Give the Girl a Medal

Blouse: Dream Diva
Vest: Target
Skirt: Tartanista
Stockings: Ambra
So, I found some grey ribbed tights from Myer on reader Lauren’s recommendation – they’re pretty good, though I’m going to keep looking for a pair that are slightly lighter as well.
It’s a long weekend in Australia this weekend, but due to the miserable weather and the fact that I’m a bit skint until next paycheck I’m being very domestic and have so far spent the weekend baking at home.
The Sophisticate’s best friend is abandoning us for the warmer climes of Sydney, so to see him off (and better encourage him to come back to us!) I hosted a home-cooked meal last night with a delicious herby tomato quiche and apple crumble for dessert. Today’s been pancakes, then scones with home-made jam. Om nom nom nom.
I’m not sure how much detail you can make out on my brooch, but I quite love it. I picked it up earlier this week at one of my bookstores: Brunswick Bound which, in addition to having a great range of carefully hand-picked books, has some of the best accessories I’ve seen.
It’s by, er, someone. I’ve lost the card it was on originally on, but maybe Sarah McNeil? There were a few of her brooches in the same cabinet…

ETA: Eagle-eyed reader Madeline let me know that the brooch was made by Julia Swaney – Have a look at her store, the brooches are too gorgeous for words! Thanks, Madeline!

7 thoughts on “Give the Girl a Medal

  1. Lovely outfit, medal and all! 🙂
    I really like your style, very personal and sweet.

    I had a skirt like that once, and I loved wearing it, pretending to be in a Braveheart film or something 🙂 I guess I was romantizing my scottish decent. Come to think of it, my uncles will wear the family kilt for special occasions, and my fave memory of that is one of them arriving at a party soaking wet and cold you-know-where after biking in the kilt in the rain , it was very funny at the time 🙂

    Anyways, sorry if that was to much sharing 😀

    Stay fab hon!

    xx Anika

  2. Aww! I'm so glad you found some stockings – I hope they were still on sale when you went to Myer! Now I feel silly that I was so shy to comment!
    And I love this look – very Melbourne, and very Mr Tulk. x

  3. I don't know how cold it is in Melbourne, but it is pretty cold in Sydney 😉 No warmer climes sadly.

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