Corporate Curves

Top: Harris Scarfe

Skirt: Portmans

Shoes: City Chic


This poor skirt has seen better days, but it’s such a great fit, and I love the back ruffles so much that it’s survived cull after cull. It’s the ideal skirt for when I want to look a bit more professional and grown-up, and coupled with a string of pearls and the sky-high heels I feel every bit a Melbournian.

I’m getting so much wear out of this pussy-bow blouse, it’s made me feel like I need a few more in my wardrobe, and lo, Asos is currently offering free international shipping and has a surplus of pussy-bow items available. I particularly like this dress and this blouse. Methinks it might be time for me to pop my Asos cherry and place the first order…



53 thoughts on “Corporate Curves

  1. Just a word of warning about ASOS – their sizes can be a little all over the place (I have 14s, 16s and 18s that all fit) and quality can be a bit disappointing. That being said, my two favourite dresses are both from ASOS, so when it gets it right, it really gets it right!

    1. Thanks, Janet! I ordered a blue dress and I’m praying it fits properly, but I suppose worst-case scenario I have to send it back – at least it was free shipping, lol!

  2. i know i am going to go against the grain here.. but i think this looks fabulous and its nice to see a glimpse of the style direction that made your blog so popular in the early days.. I miss the classical Lilli with a twist! In my humble opinion i think this kind of look is much more flattering and stylish than some of the more qwerky styles you have been trying out.. but hey.. who am I to judge..,

    1. Oh, I’m so glad you like the look, Melly! I do love this skirt, and the classic look is certainly one I’m pretty at home in. I’m such a sucker for color though! 😉

  3. Fabulous outfit – you are looking the way I always try to look when I wear a pencil skirt but just can’t pull it off!

    I’ve been really impressed with ASOS when I’ve ordered from them – be wary though – their sizing is slightly whack, sometimes miles too big but other times miles too small! But thanks to ASOS curve my wardrobe has the items I have longed for for ages!

    1. Thanks, Candice! It was such a fluke! I went back later and tried it on in plain black (this one has tiny little black dots) and it didn’t look nearly as good. Weird!

  4. Hi!
    I’m a french girl who loves your style, really ! You’re a source of inspiration for me ! I hope you’ll go on posting your look for a long time !

    Have a nice day !

  5. That’s the third style blog in a week I have seen with a comment reflecting that the visitor prefers a blogger’s old, more conservative/less adventurous style to their current explorations. I wonder if there’s something in the air? I find it intriguing that they all cropped up at once!

    To be fair, I agreed whole-heartedly with the comment on one of the other blogs, although I refrained from saying so 🙂 Not in this case–I love both the older, “classic” F+FF outfits and the newer more adventurous ones. Keep surprising us 😀

  6. SO cute outfit.

    I buy very often on, clothes are weird, sometimes too small sometimes too big. Especially for curve range. But Standard size range as normally. The quality is sometimes average (for jersey clothes especially), but for the most part it’s really perfect.I have dozens of clothes from there.

  7. Great outfit and one I try to do myself but always get discouraged!

    I received my Svoboda jeans today, you’re right Lilli about them being fantastic. In my case shipping happened really quick to Australia, literally a week or so. Unfortunately the size I got is great on the legs but nowhere close to buttoning up, thanks to my baby belly I’ve had since my last child was born 3 years ago… but once I lose this weight over summer, the jeans should fit well by autumn. Thanks so much for the rec!

  8. This is what I call a “va va voom” outfit! You look sexy and smart! Super sweet blouse and the ruffles on the skirt make it so special, but I’m sure you already know that!

  9. Very naughty secretary! Me likes.
    Re: the comments – you can’t please everyone. Really the only person you have to please is yourself.
    For me, you have given inspiration for me to wear most of the amazing clothes in my closet, to wear them differently to how I always have, and I get some great compliments, and also take a few fashion risks. So I thank you. 😀
    You could have a “style Lilli for a day” competition!

  10. I agree with the ASOS comments re: sizing but love their clothes and they too make up a large portion of my wardrobe. They have a large clearance section which has some great specials!!

    1. I hear this a lot! Hmnnn…. I ended up trying a dress & some shoes. Free shipping, so I figure it’s not the end of the world if I have to send ’em back!

  11. What a fab outfit! You look so classy & that blouse is to die for. Thanks to your blog I have tried out belts, ruffles & other frilly things I would have never thought to before. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. This outfit is GORGEOUS, and the pussy bow blouse is so fabulous. That being said, I really love your sense of color — you put together great combinations that I might not have thought of. So re: the comments above, go classic if you want but I love the quirky, colorful outfits too!

  13. Hi, been lurking for a while.
    You look great. You always do. Great to have an inspiration over a size 10.
    I bet you feel like walking all Joan Holloway when you wear this – I do with anything ladylike these days, although I ditched the high heels when I gave birth… Some things are not meant to be!

    1. LOL, I’m the worst high-heel wearer, Dani! My Mum refused to let me wear them (and didn’t wear them herself) so I didn’t get my first pair until I was earning my own money. By which time comfort was too important to me to wear them anything but RARELY!

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