Lady in Red

Dress: Kamikaze
Belt: Portmans
Shoes: TUK
Whoa Mama! Isn’t this red dress the bomb? I spotted it in the window while I was on my rounds, and just couldn’t pass by without trying it on.
It’s made out of a very figure friendly ponti-knit, and is fully lined. It’s the most fabulous tomato red – practically the same red as my boots (though of course, you couldn’t wear the two without looking like a Pillar Box.) It also came in black, but in the interest of Standing Out In People’s Minds I thought I’d go with the scarlet. (I’m going to need all the help I can get when I can finally face the Dating Scene.)
The ladies at Kamikaze were wonderful. It’s actually something that I’ve noticed over the years: The staff at Kamikaze stores are consistently friendly and helpful without being pushy.
I actually prefer the dress sans belt (it doesn’t come with a belt) but with the heavy opaque stockings, it really needed something to break up the red. Come the warmer months I’m planning to wear this bare-legged with some fun shoes.

40 thoughts on “Lady in Red

  1. Phwooar! When you ARE ready to hit the dating scene, you'll be swamped!
    Absolutely gorgeous, i cannot praise it enough. Stuuuuning!

  2. Dress looks beautiful and wonderful to see you smiling again. And yes, definitely swamped!

  3. Oooh lala!! I love it!! You look absolutely stunning – you are rocking that dress sweetpea!

  4. LOL, it's all the dress, girls. It's all the dress. How can you not grin when you're wearing something so outstandingly stand out?

  5. Wow, you look smokin'! 😀 I'm always too self-conscious to try on those kinds of dresses, but now I think I may just have to give it a try!

  6. Im with Chloe if only I had won the 90 mil last night I'd whisk you away to be my style guru for sure!!!

    That dress is F A B but you my dear ROCK in it!

  7. Wow!

    Ive followed your blog for ages and never commented (that sounds quite creepy, doesnt it? Don't think im going to pop up at your regular haunts and stalk you, LOL)

    Anywho I had to comment because these past two post in my opinion, have been the best outfits by far. The black and white in the last post, but especially this amazing dress, are stunning!

    The belt looks great with your tiny waist and the style of the dress is sexy, whilst still being elegant and classic. Def a winner!

  8. The dress is spectacular, as is the new hairdo. Another male lurker here, decloaking; there's prob
    ably more of us here than you think! You're always rocking your outfits and joie-de-vivre, and my, uh, princess-equivalent-unit and I often end up gushing at each other:
    "omg, did you see what lil'pil' is wearing today?!"
    "oh my… and the shoooooooes!?"
    "I. know."
    "do they ship to .nz?"
    Etcetera, in what, in hindsight, is probably a fairly nauseating exchange.

    Although your styles are quite different, you inspire and embolden her, and as one of the primary beneficiaries of her smouldering hotness I thoroughly endorse your influence in these matters. 😀

    Especially in that dress!

  9. ROFL at Skaffen! Damn, no Kamikaze on my side of town. Will have to check out the CBD one when I trek from the hills for the Forever Barbie exhibition!

    Smokin' as always.

  10. So nice, so beautiful, wow !
    The Lady in Red… I'll never forget the way you look tonight :))

  11. Wow!

    I absolutely agree that the past 2 outfits have been the best ones you've posted. You just look glorious, Lilli. I think the belt is fabulous and your curves are just ohh lalala!

    Emma aka Acid Star on Vogue

  12. wow!
    you simply look amazing!
    You're really beautiful and the dress is almost magic…I'd kill to have it…

    Actually, I think this might be my first comment although i've been visiting your blog daily for several months now…
    (I am really bad at leaving comments)

    I love your blog, by the way!

    PS: and I think Princes shall be queuing to date someone like you!

  13. You look fabulous in that dress! (I hopped over here from Fatshionista to admire your great style and attitude.)

  14. Hellooooooo! That dress is amazing! I love how you manage to find the best of Australian retailers and designers… though at a size 24 I often feel a bit miffed that they don't go up to my size *sniff*

    I'm very tempted to email Kamikaze to see what size they go up to, since they offer a postal service. teehee!

  15. I must admit, I have similar exchanges with my other half as Skaffan's.

    You look soooo good in that dress. Realllly good. This and your previous outfit have just been perfection.

  16. I'm sorry you're having a hard time right now my dear. I guess it's better to know now than later. He obviously doesn't deserve such a gorgeous lady and now I'm going over to livejournal to reiterate this sentiment!

  17. I LOVE IT! This is my first time on your blog, and I just looked at a bunch of your photos really quickly and you've got such great style! Yay!

    I'm going to add you to the roll so I don't forget to look again!!!

  18. Chloe & Sarah-Jo: If you girls are ever in Melbourne, and looking for someone to hit the shops with, I am absolutely peachy keen and available!

    Thanks Mars – Incidentally, you totally should try them on. Trust your instincts!

    Thanks zizzy, Chantelle & Les Piteries!

    Aw Cinderella – that's not creepy in the slightest. I have to admit I'm a bit of a stealth reader on a LOT of blogs! Thanks for commenting though!

    Skaffen your post made me laugh – I'm beyond thrilled that I have lad readers, and you sound like a sweetheart – Your "Princess-equivalent-unit" is a lucky girl – ask her for me where I can find one of the same?

    Thanks, Sandra!

    Claire, that exhibition looks hilarious – my childhood was sadly light-on for Barbie action (feminist Mum) but I had one in the 80's. She was a rockers and had two-tone hair. But I always wanted Peaches and Cream. That dress was the bomb.

    Thanks Singapore Sling, Emma and Oranges & Apples!

    Thanks also to Shinsha – hopefully there's some Princes around the corner waiting to snap me up.

    Thanks K0dama & Natalie – Natalie, Kamikaze only goes to a 16 (sigh) but Jane Lamberton does a vaguely similarish one in fuschia – try Myer –

  19. Thanks A, CatintheHat, Jamile & Dany!

    Thanks Rae, Bec & Thisgirl.

    britishtart – you're absolutely right. I'm feeling better and better about it by the day – all you readers are a huge part of that!

    Veronica Darling, I'm so glad you found me!

    Thanks so much, Kari

    Rayne – as stated before, If you need someone to show you around, I'm more than happy! Actually, I was thinking of setting up a little meet & greet shopping trip some time soon anyway…

  20. I had to comment because you look absolutely flipping brilliant in this dress! It looks like it was made only for you.

    You look brilliant, and I envy the attention you'll get when you go dating!

  21. Heck yeah – now that's some dress. Looks fab on you.

    It will look fun bare legged when the weather warms up.

    Red is SO hard to find in the US right now. At least solid red and not some insane print.

  22. Just wanted to let everyone know that lilli's suggestion of the fuschia Jane Lamerton dress is a winner! Goes up to an 18 (sizing seems generous – I'm a pretty true 16 and got into the 14 with no bulges showing), and was further reduced when I purchased on Saturday at Myer Melbourne – scored for $65ish. Yay! Joan Holloway ahoy!

    I'd be posting this on Vogue forums too if (a) I could log in, and (b) sustain the effort of posting comments more than once a year to have them show up. I shall go back to lurking. 🙂

    – lowercase claire

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