More of the Same

Top: Dorothy Perkins – Remixed

Pants: Asos

Cardigan: Ice Knitwear

Shoes: Zensu
More pegleg pants – this time from Asos.
These Crepe Pleat Front Peg Trousers are much more user-friendly than the City Chic pair I’m wearing in the previous post. They don’t crush as soon as you look at them, and have a smart cuffed hem that make them much for suitable for dressier occasions.
They were quite, QUITE big though, and I had to relocate the button on the waist to make them fit. As a result the pants are slightly more roomy in the hips than is ideal.
Honestly – as you can probably tell from my face – I’m not utterly sold on the outfit, but it was comfortable at least.
Asos actually does these pants in a dusky pink, and I’m very seriously thinking of buying them (in a size smaller, obviously) for the warmer summer months.

8 thoughts on “More of the Same

  1. For what its worth, I really like the outfit and I really like the trousers! I can’t work out if these ones:

    are curve’s version? If so I may have to purchase a pair. I LOVE peg leg trousers. I have a grey pair and a electric blue pair (which I’m still working up the courage to wear!). I have also seen a black pair I want.

    I’ve not been too keen on my outfit today, so I understand how you feel.

  2. I love the match of the thin stripes with the anchor cardigan, and I think they’d look super nice with a white skirt on the bottom – perhaps a pencil or sheath skirt to really emphasise that hourglass effect.

    I can’t tell if the pants are black or navy /: They are a bit on the roomy side, aren’t they? what a shame – but comfy is good. hopefully you can pull them in by stitching on a dart line. Or put the button back to where it was and resell them. You should totally get the pink pair you mentioned.

  3. Hi Lilli,

    I have been reading your blog for ages but have never commented before although you have given me loads of inspiration and led me to some great clothing finds! I am also planning my wedding at the moment (thanks for introducing me to Etsy where I have found so many lovely wedding things!) so I know just how you’re feeling.

    I can see you’re not quite 100% sold on the outfit but just wanted to let you know I think it looks fab! I have always been much more of a skirts and dresses girl but I love these trousers and I think they work in a more ‘relaxed fit’. Dusky pink sound gorgeous too!

    Hope you have a great Wednesday, Jo.

  4. They are amazing however, I feel your pain. I will often wear wonderful pumps that have me wincing after an hour. Looking cute hurts. 😉 Your outfit is lovely as always!

  5. It is important to wear an outfit in which every one of us gets comfortable with. For me Dorothy, I could say that the outfit looks good on you. I like the shoes as well for it compliments to your outfit.

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