I Heart It


Top: Dorothy Perkins (remixed)

Cardigan: Crossroads

Skirt: Target

Shoes: Zensu

More stripes with red – variation on a theme I guess – I’ve discovered a renewed passion for it after wearing pretty florals and mustards for weeks on end. Apologies if it’s getting a bit tedious, it’s just a safe combination to reach for when I’m feeling rushed or uninspired.

This old remixed top is starting to look a bit tired and well-worn, and I’m seriously considering sewing some more giant hearts to the fronts of things as a big, bold focal points. Anything with a heart on it will automatically go with my Zensu Heart shoes, right?

I’ve also gone for the 50’s bandanna look again with my fab wired headband from Marscapony:

AND I have a new bracelet – a glitzy rhinestone number that I wish I could give a rave review to, but unfortunately I’ve worn it a grand total of three times, and it’s haemorrhaging Swarovski crystals. I took it back to the store I bought it from but apart from stressing that it wasn’t a “cheapie” item (oh, I already KNEW that, the price tag was pretty ambitious) she refused to do anything about the missing stones except tell me that I couldn’t just whack any old red crystals in there as the stones were SWAROVSKI, as it was a VERY GOOD QUALITY PIECE OF SHIT JEWELLERY.

Bit of a pity, because I was thinking of buying a set as bridesmaid gifts.

Bangle: Peeptoe

One recent purchase that I CAN give an unequivocal rave review to is Suki’s new scratching post which I bought this morning from a very lovely young man who’s gone into business custom-making non-crazy-cat-lady style pet furniture.

On twitter a few weeks ago I was moaning about how I couldn’t find a cat scratching post that was tall enough that Suki could look down at what was going on beneath the balcony, but didn’t take up four fifths of The Sophisticate’s carefully curated living area.

I stumbled on Michael’s Custom Scratching Posts on Facebook, and contacted him immediately to order the suggestively named “Thick and Tall” which at 145cm, was almost as tall as me, and at $120 was way cheaper than any of the obnoxious pieces I’d seen in petshops.

He had one in stock which I drove out and collected this morning.

The moment we got it in the door Suki shimmied up the post like a monkey up a coconut tree, proceeded to go to town on the top, and then sat there with a puffed tail and an excited look on her face for the rest of the afternoon. Instant success.

If you’re in Melbourne, and are looking for a decent-sized scratching post or a cat platform that doesn’t come in obnoxious colours then I urge you to check out Michael’s range.

18 thoughts on “I Heart It

  1. Oh gosh I don’t mean to sound creepy but I think I know the building you are living in as that balcony looks very familiar. Some friends of mine had an apartment in the same building. By the way, super cute outfit!

  2. Ciao, Hi there in the Beautiful Australia
    Cheers . . . Meraviglioso, Amo questo tuo Look con il grande Cuore !
    Heart – Cuore
    Ciao dall’Italia
    Greetings from Italy by fellow Artist Aurè

  3. Suki looks so happy! One of our cats (yes, one, because Mr. CP has a soft-heart and randomly returned home one day with two more kitties in tow), loves to perch on his very tall scratching post and look out the window, too. He pretty much flops over on it and refuses to budge all day. Whateeeever keeps him away from the power cords, right?

    I love that headband! The print is fantastic! I’ve been on the hunt for a bicycle print dress for ages, but haven’t had any luck. As always, you look lovely! The big red heart is too cute!


  4. The outfit is great, the reds are making me happy! I absolutely think you should sow “some more giant hearts to the fronts of things”!
    And your happy cat story made me smile. 🙂

  5. hello!! I saw one of this photo on Pinterest and I just love the outfit . . . red is my favorite color … black is my second favorite color, at least on clothing . . . and heart is my favorite shape . . . =:) . . . anyways, I just posted that look on my blog via Pinterest . . . my blog is mostly about fashion for plus-size woman . . . almost a newbie on this blogosphere . . . and it’s in Spanish language ’cause I’m from the Caribbean . . . I just suscribed to your blog so I’ll be looking forward for your posts . . . =:)

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