Everything’s Coming Up Rose (Street Markets)

Dress: Nina Kay
Stockings: Ambra
Backpack: Hideo Wakamatsu
It’s still pretty grim out there today, but my housemate Joss & I braved the elements this afternoon to drop in on the Rose St Artists Markets (purely for a window shop, naturally!)
It gave me another opportunity to wear this fabulous little dress which I picked up from a most unassuming shop a few weeks ago.
It stopped me cold when I spotted it in the window of Nina Kay one evening en route to dinner with The Sophisticate at Mamasita (fabulous Mexican joint, for anyone trying to find one in Melbourne by the way).
The dress is fully lined, which means it doesn’t creep up, and it’s a lovely classic and comfortable fit. The fabric is a stretch wool blend that seems to resist creasing reasonably well, and wears beautifully. There are actually pockets in the skirt which I unpicked, then immediately resewed, as the dress hangs much better without them. Also, it comes in grey, but the black – coupled with a red-and-white striped top (which is exactly how it was styled in the window) is so chic.
The staff are brilliant, and will go out of their way to make sure you’re happy, and the store goes up to a size 18. FYI, the size chart on the website seems extremely conservative. I’m wearing a 16, which should be a terrible squeeze, but actually fits perfectly. 
Meanwhile do you like my backpack? For a more detailed description and better photos check out my original review!

20 thoughts on “Everything’s Coming Up Rose (Street Markets)

  1. You look lovely & warm very Parisienne, Freezing over here in Adelaide too have a great Long Weekend Jacki 🙂

  2. Hi, a lurker here. That dress is kicky, but I bet it would look even more fun with a red sash to pick out the red of the shirt underneath. Love your blog!

  3. You're normally an 18?! That surprises me – i would have guessed you were a 14! Are australian dress sizez different to uk ones, like in US?

    Anyway – i adore the dress & the backpack! I used to live in Japan and craved one of those everytime a school kid ran past me.

    Wonderful outfit as always.


  4. Great dress – it looks really versatile. Your posts are killing me these days because it's summer where I live and all I want to do is wear my fall clothes, like you. 🙂

  5. Thanks for your Melbourne recommendations. I'll be visiting soon and look forward to checking out some of the places you've mentioned.

  6. Cute dress. I used to work near Nina Kay and they have some great stuff in there. Many of the shirts go up to a size 20.

  7. I Have a dress just like that that I only wear during summer or with a sweater, but now you give me a great option, using something under it with black tights and shoes! Beautiful!

  8. Oh that dress is just gorgeous on you! 🙂

    I've been on the lookout for a decent wool dress, you may have just swayed me!

  9. Fabulous dress. And it seems to versatile! Wear it with Pearls and it's true Grace Kelly. I am in Melbourne tomorrow and will have to check Nina Kay out!

  10. OMG! So.incredibly.cute!!!!!!!!! I'm a lurker, too, but had t come out of hiding to comment on this ensemble! Love the shirt, dress, shoes, glasses and yes, the backpack to pieces! I thought you would be wearing red shoes, but the black shoes work just as well. 🙂

  11. Hello, I bought one of these dresses after seeing you in it and have to say the sizing is NOT generous. I opted for a size 14 (going by the Nina Kay sizing advice) and it's a lovely shape but snug.. too snug!! A size 14 shirt is also tight but stretchy.

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