Second Verse, Same as the First

Dress: Sohomode

Belt: City Chic

Shoes: Zu

Another day, another full-skirted floral dress! I do so love this one, and the fact that it was custom-made for me makes it just that little bit more special.

In case you didn’t know, I’m a massive advocate of treating yourself to the occasional tailor-made splurge, and Etsy has just such a range of pretties to choose from that it’d be impossible not to find that perfect item, that fits you to a tee, and that no one else has.

I think that’s one of the most compelling arguments for me when I’m trying to rationalize the purchase of custom-made fashion online: The range of plus-size clothing in Australia is SO limited that when something really special shows up at one of the, oh, seven shops that go beyond a size 14*, every girl who’s struggled to find a nice blouse, or a flattering pair of trousers, or a party dress that isn’t made out of synthetic jersey, and is strapless to boot snaps it up. I went to wedding a few years ago, and three women there were wearing the exact same dress. Scandal!

* obviously, I’m exaggerating here – the range isn’t quite THAT bad, though sometimes it feels like it is.

13 thoughts on “Second Verse, Same as the First

  1. Love this dress. In fact, I love most if not all of your dresses. Can I come to Australia and play in your closet? Pretty please?

  2. The pattern on this dress reminds me of my grandmother’s curtain, but for some inexplicable reason that does not take away from it’s awesomeness.

  3. I think a floral dress is the perfect way to celebrate beautiful weather. The last time I had something custom-made, I was a teenager and since then, nada. Heartbreaking, is what it is. And I completely find myself in the same situation as you given that I can’t find any stores where I live that sell clothes that will accommodate these generous, hourglass curves! 🙂 Maybe it’s time I splurged a little and bought myself something custom-made!

  4. I’ve been promising myself a Sohomode dress for last 8 months (which is when I was about to order one and then got pregnant). Now I am about to pop (and figured I could have a cutome dress made for a wedding later tis year) she has stopped taking orders! Boo Hoo! Oh well, more etsy browsing to be done.

  5. Your style is so awesome. The only bummer is that I’m here in the US–WHERE IT IS COLD AT THE MOMENT–so I have to save all of this inspiration for a few months from now. Of course I do live in Texas where we get at least 8 months of summer so I probably shouldn’t complain.

  6. Gorgeous dress! The other great thing about buying custom handmade items is they are usually far better quality than what you buy in the chain stores and will last you much longer. I have been lusting after the sohomode dresses for a while but am waiting for an occasion to splurge on one for myself.

  7. Hi,

    Love the dress.

    Have you had a look in The Olive Grove, Sydney Rd , Brunswick?
    They are all Locally made and most items go up to a 20.

    Loving your blog.

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