Cold Snap

Cardigan: 8Inkerman (Remixed)

Skirt: Eliza Parker

Tights: Voodoo

Shoes: Wittner


Everything in the new at the moment is talking about how Melbourne’s having the coldest May in recorded history. Winter has definitely arrived, and with a vengeance.

It makes me feel a little bit better about buying (another) winter jacket that I probably didn’t need:

Jacket: Pretty In Pink @ David Jones


I actually saw it in last year’s sales just before I went to the US with The Sophisticate, but decided not to buy it in case I saw something I liked better in America. Imagine my delight when I saw it again this year, but STILL ON SALE. Of course, I bought it.

It’s scrumptiously warm, fits perfectly, is an unusual colour (there’s some unwritten rule that all coats must be black, brown, grey or red in Melbourne).

The collar’s enormous, but buttons up tight against a cold wind, so I suspect I’ll be wearing it a LOT this coming winter.


30 thoughts on “Cold Snap

  1. Had a girls weekend in the city which was fantastic but so so so cold. Luckily I had my new duo boots to help keep me warm! And an amazingly delish dinner and slushy mojito at mamasitas helped. But I need a lovely coat like yours! Love the color and that it isn’t a neutral or red! So true! And love your reworked cardi- so pretty!

  2. You definitely need a blue coat – there’s nothing unnecessary about it at all! I recently purchased a beautiful teal-blue Winter coat myself and it was a complete necessity. 😀

  3. Gorgeous coat, Lilli. The colour is divine and looks fab on you. I’ve been looking for a brightly coloured coat in Sydney to no avail…black, camel and grey are all I’ve been able to find. I think a trip to David Jones is in order!

    1. Thanks Ashley – I hate when you can’t find the right thing: I’ve actually been trying to find a coat in mustard (no joy yet) – I’ve never seen one in this teal blue colour before now, but I’ll keep my eyes open for you.

  4. First things first: Happy birthday! Hope it was fabulous!

    I too am completely miffed by the black/grey/red coat rule in Melbourne. I’ve been on the hunt for a kelly green one but yours is FAB!

    Am so so over the cold already. Boyfriend is making me a cup of tea to warm up my frozen fingers. It shouldn’t be like this, it’s only May!

    I think this post may have tipped me over on the Eliza Parker skirt. Despite my supposed shopping ban for the rest of winter.

    1. saw some green coats in melb city when shopping this weekend!!!! Friends of couture and a few other places too including anna thomas if looking more pricey!

      1. Thanks Rochelle, I will check it out! I fit into some FoC stuff and not others but I will check out Anna Thomas! You’re a legend x

  5. That coat looks awesome on you! Makes me want one, though heading into summer is probably not when I need a coat… lol. The cardigan is especially cute, too. I have a similar color, but of course without the adorable bow detail.

  6. So true. I went for coat shopping today and ended up buying a long knit cardi in navy blue as the colour was much prettier than all the coats I tried on. I mean black and red look so harsh against my skin tone, and camel and neutrals make me look tired. I love your coat. Would wear it with something mustardy 🙂 and Happy Birthday <3

  7. That is a beautiful coat! I love everything about it! The colour, the shape, the length, the style! I would have bought it in a flash. Absolutely gorgeous! We are heading into summer here (although it doesn’t feel like it today!) but I will be looking for a coat like this come September.

    I always struggle to get a coat to not gape on the top, be long enough in the waist (I have a long body) but still cover my backside. Its like the knee-high boot hunt.

  8. So pretty! I love everything about your outfit, especially how you tied in the polka dot tights with the ones on your cardigan. And that coat is gorgeous. =)

  9. Lilli, both the cardi and the coat are just beautiful! I love their colors! Did you add the bow to the cardi? It gives it such a fun vibe! And I don’t know about you, but I’m so over black coats. Boring! I say bring on some bright color to chase away the winter cold! 🙂

  10. I love that coat! Its style (single-breasted! pockets! not too long or too short!) is perfect, and I love that color! Even here in the US, I don’t find many coats that are both colorful and in the style I want (I just don’t like double-breasted coats)

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