Put a Bird On It

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Seaside Dress – City Chic

Shoes: Wittner

The moment I saw this adorable dress on the City Chic Facebook page I knew it was probably going to make it into my wardrobe. I loved the neckline, the colour, the print, and the shape.

In person the dress is everything I’d hoped and more. The fit’s absolutely perfect – I bought the XS, and it feels like it was made for me. Like my bunting dress it’s smocked at the back and is made of a fully lined cotton. As you can see – or not! – the spaghetti straps are placed at exactly the right place to conceal my bra straps, which means I don’t have to sacrifice comfort to submit myself to a strapless bra.

The skirt is full, and gathered, but doesn’t puff out too much over my hips, and as an added bonus there’s amazingly deep and functional pockets!


It’s a dress that makes me think of sand between my toes, picnic blankets, the smell of sunscreen, and licking ice-cream off my fingers. Throw a light cardigan over the top in the evenings, and you’re set for an evening out.

The blue will go well with my current passion for bright yellow accessories, but I also thought I could wear it with my DIY’d pink coral necklace, or belted with a red ribbon and some red ballet flats.


I do love the white piping around the neckline and the edges of the pockets. It’s an often overlooked detail that gives the dress the feel of quality and good workmanship.

I know some people aren’t big fans of the smocked back, but you might like to give this one a whirl – It doesn’t buckle or warp, as it’s just a small panel about two inches wide. Enough to give the bodice the ability to fit a variety of shapes, without having to resort to a stretch fabric.

And what a fabric! I was glad it was a slightly darker blue than the picture on the website suggested, because it’s a really punchy cobalt. The random scattering of birds is a nice change from the repetitive geometric prints usually seen. And it goes really nicely with the Pigeonhole earrings that I teamed it with today!


Earrings: Pigeonhole

Meanwhile! Once again I’ve been nominated as one of Navabi’s Best Curvy Blog of 2013, making me eligible for the opportunity to win a trip to London for the London Fashion Week.

If you’d like to vote for me again, I’d really appreciate it! The link is here

navabi Curvy Blog Award 2013

15 thoughts on “Put a Bird On It

  1. Gosh it looks lovely. I walked in and out of City Chic 3 times yesterday to look at this dress. Might have to try it on I think.

  2. I’ve never commented on your blog before but feel moved to say that is a gorgeous dress and a gorgeous colour on you.

  3. Recently I was able to pick up the bunting dress on sale. Think I will be getting this lovely frock as well. Fantastic fit and colour, as always you look lovely.

  4. Every now and then City Chic bring out a dress that I just love and I always hear about it from you!

    Fell in love with the Bunting dress and now the Seaside dress.

    Also those earrings are divine.

    Love your blog.

  5. I do like this dress and as usual you look lovely in it
    I love that it has pockets, does it wrinkle much ?
    I have to say I love a smocked back most of the time it allows people with different shapes to fit in to a dress made of a no stretch material and still have the dress look like it was made for them. If a smocked back warps or buckles it is probably to small or too large. that being said I am not huge fan of smocking on already stretchy material.

  6. I got so excited by your post and raced off to City Chic to check out all the purdy frocks. Talk about coming down to earth with a thud. As usual the plusser sizes are illfitting and with those silly spaghetti straps. boo. I got one anyway and am prepared to cut them some slack since at least the dresses are cotton and not horrible synthetic! You look fab in yours – hope I look as good in mine 🙂

  7. Hi Lilli

    Love the dress. Just bought one onsale myself. It’s gorgeous. Was just wondering what bra brand u use? I usually use Berli and the straps are slightly off. Would love a post on bras for busty girls.

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