Heartbreak Hotel

Belt: Portmans
Skirt: Carolyn Taylor
Shoes: Wittner
Sorry sorry sorry! I’ve had one of the most difficult weeks on record, but I’m back on track now and ready to start blogging a bit more regularly!
Earlier this week I got a very welcome surprise parcel in the mail – It was a “breakup necklace” and came from a very dear friend in Sydney who told me it was bought with love, and that when I wear it I should remember that I am loved.
It made me laugh and cry at the same time, and I’ve barely taken it off since. Thank you so much, L.

24 thoughts on “Heartbreak Hotel

  1. Yaay, you're back! I only just discovered your blog a week or so ago and am sooo addicted it's a little scary (don't worry, no freaky stalker-type here, I just love your style)!!
    Thanks for a fabulous blog – I've been 'copying' a few of your outfits (sincerest form of flattery I promise 😉 ) and look forward to being a regular reader from now on.
    x Clare

  2. You can't beat red and black. No, you can't! Another fabulous look for you. The necklace = wow! I love it very much!

  3. Oh my ! I was going to commment on how your necklace was gorgeous before reading the post, but it's even more precious when you know the story behind it !
    The black and red scheme reaaaaaally suits you !

  4. Captavating….that necklace looks amazing on you!

    can I be nosey and ask what skin care products you use? your skin is so lovely 🙂

  5. I'm so glad to hear that you are back!!! You are missed when you dont post. I love the necklace- what a wonderful friend you have!!!
    Just wondering what brand the hosiery is?


  6. Wow. Beautiful and sexy as usual, and the new haircut looks great. Could you be any cuter?

    I'm smitten. I already envy your future prince, whomever he may be. You wouldn't happen to have an identically gorgeous twin sister in the United States, would you? Alas …

    Anyhow, hope you feel better soon. Breakups are miserable, but the pain eases in time.

  7. As everyone else has said, gorgeous outfit, amazing colour combination, and what a fantastic necklace!

  8. okay, no secret that i LOVE this skirt. i LOVED it when it made the list of possible christmas day outfits and i STILL love it. it is so perfect. and the new 'do looks better every time i see it! xx

  9. Oh, I'm so glad you like it – and how touched am I to see it on your blog! It looks beautiful on you – thought of you the minute I spotted it. Enjoy it Lilli, and hope this week gets easier for you. Call you soon. xxx

  10. P.S. The necklace comes from Mushu in Sydney…each is hand-made by the store owner's mother over four days!

  11. great necklace, but the belt so low on your waist makes you look less hourglassy than you are, and draws extra attention to the belly.

    might be interesting with a red blouse, so the hose would really "pop".

  12. I think you look fab Lilli, why is that the people who criticise you are all called anonymous??????

  13. I can see why the former prince didn't like your haircut … because it makes you several hundred degrees of HOTNESS!

    Normally I recommend against the "cutting of the hair" ritual post-break up, but in your case it has been an amazing transformation.

    You are an incredibly beautiful and stylish gal. Your future prince is waiting somewhere for you with a glass Louboutin for you.

    And as for coping with the breakup (been there too), my best advice is to lean heavily on your friends for as much as you need, don't try to face this on your own. Some days you won't want to get out of bed, and that's okay. Remember, almost every woman in the world has survived _without_ being involved with the ex-prince, and you will too!

  14. I've been lurking for a wee while now, but given the post-breakup space and the absolute *stunning-ness* of the last few outfits, I thought a comment was in order. I am jealous of your fabulous style, and so grateful for the ideas and shops and styles and other fun stuff I get from you. Thanks! You're totally gorgeous, and inspiring to boot!

  15. Hi Clare – Yay! I'm so glad you found me, and that you're enjoying the read! I love that you're taking some inspiration from it too – hurrah!

    Thanks so much, D_H!

    Hi Vanoue, black and red work together so well, but I so rarely wear them together (note to self: wear black and red more often!)

    Thanks Michelle – the necklace's divine, isn't it? Lisa has impeccable taste!

    Thanks Juanita!

    Thanks so much, Helene – It's really special, isn't it? I'm lucky to have her as a friend.

    Thanks A. I'm loving the haircut, but I think I need to have the fringe trimmed a leetle… I can barely see past it anymore!

    Sarah-Jo, it's not rude at all! I really like the ROC range – especially the serum. I usually just use a scrub in the shower, the ROC serum, then a 30+ suncream/moisturiser (using the Olay one at the moment).

    Hi Sandra – the "stockings" are actually little patterned knee-highs – they're topped with a ruffle and a little rosette, so I feel like I can get away with them under a skirt. They're from Myer… not sure of the brand. Jonathon Aston?

    Aw, thanks so much T, you're so sweet! I do have a (younger) sister, but she's here in Australia too, I'm afraid :). The break-up's OK, actually. Definitely happened for the best! I'm dreading having to start dating again (it's been a LONG time!) but if I'm lucky there'll be someone lovely like you out there.

    Thankyou T.E!

    Oh Bec – I love it too. I really need to start wearing it more often, instead of saving it for special occassions!

    Yay, Lisa! Thankyou so much, darling! I love the little story behind it, too!

  16. Hi fromhere – I *think* they're from Jonathon Aston, and they're actually only knee-high, but I love the pattern!

    Thanks so much, Bethamint!

    LOL, I wonder that myself, D_H… I must be doing *something* right though. Otherwise they wouldn't keep coming back, right?

    Thanks so much, Kate! I had it cut like that a few years ago, and I always joked that if Himself and I ever broke up (not even dreaming that one day we would!) the first thing I'd do is get it cut like that again! Thanks so much for the advice, too.

    Wildlyparenthical, thank you so much! I'm so glad you've been enjoying reading, and that you're getting something out of it, too! I love writing it!

  17. well, that was me above, and i really didn't think you would be broken up by my saying a higher belting would work better. nor do you have wonder what i think you're doing right — i'm just as specific, in this thread and other ones. i thought you posted you posted your outfits for analysis, but i can keep my thoughts to myself, i really have no aim to injure your pride.

  18. Hi Anon – I didn't mean to offend you, I'm sorry if I did. I'm just a bit snarky because it's been a really difficult couple of weeks. I'm trying my very best, and I definitely take your suggestions to heart. The recommendation that I wear a high belt on the blue dress (that was you, right?) worked marvelously after all!

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