Dress: Virtu

Belt: I Will Fly

Shoes: Chie Mihara (via eBay)

First things first, thank you to everyone for their kind comments and words of support for my sister and family. It means a lot to know that there are people the world over thinking of her and hoping for her good health.

I know I’ve been very scathing in the past about the lack of fashionability at certain Australian plus size clothing boutiques, but I’m perfectly happy to eat my own words when someone surprises me like TS14 (AKA Taking Shape) has done recently. Though there’s the regular surplus of elasticised waists and asymmetrical hemlines, I’ve noticed one or two great classic pieces creeping in. I’ve been even more impressed with the new “youth” line they’ve brought in: “Virtu“.

This scoop-hem t-shirt dress is bang on trend and deliciously comfortable to wear. I picked it up at a boutique, where another customer (and future TS sales assistant) Heather showed me a game-changing way to tie a scarf into a vest to belt over this versatile dress.

The dress is made out of a soft thin jersey and works just as well belted as it does unbelted. Today I teamed it with a cute elastic belt that I had made for me by a crafty Etsian, Ariel.

Belt: I Will Fly Design

The dress itself is comfortable enough to spend a day mooching about the house on a hot muggy day like today, but also nice enough to dress up with some heels and a statement belt or necklace. And check out the back:

The cutaway back gives a bit of extra breeziness to the dress, and I like the “bow” feature on the keyhole.

Now, if you like the dress – or anything else on the Virtu/TS14 websites then today could be your lucky day. I have a $100 gift voucher to give away to a reader. I think I would probably use it to buy this cute “Ciao” t-shirt as a nod to my new Italian surname. And this polkadot tee is a steal at $19. I’m hearing good things about their “Easy Breezy” short, plus this Paxton skirt is great. I’ve got my eye on some of the accessories too: This bright yellow star scarf, or this floaty bird scarf.

Leave me a comment telling me what caught your eye, and I’ll draw a winner randomly next week!

81 thoughts on “Virtu-ous

  1. Oh my gosh ts14 has stepped out of the “middle ages”. I’d definitely like that yellow scarf. Just as a start 😉

  2. Love this combination! What a cute belt. As for the Virtu items, I really like the Paxton skirt, sphinx cardi and Ramona dress.

  3. Ooh, I love the LIzzy necklace, the Cornell blouse, the Scattered Petal Top, and the Sabora blouse. (I’m looking for blouses in cute prints to spice up my wardrobe!).

  4. We’ve just had Myer open where I live and I was rather impressed by the TS range. I hadn’t come across Virtue before but I’m loving the look of the Kaleidoscope dress or maybe the Mimosa Maxi or pwrhaps the Avalon Top in blue (hmmm…or maybe all three!?) thanks for sharing your picks Lilli!


  5. Hi,

    I had never heard of Virtu, thanks for the link, love the free shipping. For me it is the Violet (or Ming green) crop jeans, Days necklace, and a Dripping with Jewels Tree. That was fun.


  6. I love this dress on you! So fresh and light looking! 🙂 I thought the belt was actually a part of the dress.

  7. I so love the fan cut dress. It’s the perfect type for my life. 3/4 sleeves are my favorite thing a the moment. It’s getting cold here in Norway so it’s good to have a little sleeve. I’d totally pair it with one of my awesome john fluevogs 🙂

  8. Alouette Bird Dress is awesome (I love the print!) aaaand Sabora blouse too! (dots, dots!) ah! 🙂
    And think about that! first time in my lifetime I could wear XS instead of XL 😀 that’s something!
    huge Hug!

  9. Very cute bow and very interesting website. The ‘CONNECT THE DOTS CARDY’ is very pretty – and suitable for us ‘older folk’! It is also good to see the height and size of the model – it certainly givese you a much clearer understanding of how a garment would look!

  10. I love the Kaleidoscope dress, it’d be beautiful to wear to work on a really hot day, I struggle to dress formally enough in summer! Love the Japonica skirt too.

  11. The Left Bank tshirt!!!
    It is simple and lovely and will go with my new red full skirt.
    Thank you for the opportunity dear lady.

  12. I like these
    Left Bank Tee, Lavina Dress and Sealife Cardigan

    but I can say I’m not super impressed by this vendor. I think like you say a few pieces are spot on but mostly same old thing.

  13. The dress looks great, Lilli! I love the casual look with the fab heart belt. It would be perfect with a pair of heels for Melbourne Cup Day too 🙂
    I’m loving their scarves – especially the bird one & the butterfly one. Perfect for wearing over a plain dress to hide my newly acquired ‘mummy tummy’ 😉

  14. Thankyou for drawing attention to the new range because honestly, I had always thought TS wasn’t really to my taste, even though it was a relief to be able to fit into the clothes. I am always hunting for basic, versatile pieces and your t-shirt dress would be something I’d look for on the racks. That being said, I love the Kaleidoscope dress! I work in retail among beautiful young skinny minis (in short shorts) – this dress would make me feel like a princess during the hot summer months coming!

  15. I’m going with most girls on here by saying the Kaleidoscope dress! It’s so beautiful!

    I love your outfit in this post, you’re such a babe! Sorry I’ve been a bit AWOL, my laptop died :(((((


    Donna 🙂

  16. Lilli, I love the way this dress fits you! The belt is a beauty and the hearts make it so very whimsical! I love the black Ramona dress! It’s just gorgeous! 🙂

  17. Paxton skirt with either the Left Bank tee or Odette blouse tucked in. Love the Twisted and Tangled collar-style necklace and the cute little jelly watches!

  18. Love Virtu!

    I spied the lovely Desert Coast Dress. Perfect for spring / summer. I could imagine wearing it with nude wedges with a high top messy hair bun!

  19. Hi Lilli,
    Gorgeous outfit (as usual). I’ve felt the same way as you about TS – my mum shops there constantly and her favourite adjective for their aesthetic is… “flattering”. Ho-hum. Not my idea of a good sartorial time!
    But, that said, Virtu are definitely doing some really cute things. This summer I just want to lounge around in maxi dresses, and their Eliot maxi is just lovely – I checked it out in person as well, and the fabric’s soft and flippy and comfortable. Their Chevron dress, which is short with long sleeves (practically the Holy Grail for me), looks really versatile and different. And with all this dress love, I could definitely go for their Easy Breezys. I can’t believe no-one ever told me about anti-chafe shorts when I was younger – I suffered all through high school in the compulsory skirts with no salvation, and only figured out “the answer” after getting into body posi blogs…

  20. I’ve been virtual shopping their for weeks, could buy SO many things. The kalediscope dress is my current fave.

  21. Fab look Lilli, and even better if it keeps you cool in what looks like to be a muggy melb summer! If i won the $100, i would definately have to try to the garland maxi, with my big boobs,thighs and bum the a decent maxi is soo hard to find but this one looks like it could tick all the boxes!? Like you i’d pretty much written off ts, but virtu looks alot more my style! Thanks for the Inspiration Lilli.

  22. Wow! I didnt realise that they had released a younger range! The Keiko top looks cute. I’m going to head in and check it out. And look at all the cream/white shrugs they have! I’ve been searching for something to cover up my “fajubitas” (aka tuckshop arms)….. perfect.

  23. Hello! I just discovered your blog recently, through a link from Already Pretty. I love, LOVE your clothes.
    I just discovered Virtu last week and have the Painted Desert and Princeton dresses bookmarked to consider buying once my exams are over, as a treat.

  24. The Isodora Maxi Dress instantly grabs my attention iwth its gorgeous colours – but then I get lost in the beautiful necklaces – the Rio necklace in yellow or turquoise would be a great starting point – then my attention goes to the Girlfriend wrap in Citron – way too much to choose really!!!

  25. Hiya!
    If I scored $100, I’ve been eyeing off the Scarf Print Dress…I love the colours and the design of the fabric.

    Virtu also have a great selection of workout pants. The used to have the Zen Pant (I’ve begged them to bring it back!) Cropped leg and lovely comfy roll over top (that comes up high enough so my rolls don’t roll over the top (so to speak! hehehe) Their evolution crop pant is also brilliant! I have two pairs, feel really light on, dry in a flash, and they have pockets at the front, and a little zippered section at the back. If anyone’s looking for good work-out (or in my case, dog walking!) pants, these are great!

  26. Hi there. You look so fabulous in your dress that I’d be tempted by that one, but also the Adena Maxi has a neckline that I love. Probably some of those easy breezy shorts too now that summer has come along

  27. Loving the Cara Maxi Dress!!! I’ve never even though of looking at this place for clothes… Thanks for passing on the info – I’ll be having a look for sure!!!

  28. As someone who dresses like an art teacher on a regular basis, I’m more of a ts14+ girl than Virtu. I did find some things I really liked both places though. The EVOLUTION JACKET and CHEETAH PJ SET at Virtu. And the BRUSHSTROKE CRUSHED DRESS, the ECLIPSE PLAIN SIZZLE DRESS and the URBAN LEGEND TEE at ts14+.

  29. I’ve loved Virtu for a while now. There was a maxi dress I was eyeing for ages that seems to be gone now. Sad! I have to agree with everyone else.. The kaleidoscope dress is really lovely. There’s some scarves and necklaces I’ve been wanting for a bit too. And I can always find tops I’d wear there. Like the Left Bank tee and the cutie patootie striped bow on it.

  30. Ooh! It’s nice to see that there’s another retailer available. I only ever really shop online these days, but it still feels a bit unsafe in regards to quality and fit — you never know quite what you’re going to get!

    I really like the Ramona dress! I’ve been following your blog for a while, and you’ve reignited my love for cardigans! Virtu doesn’t have any that I’m interested in, unfortunately, but I’ll be checking back. And they have polka dot crop pants! Oh my gosh! Hmm hmm. I think I’ll be making a purchase. 😀

  31. I love the Havana maxidress, the Edith pullover and the Shoreline jacket. My sister was rocking the capri pants and coloured blazer last time I saw her so I suddenly feel the need for a brightly coloured blazer too!

  32. Love this dress.
    I’ve never tried Virtu before, but after checking out their website, I really like the Japonica skirt or the Alouette bird dress.
    Thanks for the heads up about a new brand to keep my eye on.

  33. I love Virtue. I discovered it only recently when a shop opened in our town. I am currently eyeing off the Anita and the Tribeca top

  34. A virtu store opened recently in our town but I haven’t had a chance to go in yet. Looking at the website though the Animal Print Jeans look like just the thing! 🙂

  35. Okay, well I’ve always been in the same camp as you, I’ve always written off TS14, always had a look when I pass but never found a single thing to buy for myself, but often suggested it to my 55yo mum as it seemed more her style, but Wow! This virtu line looks great!! I love A LOT of the items they’re pushing, and I’m getting kinda hopeful for a future between me and TS14!

    You asked for our favourite item, but I can’t decide between the six that I absolutely love!

    The Corfu wrap!
    I love the colour and I’m always looking for ways to brighten up my day!

    The Japonica Skirt
    It’s got a great cut, and again live the colors!

    The left bank tee
    Who can go past a cute printed bow?

    The perfect tank
    Again, digging the colour and it looks like a perfect form fitting tank top, just what I’ve been looking for!

    The Havana Maxi dress
    Breaks those horizontal stripe rules, but I’m totally lovin’ it!

    The Lavina Dress
    The cute bow detail and the ability to dress it up or down is perfect!

    So… Pick me? $100 might not get me far into my list, but it would be a much appreciated start! 😀

  36. I really like the ‘owl be there tee’. I have some TS pants that I have worn to work regularly for 3 years and they still look good so I always have a look – but the newer virtu tops and dresses are more my style than the old assymetrical abstract stuff

  37. I was dragged into TS14 with my mum a month ago and was so surprised at the new designs. I am having a craving for stripes this summer so would love the Bateau-Top or maybe just a little stripe with the Left Bank Tee

  38. You know, until this post I have avoided TS as their style really isn’t anything like mine. But I will have to give them a visit after having a look at their website. Anyway, I love the hummingbird nightie and kaleidoscope dress 🙂

  39. Hi Lili,
    You look great in that dress, I may just buy it because of you! I fancy the Marielle Cardi, the Love Birds tee and the Mexicali Maxi Dress. I really like their ‘Easy Breezy’ shorts, I can definitely recommend them – very comfortable and keeps away the chafe!

  40. Just a heads-up for other people in Melbourne, I called into the Bridge Road, Richmond Taking Shape store today and there was quite a selection of the Virtu range on the bargain racks. Well worth checking out if you are local.

  41. Hadn’t heard of Virtu before, thanks for the heads-up!

    It has to be the Keisha dress (raarr) – definitely worth it, and with 5 cents spare! Although the Cornell blouse is coming a close second…


  42. Would have to go with the spotty crop pants, would look great with red shoes. Thank you so much for pointing out this label, in desperate need of some new summer clothes, off to the shops tomorrow.

  43. Love the look. I really like the Between the Lines skirt. I already have a perfect top and shoes to go with it!

  44. I have been lusting after the ‘Siren’ skirt for a while. The ‘Mimi’ lace top looks pretty special too! I have read many good things about Virtu lately, I just wish I had one near me!

  45. I’m a big fan of yours Lilli!! Love your style! When online shopping I always head to the dresses…and no diffnt this time browsing Virtu..i’m loving loving the Anita, scarf print and Ramona dresses! I wouldn’t checkout without the two of hearts necklace..
    Love to you and your little sister….xxxx

  46. Oh, dang. Now I’ll actually have to take a look at their clothes. It’s nice to see another plus-size retailer actually making a youth-oriented line, especially since we don’t have City Chic in Tas! I totally want the Runaway top for summer and I like the Simone maxi too, the bright stripes must ~speak~ to me.

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