Top: Glassons

Lace Bolero: City Chic

Pants: City Chic

Shoes: Wittner


I’m so looking forward to this weekend, because my Mum’s coming to visit for the first time since Christmas. So much has happened since then – including a new job and a proposal!

I’ve booked us a table for High Tea at The Windsor Hotel, which looks like quite a swank event, and we plan to gorge ourselves silly on three-point sandwiches and scones.

I’m also hoping that Mum and I will get the opportunity to Shop For Weddings Dresses (eek!)

I’m preeeeeeetty sure I know what I want – and from where – but I figure you only ever get to go wedding dress shopping once in your life, and I’m never one to say “no” to a frock-shopping trip!

I am trying to make my wedding dress purchase cost-neutral though, and so have been selling off many pieces of my clothing on eBay to help fund it.

Strangely my wardrobe still seems to be straining at the seams!

Despite this I’m kind of struggling with dressing myself at the moment – hence the lack of outfit posts – and have spent a lot of the past week in jeans (gasp!).

I think the persistent cold and drizzly rain has contributed to my desire for trousers over skirts. Admittedly these breezy harem pants from City Chic don’t provide a lot of protection from the elements… but at least my legs were warmer than they are in pantyhose!

27 thoughts on “Antici…….pation.

  1. i just recently discovered your blog and LOVE it. i read through months of archives and even pinned a handful of outfits on pinterest (hope that’s okay…?) and oh so wished i was a size 16 when i saw you are selling that gorgeous black and white dress! i hope someone can make it look as good as you did with the red accessories…oh, and a belated congratulations on your engagement! look forward to hearing about (and photos from!) the big day<3

  2. oh joy! i am rushing to ebay to bid on some stuff now. i too can’t resist a shopping spree, especially from your gorgeous wardrobe, and to help fund your wedding dress of course hehe.

  3. I didnt like these harem pants last time..but this combo with the fitted stripey top and the little lace bolero(which i so had to stop myself buying when it was on sale!) looks fantastic!
    Melbourne weather is so sucky right now 🙁
    Enjoy your mum’s visit! Enjoy the Windsor high tea-dont it a few times for special occasions and its lovely!

  4. Am smiling to see you discussing shopping for a wedding dress on the weekend, whilst selling a wedding dress on ebay 🙂

  5. Lilli, I looked high and low for a pair of nice fitting harem pants this summer but to no avail. My sister, who owns three pairs, swears by their comfort and wrinkle-free properties! I like the fit of these on you and I like the lace cape over this stripped shirt!

  6. What a sublime outfit, Lilli 🙂 The stripes and lace together look perfect. The shoes work really well too.

    Have a wonderful weekend with your Mum. My parents arrive from the UK next week for their first ever visit (I’ve lived here 12 years now!) and I’m beyond excited!

  7. I love this outfit – the stripes and the lace work beautifully. Best of luck with the dress – I’d love to buy some of your clothes but wouldn’t fit me 🙁

    And I’m envious at tea at the Windsor – always wanted to do that!

  8. Not a huge fan of this outfit – it looks like you’re going to a fancy dress as a mime. Too much carnival all at one time.

    good luck shopping and enjoy seeing your mum!

  9. You look so lovely in this outfit!! I adore that lace bolero. It would go with so many things in my over-stuffed closet!

  10. I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now, and I must say…I love love love your style! This outfit in particular, I’m going to try to copy this fall! I would never have thought of wearing a lace bolero over a long-sleeve top, but it completely works here. Thanks so much for all of your posts…you are such an inspiration! Oh, and congratulations on your engagement!

    –Amber @

  11. I completely love this look on you, the stripes are so flattering and the pants looks so comfortable yet chic! Good luck with the dress shopping!

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