On The Mend

Blouse:Liz Jordan @ Noni B

Cardigan: 8 Inkerman

Skirt: Sussan

Shoes: Chie Mihara


Back in the land of the living (sort of) with some colour back in my cheeks (sort of). I spend four days in bed which meant that I was able to catch up on my reading… and my online shopping. Oh, the pretties!

Meanwhile something from a lust list from a few weeks back has made its very welcome way into my accessory drawer:

Brooch: Danielle Kathleen

It came from my old home town in Canberra, and Danielle’s mention of the Gorman House Markets has made me all nostalgic for my teenaged self who spent countless weekends trawling the patchouli scented pergolas for pretties. If this is the kind of quality stuff they’ve got showing these days it looks like the hippy haunt from my youth has gone fantastically upmarket, and it probably worth a look-see next time I’m in town. Gosh I miss craft markets.

5 thoughts on “On The Mend

  1. That cardigan is divine!

    I’m heading to Canberra in a couple of weeks to visit my mother, and I can’t wait to go back to the Bus Shelter (??) markets! I visited over easter and we did a quick 30 minute run through the markets before catching that steam train to Bungendore Village, and I’ve been looking forward to a chance to see it properly ever since!

    Aaaaaactually if you’ve got any recommendations for places to visit/see in Canberra of the crafty/market variety I’d love to hear them!

  2. Check out the Craft Markets Australia website and get the dates for Mornington and Flemington markets. They’re a great place to find original and quirky pieces.

  3. Oh, it’s so beautiful!! And you are looking remarkably well! Hope your spirits keep on lifting!

    i know you didn’t ask for general opinions, Jasmine, but I don’t think you can beat visiting the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra. I think it’s ace. I also like the National Museum Building – as much for the architecture as for what’s inside!

    For eating I love Silo for a quick breakfast (http://www.silobakery.com.au/) and Verve in Manuka for a larger brunch (http://www.vervecafebar.com.au/index.html). And it’s not far from Verve to the Old Bus Depot Markets!

  4. The combination of stripes and polka dots in your outfit is so unexpected and lovely! 🙂 And speaking of lovely, your necklace is so beautiful as well!

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