May(de): Hi-Lo

Blouse: Liz Jordan at Noni B

Vest: Target

Skirt: Queen Clothing

Tights: Sussan

Shoes: Poetic License

If there’s one trend at the moment that completely baffles me it’s the Hi-Lo hem. Otherwise known as the “mullet”, this is an item where the hem of the skirt is long at the back and short at the front, and I Just. Can’t. Even.

Except it turns out I can. I bought this skirt from Queen Clothing in 2009, because I’d fallen in love with the GhostPatrol print on the front. Back then I was rhapsodising about the scooped hem adding a little glamour to a simple a-line skirt, but now I have to admit the bitter truth: It’s a mullet skirt. I have bought, repeatedly worn, and loved a mullet skirt.

The back of the skirt IS pretty cute though.

As is my CatRabbit owl brooch.

6 thoughts on “May(de): Hi-Lo

  1. Ah the skirt has a little dippage (is that even a word?!) but its not the full blown affair most of the hi-lo hems are! I really can’t get on with them on skirts & dresses but I kinda like dipped hemmed tops.

    Loving the continued daily posts! 🙂

    1. I haven’t tried! I wasn’t sure they’d work with my, er, full rack, but maybe I’ll see if I can track a nice knitted hi-lo jumper down from somewhere.

  2. Lilli, whatever kind of skirt it is, the Ghost Patrol print makes it a keeper! And it looks lovely on you! I’m with Claire–I’m loving the frequent posts! 🙂

  3. Ugh when I was pregnant clothes shopping was awful because of this damn trend – I’d see a nice long skirt, take it off the rack and BAM it was short at the front, right where I didn’t need any assistance in making any of my clothes short. I hope this trend vanishes quickly and only happens in small doses, like that excellent skirt.

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