Shop Local: Part 4

Skirt: Queen
Belt: Jag
Yep, another item from Queen Clothing. I couldn’t go past this skirt (which also comes in denim blue) partially because I have such a soft spot for the work of Ghost Patrol, and partially because it’s such a lovely cut.
In essence it’s your basic a-line skirt, but the scooped hem adds a bit of everyday glamour. Coupled with an oh-so practical hidden pocket at the front (like an apron!) and a little bit of pizazz at the back it all spells “winner!” in my eyes.
I’m not sure who the little dude on the front is, but there’s something so wickedly “Where The Wild Things Are” about it that how is a kid’s publishing rep supposed to resist?

8 thoughts on “Shop Local: Part 4

  1. oh my gosh, i LOVE LOVE this skirt. as much as you think you know the town you have lived in all your life, it is so refreshing to find ‘new’ treats like queen. i MUST get myself down there!!

  2. Oh Queen is my all-time favourite clothing store/designer and I have spent far, far too much money there…! I own like 4 pairs of the Obi pants – most comfortable thing EVER. And two pairs of identical jeans – although one I got at the studio sale for $20 – they have the best sales, cheap, cheap.

  3. Thanks Caroline!

    Bec, I’ve been a Melbourne sales rep for, oh, 5 years now, and I still find new treats every so often! It’s such a Melbourne thing!

    Georgie Love, I tried the Obi pants on, and loved them, but I’d already bought SO MUCH!! LOL, must go back post-stimulus-package!

  4. I LOVE that skirt too!!

    Sadly, I’m a bit out of Queen’s size range. But one day in the future I might not be. Then I’ll be popping in and seeing what they have. 🙂

  5. I love both the dress and the skirt. Thanks for including the link to the site. I can already see I am going to have to head down to Melb and spend my savings! My favourite ever pants come from Queen. The sailor ones…I cant recommend them enough.

  6. ahh I had the skirt in my hands – but couldn’t go past the red pants (and got a wrap skirt too) Queen is happiness!!!
    So glad you got it .. looks great

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