Not So Mellow Yellow

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Top: Miss Shop (remixed)

Skirt: DIY

Shoes: Diana Ferrari

I wanted a yellow top to wear with this skirt, and I thought I’d hit the jackpot when I found this one at Miss Shop. It was just $10 on sale, and it had scalloped sleeves and hem. DEE-lightful. It also had a funny little pocket that I decided to unpick off, and it came off without leaving a mark.

I bought it a few days ago, and today (41 degrees!) I wore it out. But to my concern the colour in the sun looks quite different to the colour in the basement of Myer Melbourne. In fact it looks suspiciously…. neon. And I’m just not a neon kinda girl.

Still, it looks cute with the DIY skirt, and the scalloped sleeves mirror the scallops in the skirt print, and it might fade after a few washes, so I’m happy to declare it a successful buy!

P1020745_2I’m mercifully still on holidays, so I’ve had a moochy few days at home during the hot weather. Well, moochy…. actually I’ve spent the last three days madly listing things on eBay.

The Sophisticate and I are giving up our inner-city pad in February, and for a few months I’ll be moving back to my old digs (and The Wall!) before the next stage in Lilli and The Sophisticate’s Big Adventure (Not babies. Just thought I’d put that out there.)

Moving is ALWAYS a nightmare, so we’re both trying to sell everything that isn’t nailed down before D-Day.

I’ve pulled a big chunk of my wardrobe to put up for sale (and my cupboards are still full, le sigh) and there’s a few things in there that I suspect I’m going to miss. BUT, I’ve got a limited amount of space, and it Must Be Done, so if you’re interested head on over and have a look!

16 thoughts on “Not So Mellow Yellow

  1. It just looks lovely and bright in the pics, rather than neon….love the red necklace with it!
    Moving sucks 🙁 Packing and unpacking sucks 🙁

  2. O I love the yellow… And had a lovely browse on ebay… Don’ t sell the red dress it is stunning on you …. On no KEEP that one pleeeeeze. X

  3. The Wall!! 😀

    Sorry to hear you’re moving, as it sucks, but glad to hear that you’re beginning on a new adventure! Life is full of them, and you are, no doubt, going to have a wonderful time of it!

    And my GOODNESS do I wish I were able to afford to pick up ALL your closet purgings! Alas, shipping to Ohio, USA is just a bit too much. 😀

  4. Heehee, I love that you add ‘not babies’ as the second you get married, everyone assumes a baby is the next priority and only thing on the mind. I don’t envy the eBaying, I’ve actually fallen out with them lately…seems some buyers took offence to my postage prices, even although I only charge what the PO charge me and take no money for packaging/time/fees etc, so now my account is ‘below standard’. Just seems like I can’t win with anyone right now!

  5. Ooh! Sounds like exciting times are ahead. Looking forward to hearing about your big adventure!

    BTW, thanks! You always seem to be able to part with clothes to sell on eBay far more easily than I can (at least so it seems as so many of the clothes you sell look just fab on you). You have encouraged me to not be so sentimental about my clothes & as a result my most recent wardrobe purge will mean a much larger than usual eBay sale. Yay! Not looking forward writing all the listings though 😉

  6. Oooo love the sleeves!

    I too have to do a massive ebay sale in the next few months and I’m dreading it! Not moving, just have no more room in my wardrobe!

    Elle (

  7. I love those scalloped sleeves! I’m not really a neon person either, but every once in a while I stray from my beaten path, and I’ve found that I quite like having a couple of neon clothing items in my wardrobe for the occasional neon day. =)

  8. I think you look lovely in this colour and as the others have said, it does not appear neon. Wow, 41 degrees, yikes! Although waking up to -13, the 41 has its appeal 🙂

  9. I stumbled across your wonderful blog today. I should be working but I have been reading all your old posts instead. Love, love your style. The yellow looks fab to me!

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