I Am Disappoint

Blouse: Asos

Cardigan: Cocolatte

Skirt: Laura Ashley

Boots: Duo Boots

Belt: Barkins


Asos, I am disappoint.

The first order I received from you was wonderful: It fit perfectly, it was excellent quality, it arrived quickly and it looked exactly like the picture.

My second, not so much.

To start with, in my typically impeccable timing, a 20% off code went out within 24 hours of me putting my order through. Not Asos’s fault really; if I were to blame anyone I should blame my own impatience. Secondly it took aaages to get to me. Again, not Asos’s fault – they are on the other side of the world after all.

I ordered two things, and neither of them met my expectations. Both were too big, and didn’t look like the pictures. But neither of them were quite disappointing enough to wear the return shipping costs to get a refund.

This blouse was one of them:

It looks lovely on the website, and I thought the combination of sheer shoulders, the pussy-bow, the blossomy pink colour, and the fact it didn’t have buttons would mean that the blouse would made it into regular rotation in my wardrobe.

In reality it’s a blouse that doesn’t do me any favours:

The colour’s right, but everything else is a bit Not Quite Right. Could be just because I’m so… generously endowed, but I think what went wrong is that Asos didn’t size up the chiffon part of the top. It means that the chiffon shoulders were a bare strip and the pussy-bow meagre compared to the smaller size.

One of the perils of internet shopping… you never know really what you’re going to get. Though I’m sure I’ll wear this blouse I’ll probably stick to using it as a layering piece as I have today.

16 thoughts on “I Am Disappoint

  1. Hi Lilli,

    I am a long-time reader of your blog – I enjoy it very much.

    Just a word on Asos – I have been buying from them for a while – have you checked out their specific plus size label “Asos Curve”? You might find the sizing issues experienced with your blouse have been addressed in their plus size range.

    Thanks for the blog – I love it.

  2. its such a shame the return postage costs are so ridiculous >< ive bought a goooorrrgeous grey peter pan collar dress from ASOS in a sz 16, but unlike the other size 16 things i bought from there, it doesnt fit, so now i dont know whether to pay for the postage (which costs more than the dress did…ugh), or try to re-home it.
    on the plus side for your situation, the pussybow shirt is still a lovely undershirt 🙂

  3. I just wish that ASOS had the same system as Saks Fifth Avenue does with their online range (not that I’ve ever been able to afford to buy from there) a model saying whether or not you should buy in ‘true size’ or go up or down. It’s not as though (I imagine) they make the clothes; an indication of sizing would be good.
    That being said my first shipment of ASOS was a disaster. I ordered four things: two in one size, two in another. The two that I really wanted were too small, but were so reduced it wasn’t worth sending back. Of the two that fit one is that amazing ballerina tutu-ish skirt in ASOS Curve that everyone else seemed to have problems with me but me, and a dress that just…isn’t like the photo.
    Since then I’ve only bought statement pieces and they work. I’m a 26 there (most of the things I get in a 26 are really roomy, I’m a 22-24 here) but everything I’ve bought since my first purchase (the 1950s prom dress, the orange and grey pleated dress, the sequined dress, a few coats) have been great and better than anything I’ve been able to buy here.

    I say keep the blouse for layering; perfect for Melbourne weather! I have about five tops I only keep to layer and while they sit in storage most of the year when they come out I love them.

  4. Hi Lilli,

    I have been reading your blog for a while and thought I would chime up to post that it is such a shame you are not happy with the fit of the blouse but I think it does looks smashing layered. Asos is one of the few stores I have not tried buying from yet since return shipping from Canada can be quite expensive.

  5. Hi Lilli,

    I know just how you feel. I ordered the exact same blouse as you and another longer line pussy bow blouse. Both were enormous but the price to post back to the UK was too high compared to what I would actually get back. My answer: I sold the blouses on Ebay!

    Your blouse looks very cute as a layering piece 🙂

    My ASOS orders have been a bit hit & miss but overall but I’ve had most luck with shoes, accessories and dresses.

  6. I love the belted cardi look, Lilli! And I agree with the other ladies, the blouse looks lovely as a layering piece. Although if I’m honest, I see nothing wrong with it worn by itself either. I’m certain that the fit is not what you expected it to be but the coloring’s not bad!

  7. Hi Lilli,

    I’ve ordered from them twice (not got the second order yet) and I think both times after ordering received a 20% off email within 24 hours of placing my order. My first order also came 5 days after placing it, I think it was some kind of miracle! I’m too scared to order from the Asos curve as it says size 20 which will be too big, although from reading Kat’s comment maybe the size 20 is like an Australian 16-18??

  8. First of all – love your blog!

    Also, ASOS is seriously hit and miss. I have found some great stuff on there, but other times have ended up with stuff that is so dreadful I can’t believe they’re selling it! Did get a great pair of leather laceups from there once, and they were only about $40.

  9. I actually think that looks great on you, even without layers. Just… not as great as it would if it were like the photo.

    I keep putting things in my cart at ASOS and then leaving again. I’m just never SURE. Plus, everything I really want is always in horrible polyester, and I just can’t hack the squeaking.

  10. I know you’re not that happy with this top, but you still manage to accessorise it so beautifully, and we’d never really know that it isn’t quite right. xx

  11. That’s too bad about the blouse, but I must say your outfit is fabulous. I love how you put all the pieces together!

  12. ASOS is so hit & miss its such a shame. I bought this dress: http://tinyurl.com/5vm5vmx and it all but cut off the circulation to the tops of my arms! I was really disappointed.

    I do like it layered, but I see what you mean about the chiffon bit. It doesn’t flatter your chest (a issue I also suffer with).

  13. I have bought a bunch of stuff from Asos and although I really like it all, I’ve definitely had some problems.

    I have bought three pairs of pants, one in corduroy, one brushed cotton, one kind of like chinos, and they’ve all had issues. The cords, which I adore, wore through at the crotch after about four wears. I’ve had to sew patched on, which is really embarrassing. The brushed cotton ones just seem kind of poorly made, and the belt loops on the chinos have just fallen off.

    I’ve always bought size 22, but they’re too big so I’m going to try 20s. But I’m really interested whether the size 18 in the regular range is proportionate, that is whether size 20 in Curve is really one size bigger.

    I’ve also bought some tops which I love but have had to sew up after they started falling apart.

    Also a lot of the time they seem to just pick things from the regular range that they can size up really easily, like those horrible baggy tops and frilly dresses, which just look SO BAD on plus size figures. I want the lovely structured, sophisticated pieces that the regular range does so well!

    They don’t really seem to be thinking about the specific things plus size women need, and have taken a somewhat lazy approach to designing the range. Not all the time, there are some great pieces, but there’s a lot of rubbish too.

    Oh and one last thing, the COLOURS! Dear god, so much peach and aqua and vile tacky shades! Is it because those colours are cheaper, and if they need more cloth for the plus sizes it means they can save money?


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