Vive La France

Jacket: Target
Belt: Jag
Earrings Tango & James
Ooh la la. I’m feeling so Frenchy, so chic today – I’ve decided what I’m wearing next Bastille Day when I trot over to Le Triskel for an “arrogantly French” breakfast at my favourite Melbourne Creperie.
I thought I’d have another stab at wearing this Cast Couture dress with a belt after seeing, er, British Tart I think, rocking hers on Fatshionista.
The secret to the belt is obviously to wear it high.

28 thoughts on “Vive La France

  1. the high belt wearing obviously agrees with you. i haven't seen you looking this hot since the tartan skirt post…ooops, that was the last post. needless to say, tres chic!

  2. Merci, Vanoue!

    LOL, thanks Bec! I've always steered away from high belts before, but it seems to work with this dress! who'da thunk it?

    Thanks JVG! You know me and red!

    Aw thanks Bec!

    Thanks for coming out of lurkdom, Anon! You're so sweet!

    Yay, thanks Sandra!

  3. stunning love the navy and red together!
    The dress looks very comfy too, is it?

    my son was born on Bastille day 🙂
    Viva La Fashion!

  4. What a lovely coat!

    You always dress so wonderfully and you show that curves are needed to fill all these beutiful clothes.

    I dont mean to be rude but as a piece of constructive critiscism (and others will disagree!), I think perhaps the red belt, boots and coat is just a bit overkill for the red and too "matchy-matchy"if you know what i mean?

    Individually these red pieces are excellent though! Keep up the great work and I love lurking on your blog!

  5. ohmygosh! thanks for the shout out, even though the link just leads people to me livejournal which i havent used for anything in like..5 years i think. haha,oh well.

    i told you that dress would be great on you with a belt and i was right. you look amazing.

    I like the red coat but have you considered a white one? i think that would be pretty hot with the navy dress and red belt/shoes but maybe that's because im in the states and we just had forth of july.

    either way, lovely as usual. i'm going ot have to drag my dress out now!

  6. Hello, I have already left with you a comment following another note(ticket) of your blog. I uis French and I am also a round woman. I like your blog, and as a result, I say " lives you! Deep your blog! ".
    My cousin lives in Sydney and she says to me that it is really very warm there. Then I wonder how you make to support(bear) boots and jacket? To Malbourne, is it cold? That shall amaze me all the same.

  7. Amazing color combination and the neckline is super stunning! I adore this outfit, and you look incredible!

  8. Tu es magnifique Lilli ! Est-ce que tu parles un peu français?
    Maybe you can add a little bit of white color, to be a perfect French girl…
    Bravo for the high belt !
    And I agree with all people about the previous post : the tartan skirt is so nice on you !
    A bientot !

  9. I am coming out of lurkdom to finally confess that I love this blog — it inspires me no end~!

    And with your new haircut, I can't help but *finally* place who you face reminds me of: actress Katherine Heigl. Yes indeed.

  10. You sure look very french for a little french girl like me ! Very swell !
    I love your blog ! It's so inspiring !
    Elodie : It's winter in Australia ! C'est l'hiver en Australie !

  11. Hey! I've only stopped by over the past month, but I have to look at your blog every day! I gave you a blog award too!

    deets on

  12. I realy love your boots, i'm so jalous i want it !

    So, cute outfit, red is my favorit color!

  13. Hi Sarah-Jo: Yep, it's wonderfully comfortable! It's made out of a kind of heavy knit.

    Thanks, Mathilde!

    Hi Joanne – a totally valid point. I have to admit I love by matchy matchy! Sometimes I don't feel really confident to mix and match more, but I like britishtart's suggestion of a white coat (I have just the thing…)

    I'm so glad I got the reference right, Britishtart! I couldn't find the original post… do you have a blog I can link to?

    Hi Elodie! I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog! Melbourne's in winter at the moment, so most days are under 15 degrees celsius. I like the cooler weather because I get to wear my coats and gloves and hats. Hurrah!

    Thanks Lisa! Go the belts!

    Yep, you were definitely right, Anon! Thanks!

    Thanks Claire & T. E.!

    I'm definitely going to go a touch of white next time, Singapore Sling! Thanks!

    Sonya I'm hoping she'll pick it up again! Or at least go up a few sizes!

    Lol, thanks Sally – I definitely have off days, I just try not to post 'em!

    Lol, thanks Danielle! I'm so glad you've been enjoying reading! Incidentally I think Knocked Up is one of the funniest movies!

    Thanks Helene!

    Oh Veronica, you're just adorable! Love the whole 50's look and you're totally talented! Thanks for the award!

    Thanks so much, Letilor! Red boots are awesome! I thoroughly recommend!

    Thanks, M!

  14. LOVE this! (I'm reading your winter posts now, because it is winter for me now!)

    you've got a great style, very inspiring.

    : )


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