Moving Pictures

I feel a bit like I’m channeling Louise Brooks today in my black and my white, and my new haircut. It’s a parallel that’s been drawn more than once over the last few days.

So it seems like the haircut’s a resounding success.
I don’t want to get too sookie-la-la on you here, but I just wanted to give every single one of my readers a huge shout-out and a great big squeezy hug for all of your support.
Reading your comments every afternoon is the absolute highlight of my day – recently it’s been one of the few things that has put a smile on my face.
So thankyou.
To everyone.

Top: Savannah @ Harris Scarfe
Trousers: Jacqui E
Shoes: Wittner

26 thoughts on “Moving Pictures

  1. O my god you look like a gorgeous wee harlequin doll. And yes – very Louise Brooks. You look so gorgeous.

  2. I love how black and white always looks so simple but classy, and completely effortless.

    The top picture is gorgeous!!!


  3. Oh WOW! Not that you don't normally look divine but today you look particularly smoking! Smoldering, sexy, sophisticated… And I really dig that haircut on you. Tres chic.

  4. I haven't been around much the last few weeks, so just catching up on the changes you've been through Lilli. Sorry for all your sadness, but I'm with everyone else, your happy ending is still to be written, but you've already solved one complication..though the resolution could have involved a dragon breathing fire on them!

    THOUGH.. maybe the dragon breathed fire on you, cause you're smoking hot! I love that first picture. You need to put that in a frame somewhere you'll see it all the time, just to remind yourself how damn fine you are! the new do!

  5. Your fashion sense is totally what I aspire to have, you look so fantastic in all your outfits, sexy, sophiticated, and FUN! You have the total package as far as I'm concerned. You are BEAUTIFUL!

  6. It's great to see your smile back. 🙂

    And I LOVE your outfit, especially combined with your awesome haircut.

  7. Long time lurker – first time poster. THE HAIR IS FABULOUS!!! Very Karen O. You look stunning 🙂

  8. YOU are the highlight of MY mornings… Each day a new inspiration.
    Keep trust in destiny and in yourself 😉

  9. ooooh aw I love it! You are beautiful! Your blog is a real source of inspiration for me. Thanks a lot! bisous bisous!

  10. Thankyou so much, everyone! I honestly can't say how much I appreciate all you comments. God, I love you all.
    Once I do feel confident enough to put myself back out there it'll be thanks to you lot.

    Thanks Matt! Incidentally – I'm so glad you read my blog! It's really nice to get a lad's perspective (and about to become increasingly important, of course!)

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