A Hairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a Prince and a Princess.

Some time ago the Prince had rescued the Princess when all other Princes had failed to see her, and they fell in love.

After a year the Prince asked the Princess to move in with him. She loved him, so she did. A year after that the Princess moved to another Kingdom and asked the Prince to join her. Her loved her, so he did.

At one point the Princess’s Hairy Godmother gave her a fabulous haircut (the Princess feels like it’s important that you know she beat Katie Holmes to the fabulous haircut) but the Prince didn’t think much of it, and as his opinion was the most important she reluctantly grew it out.

The years passed.

Sometimes the Princess worried that her Happily Ever After (which, of course, entailed buying a Castle, having a Royal Wedding, and then babies) didn’t seem to be getting any closer, but mostly she was happy to sit back and watch the world turn.

Then, nearly nine years after the Prince had met the Princess he had a startling revelation.

He was in the wrong Fairytale.

The Prince’s Happily Ever After didn’t have a Castle, a Royal Wedding or babies. His Fairytale Princess was the kind of woman who preferred slaying Dragons (and Zombies) to wandering the Palace Gardens or baking cakes in the kitchens. He didn’t even like cake!

They decided to part.

The Princess was resigning herself to invisibility once again when it occurred to her: Just because she didn’t belong with this particular Prince, didn’t mean there wasn’t another Prince out there. Maybe one who actually enjoyed troubadors and painters, and one who had time to sit down in the evenings and simply talk to her about everything and nothing, rather than rushing off to slay Dragons (and Zombies) into the wee small hours.

This Prince hadn’t liked the Hairy Godmother’s haircut, but maybe the next one would.

So she went back to her Hairy Godmother with a special request….

Waistcoat: Target

49 thoughts on “A Hairy Tale

  1. I'm a lurker but I just want you to know that princes who fight zombies are overrated … eventually you will find another prince. You may be very very lucky and find one who is in touch with his feelings. There are some out there 🙂

    The zombie slayer will eventually work out the grass is not greener in the new castle and it will be to late.

    Great cut btw it's so cute and Alice like!

  2. I'm so sorry that the princess had met the wrong prince. I too once met a bad prince, a very bad prince that made this princess very sad.But years later when this princess had decided life without a prince was just fine, a very persistant prince came along who decided that he wanted this princess. You too will find the right prince, or he will find you, because a lot of princes are out there looking for their cake baking princess!I love the haircut, it is much more flattering on you than your mid-length haircut 🙂
    Who wants a prince who fights zombies anyway, the only fighting they should do is intellectully overthrow other princes to win your love!

  3. I always thought the prince was a bit of a jerk anyway. 😉

    Delurking to say haircut=awesome and you're beautiful.

  4. It's magnificent! Even better than the last time. You, my dear, are too gorgeous for words and it's a very lucky prince who gets to whisk you away to his castle.

  5. Wishing you love and goodness from Old Brisbane Town. (Loved the story- very clever)- and the hair cut is awesome! Eat your heart out Prince- (and Katie Holmes)!

  6. The haircut is super cute! Absolutely love it. And is that a ghost patrol skirt? I have serious skirt envy right now!

    The right fella is out there, and you know that I'm sure! I hope you're taking you and the haircut out on the town this weekend!

  7. tale is vaguely familiar reminds me of the Paperbag princess!

    oh and yeah it happened to me about two yrs ago….thank your lucky stars you found out now and not in five yrs time when your a mum of two lil babies and your prince charming suddenly unmasks himself and reveals his actually a selfish slimy toad hahaa
    I can laugh now coz time has passed and im back enjoying my fairy tale…its a little different to my original manuscript but hey the re writes are actually better!

    love the new do, love the outfit and I think I speak for everyone in blogland when I say WE LOVE YOU!

  8. Hey Lillli, I second what Sarah-Jo says (I've met her prince, he's really still a frog)

    I'm in awe of your ability to put on some groovy clothes, a smile and a funky do and say "Yaboo Sucks" to froggy princes. I myself would be eating and drinking my way to another size and feeling terribly maudlin in the process.

    Please keep the fairy tale alive, especially for people like me who need to drastically convince themselves that even after being single for over 1 and a half decades of their lives, there will be someone out there.

  9. HOT!!! As if kings, princes, dukes and other renegade charmers wouldn't be dashing to your side at the sight of you!

    Katie Holmes, eat your heart out (and speaking of slimy toads, have you seen her husband)???

  10. Fantastic haircut!

    Words can be a bit empty at times like this, but I agree with everyone else that you are better off finding out now rather than later.

    You are a fabulous woman and provide so many of us with inspiration and admiration for your strength and courage.

    There is definitely a handsome prince out there for you somewhere – in a fresh chapter.

  11. I think you are beautiful and lovely and sweet and charming, with a great sense of style and an UH-MAY-ZING new 'do.

    I met my Prince and we settled down for our HEA a year-and-a-half ago. Six months after our small but perfectly formed wedding, we were told the Prince has a brain tumour and it's terminal. Our fairytale is on borrowed time and my HEA of happiness and babies has become a blank sheet again in front of my eyes. Adjusting has become the order of the day.

    The fairy story has now become a choose your own adventure book. You have many adventures ahead of you and I send you sweet wishes of happiness 🙂

  12. Darling, you look wonderful. That haircut is so elegant and chic and sassy. And just in my opinion, any prince who doesn't appreciate cake and fabulous hairdressing is not worth worrying over.

  13. what a wonderful outfit, and i am in a similar position myself, my prince decided that after 2 ana a half years and a proposal, that he actually enjoyed his laptop and football more than me, well, his loss! and your prince's loss too. You're glorious

  14. What s stinky-pooh-pooh time you've been having! Prince schmince, I reckon go for the court jester, groovy clothes and you just never know what's hiding under that pointy hat…and it has bells on it (the hat I mean!) 🙂

    You look gorgeous, I love that skirt and your new do is tres cute and suits you to a T! And give Suki the fur baby a cuddle on the days it feels a bit rougher than usual, I find it helps sometimes.

  15. i'm typically a lurker, but i feel compelled to write and tell you i think you're absolutely gorgeous, and smart, and have enviably fabulous fashion sense! i love reading your blog. sending lots of positive vibes your way during this rough patch. and if the comments here don't speak for themselves already, rest assured: *we* see you. 🙂

  16. Lilli, I hope you find your castle and cake loving prince soon. Something tells me you won't be on the open princess market for long.

    You look fabulous!

  17. New hair = hot! I'm all about the fringe. She bangs, baby! 😀

    Thank you again for this wonderful blog – I always look forward to new posts, and I bet we all look forward to sharing the next exciting chapters of this fairytale!

  18. love the haircut, and the opinion that matters the most is yours! you are super cute and I love yr blog.

  19. Stay tuned ladies… I am sure we are about to see some sensational dating ensembles from our favourite blogger

  20. It is me of the 'why don't you wear heels' question but also frequent lurker.

    I love the haircut and hope it bring the right prince to you.

    Sorry the other prince was a dud.

  21. needless to say, i don't like that story much but what i DO like is that haircut and that style you rock so effortlessly. the whole ensemble is picture perfect, even if the story is not. i say boo to princes who can't see what is right in front of them.

  22. Love the haircut Lilli, and the outfit is fab too!!!

    Good luck on your next adventure… I will be staying tuned for further fairytales

    xx Sandra xx

  23. another lurker inspired daily by your fly style, and assured beyond words that everything will turn out right for one so fabulous.

  24. Yays! You did it! And it looks even better then it did the first time! 😀 Story was a great way to introduce it too… I have big sister envy (as usual!). Anyways, this is all for here. I shall call you soon. Just know he's still a fool, you still look absolutely gorgeous and we all love you very, very much.
    Love, love.

  25. What a dork.. you're better off without someone who can't see your sparkle!

    We think you're ACE!!!

  26. Wow! Thanks everyone – your support is amazing and honestly, it's the highlight of my day being able to log on and read all of your lovely comments!
    So the haircut's a success, which is reassuring considering the resoundingly negative comments it received from the "Prince".

    It's nice to hear everyone else's fairytale's too.

    Love you all. REALLY REALLY REALLY!

  27. Oh sweetie! You are so going to find a prince (nay, a king) who appreciates you. You shine from within and that's not something you see everyday.

  28. Haircut is great 🙂 Prince is clearly a d@#$head.

    Someone a million times better is just around the corner, I'm sure.

  29. Awesome, awesome haircut!

    I think a lot of us have been in the wrong fairytale or with the wrong prince at one point or another. You are at least dealing with it more gracefully & healthier than I did.

  30. I am an admiring lurker, brought out of lurkdom by the sad tale. Everyone's said it already, but you look fabulous, and better things are waiting for you.

    I know, I've been there.

    Except, I had a 6mo baby, my hair was falling out, I was post-partum frumpy and, worst of all, my dragon and zombie-slaying Prince decided that not only was this the wrong fairytale, but that his Princess was in another Castle.


    2 years later, I met someone who loves me, loves my fairychild, I've acheived some big things professionally and personally, and I'm looking pretty damn good.

    It'll be ok. Really. *lurker hug*

  31. Just discovered your wonderful blog through Allie's "My Wardrobe Today", and love it. Have been reading through, catching up on all those lovely outfits and came across this page. Sorry you have been heartbroken, my heart goes out to you xxxxx Andp.s. Rock that frou fringe girl xxx

    Jen, Melbourne

  32. I love your outlook. I have been reading your blog backwards from July (you know that because I've left you 847292 comments tonight!) and have figured that perhaps someone has come along for you.

    From the very short time I've 'known' you, I have to say – you are beautiful, creative, a fabulous dresser and very smart. And very deserving of someone special.

    I recently wrote a blog entry then modified it into article about the difficulty of having a chronic illness and finding romance.


    I think there will be someone out there for me too but I will have to give it time.

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