Indian Summer

Dress: Thrifted via The Red Cross

Belt: Free with Bettie Page Clothing dress

Shoes: Hush Puppies


We’re having a real Indian Summer in Melbourne at the moment, which means I’ve been able to wear my summery dresses for a few precious more days before packing them away in lieu of boots, opaque stockings, and cardigans, cardigans, cardigans.

This was one of the most successful el-cheapo thrift purchases of the year. Twenty bucks from the Red Cross thrift store on Brunswick St. It came with its own self-belt, but I wanted to mix it up a bit today and thought I’d try a bit more colour with a bold monochrome belt instead.

I’ve been looking for a bright yellow belt, or a dark navy blue belt to wear with this dress, but I haven’t had much luck on either front, so instead I’ve opted to for the *pop* of a bright red belt instead.

Looking at the photo I feel like I probably should have tied the look together with red shoes, too… next time, next time.



5 thoughts on “Indian Summer

  1. I too have been having one last fling with my summer frocks. It has been delightful. Dear heart, am I right in thinking you are living somewhere in, on, around the Man U building? You lovely backdrop seems so familiar

  2. I think the pop of red belt without the matching shoes is great-not too matchy matchy but still color! I wish I could deal with op shops but…I cant. I can only do second hand when its from people I know, who I know shower and stuff!!!!
    And now its pouring rain-ah, Melbourne!!!!

  3. Have you thought about making your own fabric belts? That way you could make whatever colour you wanted.

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