T-Shirt: T-Bar

Cardigan: Friends of Couture via CardiganStore

Jeans: Sussan

Shoes: Em & Sprout


The Sophisticate and I are halfway through an exceedingly busy weekend and last night hosted a welcome-to-Australia dinner for his best mate’s fiance, who’s just cut through the last of the visa red-tape to make her way from China to Melbourne to join him.

To celebrate The Sophisticate and I whipped up a Most Australian Dinner of prawns, then roast spring lamb, and a pecan pie that I’m particularly proud of for dessert.

Because we spent most of the day rushing from one place to another I eschewed my usual pretty weekend-wear for… jeans and a t-shirt. I know. Scandalous.

Mostly though, I wanted to share my new t-shirt with you. I was out and about earlier in the week with my darling friend Fiona and we happened to spot this awesome squirrel t-shirt in the T-Bar store at the base of Melbourne Central.

Fiona’s just come back from North America, and like me had got a little overexcited about the squirrels we’d seen (Seriously. They’re so much cuter than possums) and she managed to convince me I needed this squirrel t-shirt. Fortunately it’s a lovely pink blush and the fabric’s criminally soft, and miracle of miracles it actually fits over The Ladies without stretching the squirrel out to make him look like the Elephant Man.

See? He’s looks just like the one I saw at the Grand Canyon last year!


Carrying on with the” Critter” theme for the day, I’m also wearing my little dogface shoes from Em&Sprout at Etsy:

They’ve seen better days, but I’m seriously tempted to cave and buy another pair. Maybe some of the kitty ones this time…

28 thoughts on “Critters

  1. Gorgeous tee! I have one similar, except instead of a squirrel it has a stags head. Cute, but I prefer the squirrel!

  2. So cute! Even though they chewed a hole in my house and lived in my roof for years and then cost a lot in repairs, I still can’t hate squirrels. I love when they twitch and hold things in their little paws. The only one I didn’t like was the one who peered at me through the hole in my ceiling while I was showering. He was creepy. lol.

  3. Squirrels are cute, but if you want to see off-the-charts adorable, head to the Northeast in the US. Chipmunks are quick, but they have the be the cutest critters alive!

  4. You do weekend casual so well 🙂
    A very pretty tee. Also thanks for the link to Em + Sprout.

    Congratulations on the engagement – your ring is so stunning and you will make a beautiful bride.

  5. Believe it or not, India has its fair share of cutie-pie squirrels. In the Princess’ Gardens of Udaiphur there was some very engaging little ones who helped me share some biscuits. Hope you enjoyed the busy pecan pied weekend.

  6. Hi what a cute shirt! Do you mind if I ask what size you wear?

    We don’t have t-box in Brisbane


  7. Forgive the Pom ignorance but do you not have squirrels in Australia? In the UK squirrels are considered a pest – or an upmarket rat!

    I love those shoes! I might get my friend a pair of Boston Terrier ones for my friend as she has a frenchie & a Boston Terrier is a mix breed of them.

    1. Nope, no squirrels here – though we do have possums. And Sugar gliders. Sugar gliders are pretty cute. But you never see possums out during the day because – like so many Australian Native animals – they’re nocturnal.

  8. My European friends have told me how odd it is to see squirrels in North America just running around, since they’re exhibited in zoos in places like Germany. Not such much a novelty here. Although the species do change depending on where you live – when I first moved to Canada, I thought all the squirrels looked like little scrawny black kittens. Boston squirrels could beat up Canadian squirrels, no problem!

    My boyfriend just bought me hot pink socks with squirrels on them (yep, that’s how he shows his love) that I can’t wait to wear tomorrow!

  9. Lilli, you look adorable! I think the critter tee was an excellent purchase! This casual look is really appealing on you and those doggy Mary Janes are just the cutest thing ever! Love this look!

  10. I am rather surprised you did not hear my daughter’s squeal of delight when she saw your t shirt. Super cute.

  11. How do you get your fringe so perfect? I too am a fellow fringe wearer but I can guarantee but the end of the day it looks no where near as nice as yours!

  12. I love these shoes. What fabric are they made of? I am really thinking about getting a pair. I wonder if shipment to Germany will be a problem.

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