May(de): Reworn Remix

Top: Dorothy Perkins (remixed)

Skirt: Asos

Shoes: Melissa

This altered Dorothy Perkins top is probably the most successful and most regularly worn remix project I’ve ever done. I remixed it over two years ago (instructions can be found here in my original post) and I’ve worn it countless times since then. It’s even the image in my “Remix” button.

It works with trousers, skirts, denim anything. It’s a go-to item when I’m stuck for something to wear, and it almost always looks good.

I’m heading out to dinner, so a quickie!

Have a fun night, see you tomorrow (phew!)

9 thoughts on “May(de): Reworn Remix

    1. Hey Marnie
      was wondering if you’ve ordered from Next direct? I had stuff I bought from Next in the UK but that was ages ago. Was looking and theres lots of stuff that looks cute!

      1. Hey Rochelle,
        I have only bought baby clothes for my 8 month old. Each item has been great, although erring on the larger side! I have been eye-ing lots of items for me too! The items are from the UK – well, they come with UK price tags attached! I like their free delivery, and my order has turned up within only a couple of days.

        1. I remember buying baby stuff from their for pressies for friends! Free delivery is a def bonus! And quick delivery too! Thanks Marnie-let me know if you buy any clothes for you-theres another great short sleeved jumper with a green heart I LOVE!

  1. Great outfit – it’s always fun when you can wear two favourite items together 🙂 and the red shoes are the perfect touch to finish your look!

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