Light In The Box Review

Dress: Light In The Box

Shoes: Hush Puppies

Necklace: Gifted By Joss

Now, I don’t want to mass spam you guys with an overload of images, but a few of you asked me to give a comprehensive review of Light In The Box when my bridesmaid dress arrived, and since pictures really do tell a thousand words I thought I’d go with the more-is-more approach.

Β As you guys know, I’m getting married (at the end of January, for those of you who were asking). I’ve got four bridesmaids – four of my favourite lady-friends – and I really want them to have a great day, and feel amazing and gorgeous in their dresses.

Now, each of these four girls have very different senses of style and one of them will be about eleven months pregnant, so I don’t like the idea of dictating to them what they should wear, or trying to force them into some cookie-cutter of a dress that suits none of them.

Add to this the fact that bridesmaid dresses are ridiculouslyΒ expensive (lots of posters on the wedding forums congratulating themselves for choosing dresses that were only $400) and usually silk. My Maid-Of-Honor is vegan, and while she’s totally easy-going and said I should just choose the dress that I liked regardless of the fabric, I absolutely refuse to have her wear something she’s ethically opposed to.

Mum suggested I give the girls a few metres of fabric and let them design their own dresses, which would have worked for the girls who had access to a sewing machine or a seamstress Mum, but would crank the price back up into the hundreds for the others. I also got it into my head that I wanted to carry on the (spoiler!) chiffon drapery from my dress into the bridesmaid’s outfits.

So I wanted a range of mismatched dresses that could be made in an identical chiffon fabric, but I didn’t want to pay through the nose for them.

Even Etsy failed me.

My research led me to Light-In-The-Box (among others) which is an online store – based in China as so many are – that custom makes bridesmaid dresses. There’s about 200 styles available in chiffon, and most of them are around the $100 mark.

The reviews though were… patchy.

Lots of people on the wedding forums said that Light-In-The-Box were TERRIBLE (though most of them were of the “friend of a friend of mine” variety of anecdote). Posters who said they were actually OK were shot down as being incognito Trojan horses for the company.

It’s hard to know who to trust when you’re approaching an online company for the first time, so I hemmed and hawed, and totally failed to make a decision until I was asked to be a bridesmaid myself.

The brief was simple: Pink. And it just so happens I didn’t own a pink dress that was going to be suitable as a bridesmaid’s dress.

I thought I’d take the opportunity to try Light In The Box out for myself before committing to putting my own bridesmaids into their hands, so I ordered a strapless a-line chiffon dress for a whopping $103. I decided to opt for the “custom measurement” option and the “express shipping” which brought the total up to $146. Which isn’t cheap for something that had the potential for disaster, but was a good deal cheaper than the bridesmaid dresses I’d seen in the stores.

They make each purchase to order (which they say can take up to 18 working days) so I ordered on the 11th of September and got the dress today.

This is what I ordered:

And this is the dress, straight out of the box:

Can you see how impressed I am?

I needed The Sophisticate’s help to be zipped up – the zipper’s pretty stiff, and I was a bit stingy with my measurements so the bodice is pretty snug – but once it was on I felt comfortable and it definitely got two thumbs up from my other half.

The dress is finished beautifully: It’s fully lined…

…professionally made…

…and tidily hemmed.

I’m yet to figure out what the internal strap is for – maybe keeping the dress on as you’re zipping it up?

My only concern was that the colour chart is pretty patchy. I had trouble deciding between this colour – Pink – and something called Pearl Pink, and in the flesh this doesn’t really look like either. If I’d been thinking properly I’d have ordered a colour swatch while I was ordering the dress so I could make a more informed decision when choosing the colour for my bridesmaids.

So now it’s up to the girls – either we go with chiffon dresses from Light-In-The-Box, or we go with my other dream plan – mismatched floral dresses with red sashes….. hmn, decisions, decisions….

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    1. You were lucky. Let me tell you my story. I ordered a $250 dress from Light in the Box. The Canadian government added $60 in import duty.When it arrived, there was obvious shoddy workmanship: lace had been sewn onto the sleeve in such a way that you couldn’t put your arm through it. The waistband was all puckered and uneven. I contacted Light in the Box with photos of the problems, and they authorized a return, but refused to reimburse me for the initial shipping charges. I returned the dress as instructed: and paid another $60 in shipping. I tracked the package, but even a month after it had arrived in China, I still hadn’t received the credit for the dress on my credit card statement. I again contacted them, and they claimed they couldn’t find anything wrong with the dress, so I was not entitled to a refund (OK, so now I’ve invested $370 in a dress I don’t even have in my possession). They offered a $50 store credit instead (as if I’d EVER order anything from them again.) I am now taking action through my credit card company.

      DO NOT be lulled into thinking you’re going to save money. Although some people have had a good experience, I think it all depends on which seamstress sewed your dress. If you end up with a dud, there is no recourse.

  1. I think that strap is called a stay, and it’s designed to help keep the dress in place! Often they’re used to support a heavy skirt to stop it dragging on the bodice but they can perform a variety of functions. In this case it looks like it’s being used to keep the bodice snug against you at the front and to stop the whole dress riding down necessitating that special dance where you hook your thumbs into your bodice and shimmy it back up πŸ˜‰

    Gorgeous dress! I’m really impressed with the features you’ve shown for the price you’ve paid, I’ll have to take a look at the company πŸ˜€

  2. What a beautiful dress! It looks great on your Lilli & the color works very nicely with your dark hair.

    I find so many great websites & ideas on your blog – you inspire us all to branch out & try something new.

  3. There’s a reason why your man loved the dress, and it rhymes with boobs. LOL

    I’ll be definitely keeping this company in mind for fancy dress up events!

  4. These are all gorgeous What a great, comprehensive review!

    I have to say though, one of your bridesmaids will be eleven months pregnant? Lol I hope she has her baby before then! πŸ˜‰

  5. That dress is stunning! Straps like that in dresses can also be used to take some of the stress off the zipper. A strapless dress has to be rather snug, and we all have a little trouble zipping them up, so you don’t want all that stress of snug fit to be on a zipper. Kinda like the belts on the outside of luggage (not that any of us really want to be compared to luggage, but best example I could think of on the spot)

  6. great review, I was looking at a similar site for my sisters bridesmaid dresses but that had mixed reviews too so we didnt bother in the end, I had heard better things about this site though…

    You look lovely

  7. You look amazing and the Dress really does look like the one in the Picture and it looks like a very good fit in the bodice your Bride should be very happy with your choice.

  8. Fabulous! The colour looks lovely on you and I’m glad it worked out! Hopefully the standard will be the same for your four bridesmaids!!

    Also great to know you’re having a January wedding!! However, I really love your idea of mis-matched floral dresses and red sashes!

    My bridesmaids dresses were from Monsoon – cost Β£40 each and I paid half so three bridesmaids dress cost me Β£60 and the girls Β£20. Everyone always comments on how fantastic they looked and the dresses really were a bargain!

  9. That dress looks absolutely lovely on you! I’m always so nervous about wearing anything strapless for fear that I’ll unwittingly unleash The Ladies upon the world. πŸ˜‰

  10. My goodness, you look lovely! If I may say, with your bosom pushed up like that with the tight bodice, you look thinner.

    Since you’re the one who turned me on to Eshakti, I must ask if you’ve considered the dresses there? They’re having a special right now with free shipping over $100.

  11. Ooh yes that’s a waist stay – handy things those! Most of my vintage dress patterns include instructions for a stay. They also help reduce the stress on your waistline seam and the zipper etc. Very impressed that they included it!

  12. Lilli, you are a vision in pink! You look absolutely lovely! I think it was quite brave of you to have this dress custom made given the reviews, but it’s great that you did since the final product is a wonderful!

  13. The strap on the inside is a bra! all you have to do is wrap it around yourself for some added support in a dress… however, you were a bit stingy on your measurements – so you may not even need it.

  14. You look beautiful! I’m a bridesmaid in two weddings next year and while one of the brides has already chosen a dress (navy chiffon grecian-style maxis for $300(!), the other is yet to choose, maybe I will check Light in a Box out! Thanks for the review πŸ™‚

    P.S- the Leah May dress is drop-dead gorgeous.

  15. this dress is lovely – and as others have mentioned the strap is a waist stay.

    how can it be so cheap? well, cheap in the amount of money you paid, but it isn’t likley the seamstresses who made that dress were adults who were being paid well and had access to ethical shift-times. Having said that most of asos and dorothy perkins dresses are likely outsourced to third-world countries. What a can of worms to open if you start asking those questions. Like the elephant in the room – I’m a first-world girl and my first-world problem is finding a dress that fits well and doesn’t cost so much, and third-world girls and their problems.. well.. at least they can make gorgeous dresses for me to buy. at low cost. Plus when the children hand sew it is such nice little stitches! adorbz!

    1. Oh Esther – I knew you’d be the one to bring up sweatshops and child slave labor, but I think it’s a bit harsh to try and depict me as some kind of mustachio twirling villain who’s crushing children under my feet for the sake of a few dollars.
      For the record I did a fair bit of research before buying from Light In The Box, and I couldn’t find any record of them being called up for child labor offences, or for having sweatshop conditions. This is one of the reasons I chose to go with them, rather than any of the (cheaper) stores. I don’t know if you clicked through to their website, but if you did you’d notice that they don’t use other people’s stock photos. They don’t do “rip-offs”, they have their own design team, and the dresses pictured are their own work. This – I think – is reflected in the product that’s received. It’s well-made, with a good degree of professionalism and care.
      They also run a blog, and have been active in speaking out against child labor and wrote a post about the importance of “World Day Against Child Labor”.
      Now, it would be naive of me to assume that just because they say they’re not using sweatshops and child labor that they’re definitely not, but I went into this purchase as informed as I could be about the issue.
      I didn’t mention this in my review because (as I’ve said before) this is not, nor will it ever be a political blog.

      1. All the respect to you Lilli for the work you did in trying to find a ethical supplier, I know how hard it is in China! (I was in Beijing recently). Thumbs up from me for this and your divine sense of style πŸ™‚

      2. WOW hats off to you Lilli for being so polite and keeping your cool. I don’t think Estherosita follows your blog regularly otherwise she would have refrain from making such assumptions about you. The dress looks lovely on you specially with the pearl necklace, I think you should get your friends’ bridesmaid dresses from this shop too.

      3. The question is how can this item, which was CUSTOM MADE – be so inexpensive? It’s not at a wholesale price, since you ordered it with specific sizing. Where does the squeeze get placed if not on you, the consumer?

        Also – opting out of politics is quite “innocently privileged” of you, and pretty hypocritical. You’re the one who brought up ethical considerations in this post by speaking about vegan-bestie and how you’d not ask her to wear silk. But oh, that’s probably not a political thing at all, since it reads like an attempt to show the world how considerate a person you are. Considerate enough to research into Light in the Box but not considerate enough to give human rights issues a platform, even though you intuited that I would raise the point.

        Please grow up and realise that you are publishing on the internet where comment is free and opinion can be stated – and if you and other readers are offended I honestly don’t care. Nothing bad is going to happen if you are offended, and this platform has been used to raise a question in regards to ethics, but as is usual, the myopia of consumer culture has blinded itself to the issue and focused on the subjective experience of being *gasp* offended. You can afford to be offended since your lives are so stable and privileged.

        Grow up and consider others, expanding on your already “acceptable” vegan best friend and whatever else hipster-cool fad of consumer ethics comes along next month.

        1. Opinion is free, but I pay for this domain name which means it is my choice to keep it politics-free. There are plenty of political blogs on the internet. This isn’t one of them. Accept it, or stop reading.

        2. Wow Esther, you think you are some great person because of you high moral and ethical values, but what you just did here (judging a person who made a purchase from a company who may or may not be a sweat shop) totally shows that you are just someone who is loud and need to say out that little information she knows and made everyone think you are more than what you really are. You grow up and shut up if you got nothing nice to say.

          To Lilli: thanks for your unbiased review and it definitely benefits so many other girls out there who are not as stuck up as Esther and would like to get a nice dress at a reasonable price without being judged as human right abuser.

        3. Wow first time on your blog.
          May i just say that as i am an E tailor for beauty. I know a bit about why china are selling direct in single units.
          After the WW crash china factories had to find a way to market single units rather than reply on big orders.
          Does that help explain~? China and all emerging regions are really thinking out of box.
          It means a small retailer like me as a huge choice and yes i ask allot of questions and also ask to see the company & working conditions (No i know nothing is as good as visiting the company but i simply do not have the funds for that)
          There are allot of ways to buy cruelty to animals free beauty and brushes (many make up brushes cause dreadful suffering) but you can find the right supplier.
          Or in your case the right company for your dress.
          I think you have sensible and you probably know more about the working conditions of light in the box than you would of a regular dress bought through a well known supplier.
          No i cant say if a sweat shop was involved or not but it would join almost every UK brand, no matter the price tag high or low if it did.
          You look cute BTW

        4. Sorry, that should have read:
          “People are not offended by “politics” nor by the discussion of ethics, they are put off by obnoxious, self-righteous ranting.”

    2. That was totally unnecessary and quite spiteful. If you had concerns over work practices at Light in A Box you could have done some research to substantiate what you’re saying and respectfully put forth your view but instead you chose just to be vindictive.

      Your message is lost when you write in such a nasty way. You tried to be funny and clever but managed to be neither.

  16. WOOOOOOOOOOOOW I think it’s beautiful, you look so lovely!!
    I’m tempted now just to get a dress for Christmas!!!

  17. Lilli, the dress is gorgeous and you look positively divine.

    Hats off to you for researching the company before you bought the dress and for the way you responded to the comments from Esther.

  18. Lovely dress and lovely on you.
    I know how you feel about such a good bargain. Although I have no idea of the ethical situation, I had very similar experiences with Milanoo from China, who made a beautifully finished wedding dress for my daughter that fit perfectly and looked sensational at a fraction of the price of the dresses available here and she had more choice. They also made two beautiful custom dresses, one of which similar to this but in a grape colour for my other daughter, she has unusual measurements but again, perfect fit and essentially, no gaping in the strapless dresses.
    These dresses cost one tenth of the prices for any occasion dresses in this country and arrived in record time before the wedding.
    And harking back to the experience of my eldest daughter’s wedding where we bought a dress here, when I took it for cleaning we saw it was made in Vietnam. Since the system is to try dresses on in the store and then then they order your size plus you get an individual fitting, I suspect these stores get their dresses in Asia anyway and make a huge profit after their local overheads. So I don’t feel bad about having ordered directly from China at all.

    1. I saw one of the exact same dresses from at a popular American bridal store for $200 more than what was advertised LITB’ s site. Hmmm. So I went to look up the manufacture info and learned that, that same popular U.S. store orders wholesale from China! So I guess we can never be so sure that just because it’s an American Store or some other supposedly “ethical” country, that the items purchased are not made by children unless we see it being made with our own eyes. (BTW, I learned about LITB by searching for wedding gowns at Sears department store online.)

  19. Wow bitter and twisted much Esther? How about putting your high horse opinions onto your own website instead of hijacking someone else’s.

  20. I bought my wedding dress from LITB & love it! It’s detailed, not too heavy, great fabric & so worth the $300 I spent! I had a delay in shipping by a few days & they offered to refund 30% of my dress + shipping. So my dress in the end cost me a little less then $200. Bargain!
    I suggest to measure & remeasure everything & you’ll be fine. Buy the colour swatch book as colours can vary dramatically due to the different types of fabrics there are. I’m buying all my bridesmaids dresses & mother of the bride dresses from the same site.
    All those who swore black & blue it was a terrible idea love my dress & can’t believe it cost me less then $200. Jump the gun & try it!

    1. I’ve managed to lose the belt somewhere – sometimes I sub it out for another belt, but I find it makes the hem too short for my own comfort. It’s a gorgeous dress though, isn’t it?

  21. A lovely dress!

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now and had to laugh because I also asked each of my bridesmaids to choose a dress from LITB in chiffon (to match my ivory chiffon dress) and they each picked a different style. The effect was lovely.
    We were pretty happy with them overall. Even though we’d ordered custom sizing we needed to get all three dresses altered a little, but I think it was worth it! The dresses worked out to be about $150 each including the alterations, so it was a bargain in my opinion and they looked absolutely beautiful on the day πŸ™‚

  22. I think this dress is lovely on you, and would work for your bridesmaids but…but…but…I so want the varied floral with red sash!!!! Love that idea! Im sure whatever you choose will look lovely!

    I try to buy ethically when I can. I dont find it easy, particularly when Im bigger compared to when Im smaller! I think its great you did some research. Im a believer in everyone doing what they can. Im a believer in bringing people along where they feel comfortable. I dont think guilt changes peoples’ minds.

    So excited to see your wedding dress down the track!!!

    1. Yeah, the mis-matched florals could be gorgeous. And we’ve got a few sash fans in the wedding party. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  23. I think the dress looks great on you πŸ™‚ I think my only problem with sites like this are the blatant rip off of designer labels, which hurt incredible businesses. Not big corporates who give crap service and who we hate, but incredible businesses who work their guts out to provide amazing gowns to brides. It breaks my heart

  24. You are sooo pretty in this. In fact, I honestly think that the dress looks better on you than on the model…

  25. This is one of the only places I can find actual real-life photographs of a LitB dress – looks great on you, and great review, so thanks!

  26. I’ve just ordered a bridesmaid dress from LITB so am interested to see how yours is. Seeing yours has alleviated my worries quite a bit as it looks lovely and easily compares with stuff in the shops. As for Estherosita’s comments, yes, there is a worry about child labour but if you consider a couple hundred dollars for a dress cheap I wonder at your wage packet as I certainly don’t have spare hundreds lying around. The website’s prices are undercutting department stores but that’s because, as MelD said, you order directly from them, cutting out the overheads or profit margins of the department stores.

    Anyway, the dress is beautiful, hope you enjoy the wedding as well as your own big day.

  27. I saw on the site that all of the dresses have built in bras. I am in my sister’s upcoming wedding and both one of the other bridesmaids and myself have very large chests. I asked someone on the live chat part of the LITB site about the bras and they said they were sturdy and reinforced by underwire. I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on this for strapless and one strap dress options, as wearing an actual strapless bra is not an option for either one of us!

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      DEFINITELY not, I’m afraid. This dress didn’t have anything resembling an in-built bra, nothing with underwire at all. There was a strap that kind of looking like the back of a bra, but it didn’t connect to anything structural in the dress itself. I’m an F-cup, and I definitely wouldn’t wear this without a strapless bra (ugh). Sorry about that!

  28. Ok i just ordered my wedding dress and bridesmaid dress from LITB and im scared ive been scammed. Still havnt recieved anything!

    1. Hey flowerchild – don’t stress too much. My experience was that they were fine. They seem very keen to keep customers happy, so if you have any issues send them an email.

  29. Looks like LitB worked out well for you–that dress looks very nice! I tried ordering a wedding dress from them, and it ended up looking horrid; I’m not quite sure how to explain it, but it was gathered around the waist in this really weird way that made my hips look gigantic. I’ve emailed customer service back and forth, but I can’t return the dress, since there’s technically nothing wrong with it–it just isn’t flattering on me. It was only $150, but I’m a teacher and can’t afford to throw away even that much. I’d say if you’re not so great at picturing how something will look on you without trying it on (as I apparently am not), then don’t buy from them, because their return policy is pretty strict.

    1. I’m thinking of buying my mother of the bride dress from them and am a bit concerned about not trying something on. I CAN picture things but in MY picture I’m 15cm taller and 15kg lighter!

      I’m close to ordering, I’ll have HEAPS of time, and if it isn’t right I figure I’ll sell it on ebay :-S I won’t get the money I’ve paid but I must admit I’ve also bought things and worn them once or not at all as well….sigh…

      I’ve seen some pics on the site in the reviews which show REAL people not the 180cm stick thin models which have really helped and I’ve taken note of what style suits which body type so I’m hopeful πŸ™‚

  30. Thanks for the detailed review – it’s always great to get some evidence of how shopping online went. You haven’t by any chance heard how the wedding dress quality is, have you?

  31. Hi, I came across this whilst researching I have ordered my wedding dress from them and I am sooooo anxious about what ‘state’ it is going to be in when it arrives. I have read excellent, good, fair & downright terrible reviews and am terrified that i have been scammed. Their customer services have been great and reassured me all along the way. You have seriously put my mind at ease reading this. You look great in your dress & I also agree that you look better than the model!! The only thing I am worried about is that I may get stung by a hefty customs charge when the goods enter the UK! Although LITB have assured me that they will label the dress as a gift so that the chance of a customs charge will be reduced. We will have to wait and see. The dress is due to arrive early June 2012. Thanks for your detailed review, i can see that it has helped so many people

  32. hey! this is very awesome and very helpful in my prom dress search. just wondering if youve ordered anything else from light in the box and if it has had the same positive turn out as this. I’d really love that feedback because this is the only human and positive post I’ve seen about light in the box.

    I’ve really like you’re feedback soon because prom is coming up :O
    thank you!

    1. Hi Arianne,
      I’m afraid this is the only dress I’ve ordered from Light-in-the-Box. Not because I was in any way disappointed in this, but just because I haven’t had another occasion to wear something this dressy. I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to order from them again if I saw something I really, REALLY loved. Good luck in your search!

  33. Just wanted to say thanks for this review, i’m currently in the process of getting bridesmaids dresses and have one picked out already – just awaiting fabric samples in the ‘pearl pink’! Was great to do a google search and find this πŸ˜€

  34. Thank you for your review. Your dress is beautiful =D
    Because of all the success stories, I’m thinking of ordering my wedding dress from LITB. I ordered my garter, veil & a bomboniere from them & they all came after a month of waiting. I was just about to order my dress when I noticed that LITB deleted all 3 of my reviews which I had included photos.

    Did you by any chance experience anything like this?

  35. Wowzers Lilli, you look amazing! Thank you so much for writing this review. I stumbled upon this while looking into LITB and you have put my mind at ease! I have recently ordered a corset from them for my wedding day and am eagerly awaiting its arrival now so fingers crossed it fits! I hope it fits me as well as your dress fits you, you look great πŸ™‚

  36. Lilli,
    This is a really great post; we are so happy you had a good experience shopping with LightintheBox! And you look lovely in the dress πŸ™‚
    For anyone else out there who is looking to buy from us, I am putting together a Pinterest board with real customer photos and links back to their blog/wedding bee/wherever they posted. Feel free to have a look:

    (from the LightintheBox Facebook Team)

  37. Had my bridesmaids dress made by LITB. Fabulous. Taylor who took it in (i lost some weight between ordering and receiving the dress) said the quality was fantastic.

    You don’t go to an expensive store with expensive champagne and expensive gay people telling you you look great, that’s why you pay less. Those dresses come from the same factories. You cut out the stores.

  38. Great review! Thank you so much! I am looking at Light in the Box to order an evening gown for a Navy Ball, but have been really concerned with the legitimacy of the wesite. Your review is fantastic, and makes me feel much better about ordering after seeing the quality of the work. I am an acomplished seamstress, so quality was a concern. I could of course make my own dress, but sometimes ordering something special is more exciting!

    Thanks again!

  39. Thank you,

    I just impulse bought a wedding dress (thats not like me) and after found patchy reviews myself and was starting to worry myself. Perphaps it a few hiccups and random cases? who knows, but your review put my mind at easy. thanks for the photos πŸ™‚

  40. Whilst I agree the dress looks very pretty on. I think that you were lucky. Light in the box seems to be a gamble. Some people are lucky and get the product which is advertised exactly and it’s in good condition. Or in my experience a poor version of the lovely one advertised in the pictures. I recently ordered a beautiful two tier chapel length with scalloped edging from them. Stunning in the photos. Only Β£19. Including shipping and customs charges about Β£38. But when I gig it out to try it on. It was poorly made, the comb from the veil broke off as soon as I pushed it into my hair. The laced edging was falling off. Needless to say I was in tears and ended up paying Β£90 for a good quality one in the bridal shop. Thank god I didn’t get my wedding dress from there! Put md right off buying from them again. And what’s worse they’re denying it was their fault they said I broke it! Never again for me but if you’re willing to gamble good luck. At least it’s cheap. But I guess you really do get what you pay for! X

  41. I have just been duped by this company. I ordered a wedding shrug and its sleeves were too short. I returned it and had to pay postage charges. They refunded my order and I ordered a longer sleeved shrug. When UPS came to deliver this one, they charged me an extra Β£19 customs and delivery charge! Then I received another invoice through the post from UPS for another Β£14 charge. Lightinthebox did not at any stage make these likely charges clear. I will never use them again and suggest you find a UK supplier for your orders instead!

  42. Some people are just luckier than others. I will never order from ever again. This is from my horrible experience. Good for you that you love the site and love your dress, but I suggest to whoever is ordering from them to be absolutely sure you want to buy from them because their return policy is crap. If you aren’t satisfied with what you ordered… oh well no refund for you. That’s that.

  43. my experience with LITB was superb. 16 days from order to front door, 9 days for tailoring and a few days stuck in China and through some weather delays in the states. it came in a small box and had a few wrinkles (though not many surprisingly). i took it out, dropped it off at a dry cleaner for pressing and two hours later i had the perfect dress for my inaugural ball in DC. elegant with strong, careful stitching and custom sizing that fit perfectly! it had beautifully finished, strong boning in the bodice, front and back, and this was not a strapless or strappy dress, just a sleeveless chiffon sheath dress. crazy good quality. the color was actually just what i hoped, but it was a crapshoot. i ordered “ink blue” which turned out to be dark turquoise/teal. the online color looks darker.

  44. I ordered a formal dress for a Mardi Gras ball from LITB. At the time I ordered I didn’t realize it was coming from China. Somehow I missed that memo. I was worried about the quality of the dress and if it was a “sweat shop” dress. The dress arrived today and it is FABULOUS! High quality, color was dead on (I ordered Royal Blue), all materials exactly as stated on the website. I had no customer issues either. It is a satin dress with organza overlay and one strap over the left shoulder.

    After reading the research from Lili and not finding anything myself about labor issues I would feel comfortable ordering another dress.

    I have read more complaints regarding the other items they sell though so I think I’ll stick to dresses. πŸ™‚

  45. Hey! So I am looking to order a super cute chiffon bridesmaid dress off of Light In The Box and I am just super nervous because I have heard some terrible stories but also some really good stories! I don’t know if I should do it! Can you help?

  46. I saw you post as I was searching for info on LITB. I just ordered some shoes and didn’t want to be scammed.

    Your dress looks absolutely beautiful. The detail on the bodice is gorgeous and the color looks so pretty on you. Good shoppin’, girl!

  47. I wanted to throw in my two cents and tell you that I ordered a wedding dress from lightinthebox. Seems silly to even have tried but at least I knew when I was doing it that I wasn’t spending $1000’s in the process. The dress didn’t look like it did in the picture. it didn’t fit and it was made from pretty cheep material. Luckily I had just enough time to find a different dress before the big day but I didn’t have time to deal with the website. When I tried to return it they made it very complicated and were slow to respond and unhelpful. I wasn’t surprised, I took a chance and now there is a $250 dress in my moms closet that I feel bad just throwing in the garbage but don’t know what to do with…

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