Top: Sussan
Skirt: Tartanista
Shoes: TUK

Oh dear. Impulse internet shopping and my own inability to read a tape measure strike again.

A month or so ago I got the hankering for a tartan skirt – I hunted high and low and found… well, lots. Mostly pencil skirts.

But I had a very specific skirt in mind. It was pleated. It was wrap. It was, well, basically a kilt.

It was also several inches longer than the one I ended up with.

Even wearing this as low as possible on my hips, this skirt still shows considerably more thigh than I’m really comfortable with. I’m going to make a trek into the hoisery department today to see if I can find some seriously heavy duty opaques, but even so I have a sneaking suspicion that this skirt is going to sit, unloved and unworn, in my wardrobe.

I saw this one at Crossroads earlier this week, and it’s calling my name, going “Lilli…. Lilli…. buy me, and you won’t have to show off your kneeeeeeeeesss….”

29 thoughts on “Tart-an

  1. An American reader who has only ever lurked coming out of lurkdom to tell you: This skirt looks fabulous on you!!

    I hate my legs and refuse to show my knees, so I understand where you're coming from, but with the tights you have on in the pictures, you look adorable! I just wanted to give you some love and let you know that I honestly think this one is a win!

    Back to lurking now!
    – S

  2. NO NO NO you must wear it, it looks adorable. I love tartan skirts and that suits you perfectly and you do indeed have the legs for it. I feel with that haircut you could do anything!

  3. That skirt looks lovely! You should hike it UP a bit!
    YOU look lovely too!
    ~just popped in from Fatshionista!s to say HI and give a **hug**

  4. My honest-to-goodness first thoughts?

    "Lilli looks absolutely scrmptiously adorable today".

    Wear it!!

  5. Definitely NOT too short! Nothing wrong with knees! This skirt would look adorable with a cream-colored cable-knit tight, if you could find such a thing. You could also try pairing it with knee-high boots for a bit more coverage, I suppose!

  6. ok im going to go against the grain and say its too short 🙁

    not because you dont have great pins, coz you do!
    and it does look super cute in the pics

    But because I would be afraid it would ride up at the back and show a bit too much if you know what I mean, you know like when you wore your backpack to school and your skirt would hike up at the back but your totally unaware of it till you get to school and your bestie pulls you aside and whipsers in your ear "I can see your knickers!" hahahaaha

    love the crossroads one though

  7. Could you get away with the skirt looking unworn? As I know that particular ebayer will exchange/refund within 30 days on unworn items. Just a thought 🙂

  8. You MUST wear this skirt, it is too lovely and too lovely on you to be left in the closet! I also just popped over from Fatshionista to say GO GIRL GO! There is a wonderful, AND deserving Prince out there just pining for you…. 🙂

  9. You MUST wear this skirt because it looks beautiful on you. Too pretty to stay in the back of the closet!

    Just "came over" from Fatshionista to say hello. Hope you are feeling a tad better… Your true Prince, deserving and loving, is out there… 🙂 Maria

  10. But you have great legs!! This is too much of a cute and cheeky outfit to let it sit in the back of your wardrobe!

  11. I think it looks great, but the only truly opaque stockings i've found lately are those thick cotton/wool ones that never seem to fit the larger thigh well. The last pair I bought i ended up turning into thigh highs.

  12. You have to listen to what you feel – if you don't feel 100% fab in this outfit then find other ways to make it work.

    But from what we can see, it seems fantastic, and with thick tights or leggings it should get rid of any bending issues.

    (I'm a larger lady than you and I wear that length from time to time)

  13. Oh noes ! You're so adorable and look so young in that skirt !
    Don't buy the longer one, puleaaaaase ! 😉

    (First comment… I love your blog and your looks… lot's of friendship and support from France ! 😉 )

  14. You know, of all the places to find awesome opaques, I picked up a pair of 120 denier in Coles, and they are the thickest opaques I've ever come across. I usually refuse to show my knees, but these babies are more like leggings than stockings!

    That skirt is too cute to waste!

  15. I love that skirt! and thanks so much for the link to their store, because I've already picked out my mum's bday pressie and am looking at a skirt myself 🙂
    Quick question – when you picked your size for the skirt did you measure at your hips where you are wearing it at or your waist? I'm not quite sure which size to pick.
    It really is so cute!

  16. Lol, thanks for coming out of lurkdom to let me know, Sarah!

    Fiona – maybe it's time we hunted down a tartan skirt for you? With the pink hair you'd look like you'd walked right out of one of those anime series. (series's? Serie? Serises?)

    Thanks, Jessie, Inz & Charlielovesruby – maybe with TWO sets of stockings I won't feel quite as exposed…

    Hi Katy – I actually bought this one specifically to go with the red boots, believe it or not, and the effect was borderline pornographic! I'll have a look for some cableknit tights though, thanks for the suggestion!

    LOL @ Sarah-J0. Spoken like someone who's libved through that particular humiliation (haven't we all??) Maybe I need to invest in some scungies.

    Thanks Claire 🙂

    I thought of that, Anon, but they were pretty cheap – USD $20 – so I thought it probably wouldn't be worth the postage. Thanks for the suggestion though!

    Thanks for that Maria – Maybe if I flash my pins around more often, that Prince will hurry up, lol!

    Thanks for that, Liz

    Lucy, I saw that Ambra has a 200 denier opaque at the moment – I like their normal pantihose (well, as much as I like pantihose, anyway) so I thought I might give tham a try!

    traciv, go you! I think I might have to give it a go… I was thinking I might cope with it better if I was wearing a longer jacket open over the top. Work my way up to the bare knees as it were.

    Thanks, PrincessLeia!

    gembalina, I shall have a peruse tomorrow – thanks for the tip!

    Suzy: My pleasure! I went by the measurement of where the skirt would sit, but even so it's a bit generous. The one I got has an adjustable buckle at the side, so it could probably go a few cms in either direction with a button relocation.

  17. Haven't visited for a while now, and once again I'm just gasping for breath, I love and adore your hair and that skirt!

    It's not at all too short, but I know what you mean, if it feels too short, it's hard to adapt.

  18. Well, the feeling in the Skaffen household is also very much along the "oh wow, is that ever scrumptious" line.

    As the owner/operator of a kilt, I too understand the perils of being a knee baring hussy, but sometimes it is Just The Right Thing To Do.

  19. Well I like the little skirt on you, but more significantly, you pointed me at the other skirt which I have promptly purchased! I'm looking for more things to wear with my Duo boots. 🙂

  20. Hi Anne, Hi! Thanks for coming back – I'm glad you like the skirt!

    Hi Frumpy – Oooh, thanks for the recommendation, I'll check them out today.

    LOL, thanks Richo!

    Jeez, you're a man in a kilt, Skaffen? That's too awesome for words! Do you have the lilt to go with it?

    Hi Suze, Oh, I'm so glad you got it! It's tres chic, eh?

  21. noooooooooooooooooooooo
    You look stunning, beautiful, sexy,
    please wear it!
    I've just found your blog, you're a gorgeous woman! I wish I knew how to dress like that (or where to even begin to look to find decent clothes that fit… )

  22. Just found you blog(which is great btw), and wanted to comment on how much I love this outfit! You look fantastic!

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