Love Thyself

DSCF1334_2DSCF1330 DSCF1335_2Dress: Dorothy Perkins

Blouse: Princess Highway

Tights: Donatella’s

Shoes: Easy Spirit

Before I left for New York, I did what any (in)sane person would do, and put through several online orders, which meant that when I got home there were a number of yummy parcels waiting for my arrival.

One of those parcels came from an online hosiery store that had contacted me regarding promotion on the blog. With the up coming launch of Sonsee I’d more or less turned my back on anything in hosiery world that wasn’t coming from them, but Donatella’s email really struck me.

For one thing, she’d obviously taken the time to read my guidelines for advertisers, but more importantly, hers seemed to be a company that fit comfortably with my own stance on body image.

In her email, Donna said:

  We don’t use descriptions with negative connotations, for example I banned terms like “flattering” (partly thanks to the ‘fuck flattering’ campaign coming from Australia),

also we don’t stock control wear that implies that there is something wrong with fat bodies that has to be ‘controlled’ (punished) through uncomfortable clothing. 

As a fat woman myself I want my products to be fun and to make women feel good about their body. 

Hoo-bloody-rah! I’m so glad that there’s business owners out there who understand that being plus-sized doesn’t mean you necessarily want to be squished and squeezed into conforming with what’s rapidly becoming less and less the “norm” in society. That sometimes we’re pretty happy in our own skin, exactly as it is, and have no desire to camouflage ourselves in flattering (which in the plus size world usually equates to “boring”) clothes and accessories.

When I clicked through to the shop I was delighted to see that Donatella’s stocked one of the web’s best ranges of patterned and trend-based hosiery. I was quickly able to pick a few favourites for review, and by the time I got back from visiting The Sophisticate they were waiting for me at home.

Donatella’s doesn’t have their own house brand, but they do provide a convenient single point with which to source plus-size hosiery from many different brands like Pamela Mann, Silky, Missi and others. And the free international shipping doesn’t hurt, either.

You can search by size or style, which eliminates the frustration of falling in loves with a pair of tights, then discovering that they don’t actually come in your size (hate that). but it’s worth keeping in mind that each brand fits differently. Most of the tights on her site come with an item-specific size guide… for the hips anyway. As ever I find myself wishing that there was also a measurement for thigh width, because I know a number of brands (Pamela Mann included) seem to fit VERY tight around my full thighs, as if the only concession to being designed for “plus sizes” is an extra panel in the brief and a few inches length in the leg.

Today was quite chilly, so I took the opportunity to road-test the 140 denier thermal fleece tights, and I’m delighted to say they fit comfortably, and were deliciously soft and warm. I could have done with a bit more room in the upper thigh, and I did have to do my usual party trick of wearing knickers over the top to keep them up, but I think they’ll be a go-to essential as the colder months close in.

Overall I’d give Donatella’s two thumbs up if you’re looking for cool on-trend patterned hosiery.

Also waiting for me when I got home was the order I placed with Dorothy Perkins – taking advantage of the 25% off code that launched just as I was promising myself I didn’t need to spend another cent before reaching the Big Apple.

This mod heart print dress seemed to be a steal at just 18 pounds, but I have to admit I was surprised when I opened it up and unexpectedly found it to made out of a stretch jersey.

It’s…. okay. The bodice will need a bit of tweaking, as the armholes gape and it’s surprisingly too big, even for my generous f-cups.

The skirt’s great, and just long enough; any shorter and I’d be getting shy-knee-syndrome.

I like the print. A lot. It’s bold and eye-catching, but it’s a little bit off. It took me a while to realise why.

Look closer.




BAM! Upside down.

It’s annoying, but I’ve decided it’s not annoying enough to warrant sending it back. Instead – because at least the hearts are the right way round from where I’m standing –  I’m going to consider it a reminder to love myself.

28 thoughts on “Love Thyself

  1. Do you know what? I actually couldn’t tell they were love hearts from the full body shots (I don’t know if you would think this was a good or a bad thing). The circles are the pattern element that jumped out at me – and that this dress looks TOTALLY FABULOUS on you. I can’t see the armhole gaping, and the length looks perfect – so I say two thumbs up, and your lovely conclusion re the upside down-ness is just icing on the cake!

    1. LOL, it literally took me all day to figure it out, so it doesn’t bother me as much as I thought. I do love a good graphic print, and it’s a lovely shape. I think dressed like a pinafore completely eliminates the issue with the arm holes, and it should be fixable at a later date when the weather warms up.

  2. You look great as usual and I am loving the post feeds to Facebook !!! Thanks for the information about the tights. Have been looking for some warmer ones and they had some in my size huzzah !!!

    1. Hi Narelle,
      that’s great – I’m glad you’re liking the Facebook page. I have to try and get a bit more active on there – it’s been a busy week!

  3. I think the dress looks gorgeous but understand re fitting issues. Love your conclusion re upside down hearts- it still took me ages to notice as its more an overall pattern than hearts!

  4. To be honest, I didn’t realise the hearts were the feature….or even there…until you called it a heart print dress. It still looks great – consider it to be giant polka dots maybe!

    BTW, I also had a look at Donatella’s. The stockings I usually buy from Evans are for sale there. I think if I want stockings only, the free postage would sway me.

    1. Thanks you, Rena! (and I feel like I live in an almost perpetual state of that feeling when I’m window shopping in bricks and mortar shops)

  5. i was trying to see hearts, and couldn’t either, til it was up close, and i love them upside down haha. how cute. i really love the pattern anyway, even if you can’t tell they are heart initially. you look adorable!

    1. LOL, I know, Donna! I had three people that day tell me they loved the print of the dress, and it wasn’t until I pointed out the upside down hearts that they went “Oh, yeah!”

  6. Gorgeous dress & love the reminder to love thyself 🙂

    Must take a second look at Dottie P. The dress looks lovely on you but looks oh so short on the model that I wouldn’t have even considered it!

  7. The blouse is absolutely perfect with the dress, and transforms it into something really eyecatching! Shame about the sizing problems – but I like your way of turning the upside down hearts into something positive 🙂

  8. Ha, that’s what I would do! My ‘trademark’, I used to call it, if I was sewing something directional, was that one bit would always be upside down. I do it less theses days…you would think with more people looking at store bought stuff someone would have picked it up! Still very cute, though. The wh9ole outsit looks great, LOVE that collar!

  9. Love the dress! the upside down hearts are kinda fitting considering your other “heart” is on the other side of the world 🙂

  10. Super cute dress, but upside down print!?! That’s strange. And good to know it is knee length on you, it looks so short on the model on the DP website.

  11. DP dresses always gape at the arms on me (busty too), I find I’m between sizes with them actually and either get a better armhole fit and it’s too tight on the bust or gaping at the arms and too big on the waist! I never would’ve thought the dress was jersey from the pics on their website at all.

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