Flirty Skirty

Skirt: Portmans
Cardigan: Barkins
Neckerchief: ??? But I can show you the shop!
It’s been a while since I wore this skirt – love the ruffles at the back, but I just couldn’t find a way to warm it up enough for a chilly winter day in Melbourne.
I quite like it worn with a blouse and a cardigan though (it looked heaps better in person).

I think it drew some appreciative attention from a pair of lads in the street – at least that’s what I’m choosing to believe because it’s balm for my sorry soul.

Do you like the Burberry-style neckerchief/bowtie? I was out and about shopping with the delectable Fiona and we both fell upon them with cries of delight. I bought one immediately, got it home, and stalled. How the hell does one wear a bowtie?

14 thoughts on “Flirty Skirty

  1. You have fantastic calves Ms lili. Consider me jealous 😉 I hope you don't mind me saying this but you look a bit like a sassy air hostess from 60s 🙂

  2. You look amazing, as always. I love the haircut by the way, and I think this combo is gorgeous!

  3. I saw a girl wearing one of those ties in Sydney the other day. It was a yellow patterned jobby, and she wore it over a navy slash neck loose tshirt and jeans. Looked sweet. I think, wear it like a necklace. Whatever displays and coordinates with it. And especially as a bow-tie type of adornment under a peter pan collar!

    So do tell, where is it from???

  4. Um duh. It is a bowtie, so it will be worn as such. I just meant, I thin it would be wonderful worn with a button down shirt with a pan collar.

  5. I think the outfit looks great- would be interested to see whether it would look even better with a belt around the waist over the cardigan. I remember a post you made awhile back saying you hadn't quite worked out how to rock the belt over cardigan look and I think this could be one way

  6. Oh, your skirt-with-a-mullet!

    Agree with sandramm1 that you could wear a (thinnish) belt over that cardigan.

    Love the necktie thing, too. Very cute.

  7. Oh Lilli, I love that skirt, and I'm glad to see it out again! And I believe the adorable bow tie was from Socks Club…? It was a much better purchase than the Spongebob Squarepants ankle socks I so dearly wanted. And your haircut remains completely perfect.

  8. one wears a bowtie exactly as you have – with style AND confidence. LOVE the outfit! and still love the haircut…

  9. I agree with The Librarian here, I bought a vintage 1950s pattern the other day that shows you how to make these bowties and they are shown with a pencil skirt and blouse with a peterpan collar… also the collar is detachable! MODERN 1950s!

  10. Woot Woot! You look delicious!
    I do so heart that skirt. Tried to find something similar but alas no ruffles to be found high or low!
    The hair is so fab too! Nice to see you looking more sparkly again!

  11. LOL, thanks Sarah! I love the idea of being a sassy 1960's airhostess. In fact I may have to theme an outfit on that one day!

    Thanks you so much, T. E.

    Thanks for the suggestions, TheLibrarian. Great excuse to buy a peterpan collar blouse, too!

    Hey, Sandramm1 – I actually tried it with a belt over the top orginally – still couldn't get it to work right, but I may have been trying with the wrong belt…

    Thanks, Frumpy!

    Socks Club was it, Fi? I couldn't remember, just that it was downstairs in Melbourne Central.

    Lol, thanks ana b. & Bec

    Thanks for that, Veronica Darling. I'm always so amazed by people who can manage honest-to-God sewing, and I love the idea of pairing it with a peter pan blouse & a pencil skirt.

    MissKit, I'll keep my eyes peeled for you!

  12. Ooo, really like the skirt, that's a darlign little detail with the ruffles on the bottom.

    I think the way you are wearing the plaid fabric necklace is very nnice and suitable.

  13. I am planning on putting your skirt on alchemy on etsy- I've never wanted a pencil skirt more than I do now. Thanks!

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