Dress: Eliza Parker

Tights: Sussan

Shoes: Wittner

Brrrr! It was FREEZING today, and if this is the kind of weather Melbourne’s planning to persist with I’m going to have to buy some thermal underwear, because even in tights and full length sleeves I was shivering.

The Sophisticate and I took our respective Mothers and Mothers-In-Law out to a Yum Cha lunch today, but otherwise didn’t venture out of the house. This Eliza Parker dress is perfect for this sort of day. Comfortable and crush proof enough to mooch around the house in, but swanky enough for a big family get-together. (Plus, full enough in the skirt to house the Yum Cha Food Baby without squeezing uncomfortably).

For a bit of extra-glam, as well as for the May(de) handmade feature item I’m wearing my custom-made Wizard of Oz brooch, commissioned for me by my beloved little sister, and made by David Eris Loong


17 thoughts on “May(de):

  1. I love the neck detail on this dress- looks so lovely, hard to believe its comfy too!!!! That color suits you so well, esp with the new hair! Adore the brooch!

  2. You look lovely! And it must be said, you’re looking very well supported up top – do you mind sharing what bra you’re wearing? I’m just about to do the dreaded shop and would love some advice from a similarly-sized lady!

  3. I agree with Emma, whatever bra you are wearing is giving amazing support! Love the dress too x

    1. Thanks Jessica – The bra’s from Polish brand Ewa Michalak – I only ever buy bras from her these days, the fit is incomparable, and they’re so affordable compared to brands like Freya and Panache.

  4. This is one of my favourite outfits on you- you look so effortlessly elegant. I am lemming that dress like theres no tomorrow!

    1. Thanks so much, AJ. I love the colour, too. Purple was my favourite colour when I was little, but I have barely anything purple in my wardrobe anymore. (Note to self: buy more purple stuff)

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