Dot To Dot


Morgan Dress: Igigi

Shoes: Chie Mihara

There are polkadot people, and there are non-polkadot people. I don’t know what the non-polkadot people do (stripes?) but personally I adore a good dotty print, so when I saw this twofer dress on Igigi’s website I knew I had to try it.

The fun thing about spring, and autumn (fall!) is that all that new trans-seasonal stuff pops up on the UK and US-based websites and you can actually wear it straight away without having to wait six months for it to get cold/hot enough. The “Morgan” dress is actually part of Igigi’s fall line when all the northern hemisphericans are packing up their sunny sundresses and donning longer sleeves and hemlines in anticipation for the cooler months. But it works in the opposite direction for those of us down under. We’re just taking the first forays out of our cardigans and tights, and baring our ghostly white legs to the sun, and this dress is a nice one for that, too.

The skirt’s a gauzy georgette, fully lined so as not to be completely transparent and it flutters enticingly in the breeze. I like the large size of the polkadots – a smaller dot often just has the print fading into obscurity at a distance whereas this one is bold and clear.

I’m going to have to sew some bra-strap keepers into the shoulders, but apart from that little quirk the wide neckline is absolutely divine. It’s lined as well, and constructed from Igigi’s usual good-quality jersey. The outer shell of the bodice is designed to be a little blousy, so it’s a good style if you’re shy about the little rolls around your middle. The keyhole detail at the front’s a sexy little addition that gives a peek of cleavage without being overt. It makes the Morgan into a dress that will transition easily from the office to a party, and I’d be happy to wear it to a fancy wedding or for a picnic on the grass.

The waistband is fully stretchy, so even though the dress fastens with a zip up the side it actually possible to pull it on over your head, and it’s perfectly comfortable around the waist, even after a substantial lunch of fish and chips on the St Kilda Esplanade (not that I’d know anything about that!).

I like the monochrome myself, but you could easily add a brightly coloured belt and shoes, or even some blinging gold accessories. I decided to keep it simple, and teamed it with a simple little necklace from a great new online costume jewellery store I’ve discovered called “Totally Jewel


Clover Necklace: Totally Jewel

22 thoughts on “Dot To Dot

  1. This dress is SO pretty and SO flattering! I love polka dots (and stripes, too!), and this is such a fresh, modern, grown up take on them. And that neckline is amazing – it makes the dress look so grown up & sophisticated! Beautiful!

  2. Lilly, yay for fringe/bangs/cute hanging hairline over the eyebrows thing! That haircut suits you so well. Over the years I’ve settled for the bangs thing as well – looks nice on us girls with somewhat rounder faces and big dark eyes. Also, I love the outfit you’re wearing – I saw it on the Igigi site and it didn’t really move me there, but I think you really do justice to its vintage vibe. I also think the outfit in your just previous post, with the yellow cardigan, is so unique and retro. Lastly, thanks for the new jewelry site find. I saw only big chunky statement pieces when I clicked on it (not simple, understated pieces) but in personal taste I like big, chunky and almost gaudy jewelry that says, “Hey, I’m here!” Yay to your happiness as well. Best regards from Arizona, USA!!!

    1. Thanks Edith! I love it too! I grew it out for the wrong reasons, and I’m really happy to have it back.
      Yes to the chunky statement pieces too! I’ve ordered a couple of big blingy pieces too 🙂

  3. I’m new to your blog and totally in love with your style. Plus I love that you’re writing from Australia, being a Perth girl it pleases me greatly 🙂

    Are bra strap-keepers a particular invention of yours? I hate those falling down moments!

  4. Super cute! Love that your fringe is back too 🙂 I was wondering if you could do a re-cap post at some stage of all your different shoes. I know it would take you ages but I think it would be a great post! Thank you for providing so much inspiration!!

      1. Noooo they are fab as you choose shoes that match well to so many different outfits! I LOVE THAT!! I always go through your archives to see what brands you choose!

  5. That dress looks fab on you, especially with your returned fringe! Great look. I think the neckline is particularly pretty. (And, also, I second the request for a shoe recap post, if I may) 🙂

  6. This is a very chic outfit, and your hair looks so perfect!

    I’m definitely a polka dot person too. Black and white, colourful, whatever, I’ll take them!

  7. Recently I’ve gained weight and feeling sad about it, I decided not to take pictures of myself anymore. You inspire me to still dress up and take a picture, regardless. I really like this outfit on you. You are stunning.

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