Elephants on Parade

Blouse: Dorothy Perkins

Cardigan: Eugenie Cashmere

Skirt: DIY

Shoes: Wittner

This winter Just. Keeps. Going. On. and I’m finding that I’ve hit saturation point with the bulk of my cold weather clothing.

Looking back on the outfits from last month or so I’ve noticed that there’s several items that have appeared again and again.

My polkadot mesop tights have had a VERY good run this winter, though tragically I’ve worn holes in the toes (and thighs, sob!) and have had to throw both pairs out. No joy finding a replacement pair at my local stockist, but I’m going to hit up the Clifton Hill shopfront soon to see if they have any left there.

Also making a regular appearance this winter has been this scalloped collar Dorothy Perkins blouse. I suspect it’ll keep going into the warmer months, then I’ll wear it into oblivion and eventually curse myself for only buying one.

The cashmere cardigan that I’m wearing today has been another great go-to item this winter. It was a ridiculous indulgence that I bought to congratulate myself on getting a promotion in July. Suki pulled a few threads loose about two minutes after I got it home, but I eased them back into the weave and it’s not hugely noticeable. It’s SO warm, and SO soft. It was one of the more expensive clothing items I’ve ever bought, but I think I’m getting my money’s worth.

What have you been wearing on repeat this season?

20 thoughts on “Elephants on Parade

  1. Ooh! Gorgeous handmade skirt! Have we seen that before? Am I being dumb? I feel same about my summer wardrobe now! My autumn/winter bits are calling to me…esp my biker jacket!

  2. I have shoes, shoes, shoes, but I wear the same pair of Mary Janes every single day. They are perfect. Retained the shape, just right heel, great in the cold weather, go with everything.
    But if someone broke in and stole all my shoes and left me with this one pair I would have a panic attack.
    I am so strange.

  3. Gorgeous outfit! Your skirt turned out great 🙂

    I’ve been wearing my red cardi on high rotation and my coloured tights….. Trying to pep myself up on these chilly Melbourne mornings 🙂

  4. Love this outfit! I have been wearing three things in very high rotation

    a) a green ASOS jumper with little black hedgehogs all over it
    b) a red cord Laura Ashley skirt with knee high boots and tights
    c) black Sussan cigarette pants

    Am getting a bit sick of my clothes, time for the change of the seasons! Plus, I’m going to the US in three weeks so I’m sure I’ll stock up there.

  5. This might be my first comment to you, but I check your site every day… I have a friend who is shaped like you and is terribly down on herself all the time… I show her your outfits to make her feel better and it does help so feel good that you help someone!

    I myself am much bigger than you but dress a lot like you so I enjoy looking at your blog for new ideas! I wore exclusively vintage for years until I had to take medicine that made me balloon up. Now I have closets full of vintage that I can’t wear and have had to learn how to buy new modern clothes… you help me with that because you have that vintage vibe. 🙂

    This is one of my favorite of your skirts! LOVE IT!

    I have a hint for you if you want more peter pan collar shirts… I search at stores/websites that sell school uniforms… I can always find a white one for a great price and usually “no-iron”! A few times I’ve even found colors, like light blue, and once a light yellow one (which I adore!).

    I will say that I NEVER long for warm weather, but that is because I live in the Southern U.S. and it’s warm even when it’s cold here! 🙂

    Cheers and keep on blogging!


  6. I LOVE the elephanti skirt-think you need to go visit some of the Malis round town with that skirt on.
    I noticed that Peter Shepphard in the Collins St has Chie Mihara shoes but Im too scared to look in case I then have to buy 🙂

  7. I find the hardest habit to get out of in winter are boots. I think I am up to the 12th day of wearing my black boots. Perhaps next winter I might invest in a different color to change it up a bit !!!! 🙂

  8. Looking as gorgeous as ever, Lilli! That navy cashmere cardi with the blouse & elephant print skirt is an absolute winner – the cardi is well worth the splurge & should last for years (Suki permitting!).

    Boden have a Peter Pan collar shirt for sale at the moment: http://www.boden.co.uk/womens-tops-t-shirts/short-sleeved-tops/wa368/womens-peter-pan-top – I’m waiting on delivery of one! They are a bit pricey but the code TKNS gets you a 15% discount & with the VAT discount for Aussie shoppers the top goes down to a more affordable £34 🙂

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