Mod Squad


Top: custom-made by Loni at Love to Love You

Breathtaking Tiger Lilies Skirt: Modcloth 

Charter School Cardigan: Modcloth

Shoes: Gorman

I’ve been looking for the perfect yellow skirt for some time and when I saw this beauty on Alissa from Stylish Curves I knew I’d finally found it.

The “Breathtaking Tiger Lilies Skirt” is one of Modcloth’s signature classics and comes in seven different colours. “Mustard” is the perfect golden hue – not too bright, but a warm sunshiny yellow that will team perfectly with a huge amount in my wardrobe.

It’s made of a slightly textured polyester fabric that drapes nicely and should hopefully resist crushing. The waistband is elasticised at the back, which gives a bit of flexibility in sizes. I bought the XL which was perfect for my measurements. It comes with a braided faux-leather belt, and pockets (pockets!)


If you haven’t ordered through Modcloth before it’s worth keeping in mind that they can provide exact measurements for every item on the site through their 24 hour online chat service. Take advantage of this because it doesn’t cost you a cent, and it eliminates a huge amount of the sizing issues that come with online shopping.

I actually love how Modcloth operates their business. They’re body positive, incredibly engaged with their customers and allow people to leave reviews (including photos so that you can see what things look like on a variety of figures). They recently signed an anti-photoshopping pledge, use plus-size models, support independent designers, and when they were alerted to the fact that they were unknowingly selling a product that was ripping off an Etsy shop they pulled the product and cancelled their contract with the company that supplied them the knock-off.

Right now they’re also offering free international shipping on all orders over $150. I’ve only just received this skirt and cardigan, but it’s a very, verrrrrrry tempting offer.

Have you seen anything on Modcloth that’s caught your fancy lately?


Shoes: Gorman

Finally, by popular demand, here’s a close-up of my amazing shoes. I love them but they’re hilariously high and I’m not used to walking in them. I dream of taking them to a cobbler and getting an identical pair made with lower heels. One day maybe. In the meanwhile they’re my “office shoes” for those days when I don’t have to negotiate anything more difficult than carpeted hallways.

14 thoughts on “Mod Squad

  1. Beautiful outfit!!! It looks so great o you, and I love the skirt – it’s so fresh and wow and sunshiney 🙂 An eye catcher for the dreary winter months (okay not for your winter months but mine)
    My favourite on ModCloth atm is the Polka Dot trenchcoat “Capital Class Trench” The perfect autumn coat IMHO. What keeps me from ordering is the fact that I cannot seem to decide on the second item to order it with to get over the 150$/free intl shipping thing and the fact that German customs always put taxes on clothes 🙁

  2. Such a beautiful outfit! These colours look so great on you.

    Your post (and the free international shipping, of course) has convinced me to finally place my first order at ModCloth… I’m so excited! I ordered a dress and two skirts 🙂

  3. I don’t know if you’re actually planning another order from Modcloth but if you are, I’ve just had an order through today that has a 20% off voucher code for me and a friend so I can send it to you if you want 🙂 expires on the 30th. It’s a one time use thing so I don’t want to just post it here but can pm you if there is a way on your site?

  4. NOoooooo don’t do that to me, I’ve been eyeing off that exact skirt in blue for so long now & have had to ban myself from the Modcloth site to stop me………. Dangerous dangerous! Looks fabulous on you 🙂

  5. Their jeans are so super comfortable! I’ve just ordered a pair of their high-waisted denim shorts for Summer in the hopes that they will be just as comfy. Have you played with their app yet? You can take a photo of a colour on your phone and it will bring up every item of clothing that have in that hue. AND you can put in your own measurements and it brings up reviews of clothing by people around your size and shape. It’s the best shopping app I’ve found for extra bells & whistles.

  6. I am new to Modcloth – received my first order recently. The way they do business is a lovely surprise, and their website is amazing. Other stores have a lot to learn.

  7. By golly they are some great shoes. But, without sounding like your great aunt, yes they do look very high! but I have so little tolerance for high shoes haha.

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