Madame Lilli

Dress: Eliza Parker

Shoes: Wittner

I feel a bit like Madame Lilli the ballet teacher in this Provence Dress from Eliza Parker. The voluminous long sleeves are a perfect complement to the full swirly skirt, and the bodice is tight and actually acts like a minimiser on my prodigious bust.

It’s a lovely dress for playing with patterned tights, so I’m eking out the last of Melbourne’s cool weather in love-heart print pantihose from Levante.

For those non-antipodean readers who like the look of the Provence for winter I’ll just point out that it’s on sale from $169 to just $109.

7 thoughts on “Madame Lilli

  1. That is a gorgeous dress! I have a midi skirt I picked up in the H&M sale which reminds me of a ballet dancers skirt — I haven’t worn it yet but I think you’ve inspired me to do so! I love the tights as well. Having laddered my polka dot tights (two pairs!), I need to purchase some more.

  2. What a gorgeous dress! You look fab. I was wondering if you could suggest which past posts of yours is best for finding out your suggestions for good bra/underwear? I too have a full bust (yay for us!), but unlink you I can never seem to find a bra that keeps things sitting upward! Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

    1. Hi Geri – I don’t often talk about my bras, but there’s some AMAZING lingerie blogs out there for fuller busted girls. I particularly love Fuller Figure Fuller Bust –
      For the record, I get most of my bras from Brastop ( and the brands I tend to lean towards are Freya, Curvy Kate, and Pour Moi.
      I’ve also just done my first order at Polish store Ewa Michalak, and I am a CONVERT

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