Fruit Salad

Dress: Domino Dollhouse

Shoes: Wittner

Were you lucky enough to have been in Melbourne today? Wasn’t the weather SPECTACULAR? Nearly thirty degrees, and everyone swanning around in strappy tops and dresses like a preview of summer.

I was delighted, because it gave me the opportunity to try my new Domino Dollhouse dress. Which looks like a strawberry. Yes it does.

I’d never bought from Domino Dollhouse before, and a few readers had mentioned to me that the dresses were quite short, which as you know isn’t really my thing. But then I saw her Delectable Dresses range; which has a cupcake dress, a watermelon dress, and this luscious strawberry number. And I was a goner.

It’s even cuter in person, with the deep green bodice and straps playing off against the ladybird red and black magnificently. The back is smocked so it would fit a good range of sizes. I bought the 1X, and it’s a bit roomy, but that’s hardly the end of the world. The cotton’s a very light and breezy fabric that’s going to be sublime as the mercury climbs.

It’s short. Shorter than I’d anticipated (it’s pictured on the website with a petticoat, which gives it an extra inch or so) but I think with such a novelty look less is definitely more.

Ordering from Domino Dollhouse was fast and easy, and shipping for both this & a petticoat came to just over $20 which is a steal for a US-based company. It took a little less than two weeks to get to me, which is a helluva lot shorter than some other stores I could mention *coughASOScough*.

Now, the strawberry dress is out of stock at the moment, but according to the website it’s back at the end of September, and if you shoot them an email the good folks at DD will let you know when it’s available again. If you like the look of it I’d urge you to snap it up as soon as you get the notification because I suspect this is the favourite of the three dresses, and it’s likely to sell out very quickly again!



30 thoughts on “Fruit Salad

  1. That dress is so happy and summery, and your hair just makes the dress that much more adorable.

    I probably shouldn’t have read this post. Now I have a craving for strawberry cheesecake…

    1. LOL, it made me crave strawberries so much I indulged in two (very expensive) punnets that are now sitting in the fridge being unused. Might have to do a baking project tomorrow – strawberry cheesecake sounds pretty good actually!

  2. this looks really cute. I have a question though. Do the arm straps fall down constantly? I have a similar dress that drives me mad !

  3. Strawberry or watermelon? either one works for me (:

    The strong color really suits you – and the shape/cut/fullness of that skirt really REALLY suits you at that length, I mean IT REALLY REALLY SUITS YOU. I suggest you keep that in mind for the colour-blocking trend that’s hitting right now. From a strictly aesthetic stance you have marvelous legs (shape and skin tone) that would really set of a strong solid color at that length or skirt / visible leg ratio, color-wise I’d suggest gold/mustard yellow or cranberry.

    Maybe u could make another macaron dress by collette with similar strong colours?? I bought the pattern last month and am just working out sizing/grading.

    1. I know! It was a hard decision, but I decided I liked the neckline on the strawberry better!
      I love the idea of another Macaron utilizing this year’s color blocking trend – Thanks for the suggestion!
      Let us know how you go with your own project – any ideas on fabrics yet?

  4. First time reader and I’ll be back for sure. Dress is gorgeous on you, I agree with Veronica it would be gr8 to see it with the petticoat (hint, hint!) Love your style.

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