Half ‘n Half

Dress: Now @ Kmart

Shrug: City Chic

Belt: Eliza Parker

Shoes: Chie Mihara


Oh dear! This is what happens when you get dressed, then don’t look in a full-length mirror before you leave the house!

I love this flowery little dress, and thought it would be perfect for Melbourne’s warmish weather, but when I opened the windows it turned out to be a little brisker than I’d anticipated, so I pulled my little shrug over the top and an elasticized belt worn high to emphasize my waist. The I trotted out the door and was half-way down the street before I realized that while the tan shoes I was wearing worked well with the unadulterated dress, teamed with the black belt and shrug they hit a decidedly wrong note. Sigh.

Also causing me a bit of grief at the moment is my fringe: too long to wear straight, too short to disregard. As I always do whenever summer comes knocking I’ve started wondering if maybe I should grow the fringe out, since it’s getting so long anyway. When I first started Frocks and Frou Frou back in 2008 I was wearing the same clothes (well, mostly) but I looked pretty different. After my catastrophic break-up in 2009 I got the penultimate break-up haircut and to be honest I kind of feel like a new Lilli was born that day. She’s pretty cool, this new Lilli, and she’s living a really good life with a great boyfriend, a good job, and a pretty awesome cat. And she has a fringe. Maybe. Unless I get fed up with sweating into it on yet another humid summer day, and grow the thing out. Decisions, decisions.

26 thoughts on “Half ‘n Half

  1. You look gorgeous Lian. The fringe is nice but I think you looked so stunning when your hair was shorter. I really loved the way your hair looked back in 2008 (I think you were wearing the red monsoon dress) and the bangs swept to the side. You would wear a girlie girl outfit and then the edgy and sometimes sweet short hair. I don’t know what it was about it but so Michelle Williams you know. Either way you are gorgeous 🙂

  2. Haha! I didn’t even notice the shoes until you pointed it out *unobservant Monkey*! I do love that dress. I’ve been on the hunt for a similar one but no such luck!

    As for the fringe dilemma (btw loving the side pony! Very chic!), I often go through the same – grow it out, cut it back in. At the moment I have a super short fringe to go with my pixie cut and I LOVE it! I say grow it out – use the summer as excuse to pin it back and use headbands and then consider it. At the moment its at that inbetween stage which is really annoying but give another six weeks or so and it’ll be a different story.

  3. See – that’s why I don’t own any tan shoes. I can get dressed in the dark (and often do) and no matter what I look well matched. Well, mostly!

    The dress is lovely. But agreed, with the black accessories those fab shoes just don’t work 🙁

  4. Can’t decide which I like better: the frock or the frou frou!
    Perhaps you could do a photo-essay on experiments with a growing-out fringe? Think of all the cute clips and scarves which await. Then when it gets too manky, cut it back into your current glorious fringe.

  5. Lilli, could you tell me if the Chie shoes are a wider fit than average? I loooove her shoes but I have very wide feet so most gorgeous pretty shoes don’t fit.

  6. Lilli, I think your fringe is a keeper, but that just me! I think you are beautiful with or without the fringe! That said, I love the way your hair is growing out and like I’ve said before, I think the layers are very flattering and give you more volume. But again, you look beautiful no matter what! Oh, and your dress is gorgeous! Now why can’t I ever walk into a Kmart and find something like that. Oh to have you as a fashion godmother! Now that would make me a very happy girl! 🙂

  7. Yes, unfortunately, black does not match with everything, but you look good. You, yourself, do not look so sure about the outfit, so that makes the decision really.
    Me, myself, Am going the long hair with fringe look – brings out eyes and cheekbones. I say, work the fringe, it brings out your beautiful eyes. I also think long hair works better on curvier girls (like me) – more classic, more Botticelli.

  8. I once wore to different pairs of black shoes to work. I kept thinking that something was wrong with my hips or something….until I looked down.
    Another time I drove to work, parked and started walking until I realised I was still wearing my slippers.
    If I am not wearing the wrong shoes I am falling off them. Heck!
    You look gorgeous. I have that very same dress and I adore it. The cut and pattern is so happy.
    Lilli – hair up, down, around, back to front, off……it always looks gorgeous.

  9. Lilli, this is the BEST look I have seen. I just love it!

    Oh, this has really lifted my day – I was feeling really flat and cranky (family dramas) and unconformtable in my clothes, which doesn’t help. Now I feel so delighted in knowing you look so gorgeous! I’m keeping this window open and going to keep looking at it all afternoon 🙂

    Also, I’m going out tomorrow night and I’ll be sticking to my New Year’s resolution and wearing a pretty dress. I know it will be a little scary, because I never wear clothes like that, and because my sister is coming – she’s always beautifully dressed and so put together that I feel huge and horrible next to her. But I’m going to do it!

  10. I utterly adore the look of long hair, straight fringe on you. I’m at a similar stage of fringe growth myself & I think you’ve just inspired me to trim.

  11. I will be the odd one out & say that I loved the shorter style with longer bangs. It brought out your cheekbones & smile beautifully & it was quite modern & cool.

    The shoes look okay to me…if you hadn’t said anything, I would haven’t thought a thing. You have the best shoe collection!

  12. I love the fringe. It suits you. My opinion is keep it.
    But as someone sweating through a Perth summer while trying to grow out a short short to longish short, i truly appreciate your pain. It’s melbourne, it will be cold again tommorrow.

  13. Lilli please keep your fringe. I love this floral dress too. I have something to share here, I have just got into Melbourne University’s Master of Teaching program YAY 🙂 and my classes and placement start from 14th Feb. So I am making a list of some must-have items by going through your archives. Right away I will be placed in a secondary school as an Art Teacher, so guess I have to be ready to play the part 🙂
    I always wear cardis to cover my big arms, and I am thinking of doing pretty floral dresses on trousers (as jeans will be too informal at this stage)..what do you think? Need help.

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