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Ballet Wrap Dress: Asos

Shoes: Seychelles

A few touches of sparkly gold to brighten up this navy dress on a grey and dreary Melbourne Monday.

This dress is one of those almost criminally comfortable dresses that make you feel guiltily under-dressed: like you’ve left the house in your dressing gown.

It’s a heavy jersey with plenty of stretch, a non-restrictive waistband, cross-over bodice, and midi length skirt. It’s the sort of thing that you can throw on and look instantaneously elegant and put-together even if you spent the previous night thrashing around in bed trying to get to sleep, while fighting a stuffy nose and the infernal tickle behind your breast bone from a cough that just won’t go away. *ahem*.

The shoes I bought from the Nordstrom Rack in New York when I was there in June, and they’re a pair of squishy ballet flats that invariably draw the attention of every 3 to 8 year old girl within twenty metres with their sparkly sparkliness.


The glitter on these babies doesn’t shed (!) and they’re actually very comfortable for walking, with a decent amount of padding on the innersoles that makes the pavement slightly less palpable than the average ballet flat.

The real statement piece from today’s outfit is my “There’s a Map For That” Necklace from my very first Modcloth order a few months ago.


There’s a Map For That Necklace: Modcloth

I originally spotted this necklace on the gorgeous Clementine Ford, and fell hard for it. It’s only $20, and is also available in silver, so it was an easy add-on to help rationalise the international postage costs for a Modcloth order.

25 thoughts on “Whole Wide World

  1. Warning- personal question!!! Are u wearing a low cut bra or is the dress cut so you can wear a bra but not be flashing it? I am so over dresses I have to wear a singlet top under so I’m not flashing my bra- esp in summer when it’s an extra layer of warmth!! And even in winter as alters line of the dress!

    1. I’m wondering the same, never had much luck with crossover dresses but I love how comfortable this one sounds. Pity it’s out of stock or I’d probably just order it anyway.

      1. It’s actually a great Freya bra – the Lauren Plunge bra. Great support, but a really low bridge, which means it’s good for plunging necklines. Plus I kind of bought it because the back fastens with one (ONE!) hook, which is pretty unusual for an F cup!

    1. I actually really wanted the black, but it was out of stock 🙁 I have to stalk this dress for a month before it came back into stock in any incarnation, but hopefully it’ll come back again, and not just the mini skirt version!

    1. Aw, thanks Simone.
      For some reason they only have the short short versions available anymore. Hopefully with the weather getting cooler in the UK they’ll bring it back in the midi

    1. Yeah, I stalked it until I saw it, but I wanted it in a different colour. I’m actually thinking of dying it black maybe (I have a few Navy dresses at the moment!)

  2. I have a couple of dresses that are really, really comfy, and it’s such a lovely feeling to wear them – I like your “criminally comfortable” description! Love the shoes and impressed that they don’t shed.

  3. You make that dress look so much better than the model. Gorgeous. I looked at that frock and wasnt sure it would work. Drats that I missed out! Well done you. (PS you always have such a beautiful luminosity in your photos.)

  4. Beautiful as ALWAYS Lily! Love the dress. Am heading over to London for work and wondering if you can suggest any good plus-size stores to check out while I am there? p.s. How is your sister going?

    1. She’s doing really well Geri – thank you! Her blood and tumour marker tests keeps coming back with good results, and she’s strong and getting stronger by the moment.

      1. That’s really good news. I’ve thought of her often when I’ve clicked onto your blog. I hope you have a wonderful time away visiting the Sophisticate. Hopefully he heads home soon! Drats on missing your ebay sale!!! Nooooo. I was O/S at the time xx

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