Good Things Happen

Jeans: Sussan
I wore basically this exact same outfit about this time last year, and when I did… Good Things Happened, so it’s kind of a good luck outfit for me. It’s snuggly-warm too, which can only be a good thing, because Melbourne’s being very contrary and contradictory at the moment, and after a spectacular sunny morning, we had a torrential rainstorm which has now subsided into a sulky grey gloom.
It’s days like today that make me feel like throwing on warm colours and flamboyant hats and gloves… Did I tell you I got heckled by a busker once for being too colourful? 
Oh well, it is Melbourne, after all.

10 thoughts on “Good Things Happen

  1. I love this outfit. I love everything you wear actually. You've inspired me to venture out and try different styles.

  2. I'm loving the new background! Are they magnolias?

    Anyway! I love that jumper its so unique – also did I tell you I contacted Boots for Broads and discovered they ship to the UK so I shall be purchasing me a pair of red boots for A/W10!! Excited

  3. I saw the top photo and thought WOW what a jumper! Then I eagerly scrolled down to see where it was from and had to laugh. I am a Friends of Couture Addict. <3 your style!

    Have you seen their vest with the wolf howling at the moon. Cheesy turned stylish!

  4. Arrghhh! I covet that foxy top so much! Was that from last year's FoC collection? What a shame… I wants one. You look just stunning.

  5. You my dear have the most funky collection of cardies and jumpers – I adore them all.

    I really love your blog you are not only a stunning woman but an inspiration.


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