Dress Me, Darlings!

Long Sleeved Top: I.D.S.
Short Sleeved Top: Barkins
Stockings: Ambra
Brooch: Made By “M”!
Here’s a confession: I’m both utterly enamoured, and totally stumped by this skirt.
I’ve been looking for tops to pair it with for weeks, but apart from black I’m kind of struggling! 
I bought the long-sleeved top that I’m wearing today expressly to wear with this skirt, as the little blue dots matched the main body of skirt perfectly. But even so, it took layering a black sweater over the top to make it work. 
So I’m open to suggestions – how would you wear this skirt? Give me some ideas!
Meanwhile, doesn’t the brooch match beautifully? It was made for me by a wonderful reader, M., who handmade it and sent it all the way from the other side of the world. Thanks M., it’s adorable and perfect, and I’ve been getting nice comments on it all day!

23 thoughts on “Dress Me, Darlings!

  1. I really think that this skirt is a statement piece and really should be only paired with simple tops.

  2. I agree, simple tops with this one. Black in various lenghts and cuts. If you find blue that perfectly matches the shade of the skirt, that might work too.

  3. Have you tried it with a pale peach top? I can see the skirt with a completely contrasted top, and I thought it might be better to stay away from the primary bright colors so you don't look like a super hero. And peach came to mind. Could be fab, could be a disaster, but worth a look, I think.

  4. I think I would wear it with a yellow vintage tee, grey knee socks and some low top chuck taylors. Then I would toss an old man cardigan over the top! I love that skirt!

  5. for me I would stick to black – let the skirt do the talking. However you could pull off a fitted floral blouse that had touches of blue & black in it & possible red/hotpink, now the challenge would be to find it.

  6. Simple, yes. And I agree with the comment about grey – a dove grey could be lovely. Or maybe another blue, a softer one, to tone in.

  7. Love this outfit – but you're right, black is an easy out! I'd keep the tops simple by design, but I definitely think a bit of colour would rock the skirt. Hot, hot, hot pink. And knee socks with old-school trainers to bring out the cheerleader side of things.

  8. You didn't post about your earrings! They also look like they match the skirt very well. I often see little pops of colour in your ears and wonder what they are.

  9. I love your look. I think it looks lovely.
    You could try a fitted black bodysuit and a grey boyfriend cardi thrown over the top, pulled in with a belt in the same blue?
    Or a fitted black tuxedo jacket and killer heels?
    Or I could just shut up now because I have no idea.

  10. Love the skirt Lilli, but I also love the site redesign! The background is so beautiful.
    Perfectly matches how I think of you.

  11. How about a plain black buttoned down vest with the same polka dotted top? Love the skirt very cute!

  12. Maybe a black sweater with some sort of subtle or not subtle texture to it? Mohair?

    In the eighties that skirt would have demanded a fitted little jacket of the sort that has shoulder pads and does right up to the neck.

    I, however would probably put on a warm skivvy then throw my black smock-like cotton top with the hanky hem over that skivvy, but then again I tend a bit more to the flowing robes style of dress than you do.

    And I can't help but sort of wonder what the skirt would look like with a clear bight citrus shade like lime green. It probably wouldn't work out I know, but if I owned that skirt I would feel compelled to try it just to see.

  13. Adorable, as always. I think the skirt would look wonderful with some kind of black ruffle-y top or sweater, short sleeves or long.

  14. Hmm I like Toni's idea of the fitted tuxedo jacket. For me I would want to contrast the femininity of the skirt with a plain white v neck T and well worn denim jacket. I'd probably add a killer pair of heels as well.

  15. i think dark colours for winter. maroon, deep purple, even a dark mossy green. stick with the velvety types and you will avoid the "superhero" look Tina warned against. pinstripes too. they would go well with the polka dots as the blue breaks them up.

  16. I see no reason to avoid the super hero look, sometimes I play it up by wearing red, blue, and yellow, and then tossing on my Wonder Woman earrings. It's a fun look!

    I'd love to see this with a red top, but if one truly wants to avoid the super hero aspect, then how about a lovely maroon, wine red, burgundy colour?

    I also like the idea of a black top with some sort of ruffle or lace detail at the shoulders.

    I'd love to see the red shoes from the preceeding post paired with it as well.

    Or, your green jacket, paired with a simple black top underneath.

    I love the skirt, in any case, and will have to snag one!

  17. I would try a fitted jacket, maybe something with a waist tie or a peplum would work. I think it needs to be a bit of a bombshell top. A black vest might be a halfway cop-out as you could wear a bright shirt or top underneath it. If the top isn't up against the skirt you could get away with more colours. Fitted cardy might look quite sweet too.

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