Seventies Chic

Blouse: Dorothy Perkins

Skirt: Thrifted from Savers

Belt: Glassons

Shoes: Chie Mihara

There’s something very seventies-chic about this outfit, I thought. Or maybe it’s just run-of-the-mill hipster-chic.

The blouse is a newbie from Dorothy Perkins, an impulse buy that I snapped up (full price, though typically it’s now half price, grrr) to “rationalise” the shipping cost to get a gorgeous peplum dress over to myself.

It’s part of one of DP’s brand lines “Atelier 61”, and it seems to fit a little narrower than DP’s usual line. I bought the 16, which would normally be fine in DP tops, but it pulls a little across the shoulders. Not enough to warrant sending it back, but enough that I know I wouldn’t have bought it if I’d tried it on in a bricks-and-mortar shop.

Still, I’ve been wearing the blouse, and the much-desired peplum dress still has its tags on, waiting for a warmer day to make it’s premiere.

Have I mentioned yet today how much I’m looking forward to spring?

12 thoughts on “Seventies Chic

  1. Its funny how we spend nearly every season longing for the next! At the moment with all the A/W12 lines in the shops I really want autumn to arrive so I can wear my snugglies!

    Loving this outfit and I cannot wait to see you in a peplum dress. I bet you’ll be a knockout!

  2. Gorgeous! The blouse looks great on you! I am very curious about the peplum dress on you. I would love to try such a dress, but I hesitate to order it from DP because of the shipping costs for the case it doesn’t fit. I would say we both have a very similar body shape, so seeing the dress on you would give me a very good impression how it could look at me. Can’t wait for warmer days in Australia 😉 (although that means it will be autumn here in Germany).

  3. This is a beautiful outfit! There’s something about it that doesn’t work 100% for me, though. I think it might be that the style of the skirt and the style of the belt doesn’t entirely match.

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