mind it too much and in a few months I’ll be longing for those cool changes (though my beautiful little apartment has air-conditioning, so I predict this summer will be considerably less unpleasant than the last couple).

Can you believe it’s already November? The hot weather’s not far off now. I have a slew of sunny summer dresses that I’m itching to wear; this new Sohomode tea-dress is one of them and I’ve been sitting on it for months now waiting for it to get warm enough. I fell completely in love with the poppy fabric when I first saw it on Louise’s Instagram. Knowing my obsession with all thing yellow Louise made it up with mustard piping on the belt:


And then (just because she’s amazing) she also created a thin rustic braided belt to swap it out with:


I’m thinking this might be my Christmas frock for 2014!

If you fancied treating yourself for the upcoming holiday season (and why wouldn’t you?) Louise is running a special discount for Frocks and Frou Frou readers until Thursday – 15% off her store with the code “Lovefromsohomode”.

She’s updated her extensive fabric archive with some absolute stunners… which I perused very carefully. Purely for research purposes, you understand. Not because I’m thinking of adding a sixth tea-dress to my collection.

… If I WERE going to add to my collection I’d probably have to go the clouds


Or maybe the trippy strawberries:


Or my little squirrel buddy from my Sohomode shift dress might like to do another cameo…


yes….. purely research purposes…

Do you see a fabric in Louise’s collection that speaks to you?

11 thoughts on “Soho Mood

  1. This dress looks so lovely on you and I love the playfulness the stripey sleeves on the instagram pic. I have the squirrel dress. It was was first Sohomode dress and is still my favourite. I remember opening the parcel – all tied up in the same velvet ribbon of the piping – and I couldn’t believe I could have something so beautiful as a plus size person. So thank you from the bottom of my hear for your excellent ) and highly enabling) style curation.

  2. That dress is a stunner, Lilli! And you look fabulous.

    I have several of Louise’s dresses from my pre-baby days. Sadly, none of them fit me any more…I could be sorely tempted with with the gorgeous red mini poppy fabric though…

  3. That dress looks so lovely on you – colours are absolutely fantastic. Being in the northern hemisphere we are getting closer and closer to the zero mark, and lower :S I’ve just put my summer clothes away and I’ve pulled out all my sweaters, tights, etc. Enjoy the warmth!

  4. Just bought an orange ready to ship number from her that I think will fit me! I’ve been wanting to buy a dress from Sohomode for a while and finally bit the bullet with your coupon code, so thanks.

  5. Hi! I was wondering about you being part-Asian (because of slight Asian features) when I was reading your blog (did a marathon-read from latest to oldest post!) Then in one of the previous posts you mentioned you have Asian blood. 🙂

    In other news, skirt is here! Now my problem is what top to wear?

    Some pictures here of me wearing the skirt:

    Any suggestions on what top? Or is the skirt not working for my apple-shaped body?

    Much appreciated! Thank you so much!!! 🙂

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