A Vested Interest

Top: Katies
Vest: Target
Shoes: Ben Sherman @ SoleStruck
Necklace: Made By Claire
LOL, I can barely see past my fringe these days – may be time to go in for a trim!
I love this combination of severe suiting meets froufrou, but I’m still on the hunt for more ways to wear this unusual skirt.
Last time I posted it Cuvesmart made the excellent suggestion that I layer a long sleeved grey turtleneck under a puff-sleeved sage-green knit, and since then I’ve been trawling the shops looking for that exact combination. To no avail, of course.
On the up-side no-one was a delighted as me to discover that my Ben Sherman shoes (from SoleStruck) went perfectly.

I’ve also finally got the opportunity to premiere a fabulous necklace that was given to me months ago by an extraordinarily talented workmate:

She promises me that one day she’ll get an online storefront up and running, so watch this space.

7 thoughts on “A Vested Interest

  1. Seeing you in that outfit makes me think of apple strudel, which believe me is a very good thing.

  2. You look like perfection!
    Those shoes were just made for that skirt! There is a sassy outfit fairy godmother hovering somewhere about your admirable person and I wants one!

  3. Thanks for the link, bella. I like the vest combo with the skirt – and if I see the other combo in a store I'll be sure to let you know!

  4. Thanks Bethamint!

    mmnnn…. Apple strudel ist gut, d_h.

    Thanks Oranges & Apples – so do I! I just wish I knew more ways to wear it!

    aw, thanks misskit! I was amazed when I put them on. Had one of those "oh, why haven't I thought of that before?" moments.

    Thanks, Sandra!

    Thanks too, TheLibrarian! Keep your eyes open for me 🙂

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