6 thoughts on “Twisted Chignon

  1. I chopped mine back off & now I’m sorry I did! Of course you have spectacular hair – so smooth & shiny & thick, so I have to remember than mine (super thick & curly) will never look like yours. But this is such a quick & pretty updo! I’ll have to remember it for the next time my hair is long enough to pull up.

  2. I just sat at my desk at work and did this as I read your post. And it worked! I can’t convey just how stunned and pleased I am that something I read on the internet worked on my hair. Thanks for the tip.

  3. I got into work yesterday, saw this, & went to the bathroom to change my hair from my boring big clip to this. It was lovely, & so simple! Then I went to buy a coke to wake me up, & the bloke at the convenience store said, “I give you big discount,” & knocked ten cents off the price. I reckon it was the hair.

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