14 thoughts on “Lilli’s Lust List

  1. Luvin the cardigan!! So cute!! And the milkmaid dress, Ohhhh to be pretty and skinny enough to wear something like that!!!:(

  2. L=lovely
    O=outrageously beautiful
    V=very cute
    … The Asos Pleated Hip Dress is on my A-List!

  3. Oooh, thanks for the link, Liana – I'll check them out!

    It's beautiful isn't it, om? I'm not sure it'd suit me, but I guess that's why it's on my wish list and not in my wardrobe yet!

    LOL, I like to share the love, Liz!

    I'm so with you there, miss Nell! Still the cardi doesn't look to hard to remix… A new project, mayhap?

    The milkmaid dress, seems to be a bit of a favorite, Viccy 🙂

    Thanks, Papu – I'm going to try and remix the cardigan myself I think. I checked out the shipping options from intro & it's hugely expensive!

    It is, isn't it, thirties girl? I can't seem to find it at any stockiest yet though 🙁

    Aw thanks Lisa! If I had any special occasion coming up I'd be so buying it! I need a really glamourous going out dress – I haven't got one (or any excuse to get one either!)

    Thanks, spooky dolly. I love my dresses, in case you couldn't tell! 😉

    It's to die for, isn't it supers?

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